Monday, June 6, 2011

Touch it!!

Assalamualaikum u'olls..

Wassup, wassup? Hope u'olls are in great health and condition. Let us all be thankful to Allah who has granted us another beautiful day to live.. Alhamdulillah..

Ok, today I wanna share something bout touching.. Ar, ar, ar.., don't get me wrong, touching bukan sebarang touching, tapi, touching the screen... Hehehe... *bajet suspen la.. Kehkehkeh..*

As we all are very much aware that the touch screen technology is very much utilized nowadays. Especially in mobile technology.. Skang mana main tekan-tekan butang tersembul.. Apa barang.. Skang main touch-touch je...

Ohh, sila tahu, I am among the 'out-dated' who is still using the tekan-tekan butang tersembul tuh.. Hahaha.. Yeah.., memang pathetic.. But it's okay, as long as I can still make a call and sms and amik gamba buah hati I si tecit tuh, and etc, syukur Alhamdulillah... :) Pakai tepon canggih pon, kalo untuk anakanda tercinta celup dalam bubur dia, tak guna gak tak...
*Silalah percaya.., she did dipped my dearest phone in her porridge bowl.. Kesian, Sony Ericson W705 I makan bubur juge.. Hukhukhuk.. Bertabahlah wahai handphone...*

Actually, tadi I surfed on Nokia website. Saje..., gatal-gatal.. Haha.. In case Sony Ericson W705 can't hold the penderaan by Fatin Amani anymore, at least I have some model in mind utk dibeli.. Hehehe... So tetibe rasa nak tau about this touch screen technology... Then I google la 'touch screen phone technology' and got me to this interesting page..

Oh.., rupa-rupanya, this touch screen technology is categorized into 3.. Resistive, Capacitive and Infra-red..

Resistive is the most common one. It's cheaper in price. The concept is simple. The screen is built in 2 layers.. In the middle, there are something called spacer dots that restraining the layers from touching each other without the presence of pressure. So when there is pressure, the circuit is completed and the current flows.. Usually, this resistive method does not offer multi-touch function..

The second one is capacitive method. This one just use 1 layer that covered with electro-conductive material.. Pros, allows multi-touch, and more durable as compared to resistive. However, it is higher in price and we can't simply touch it with everything, for instance, with glove.. Reason being? Current tak leh flow.. Glove kan insulator..

Last skali is infra-red. This is the most hi-tech one la for the time being. There is not much phone's model that using this technology. Coz the price different from the other 2 is very the banyak.. But the advantage over the others are, it can be touched by everything, and most durable...

So, tuh la some info that I wanna share wif u'olls today.. At least we've got some ideas on what type of touch screen we want suitable with our budget kan? Hehehe.. Nanti nak beli phone, jangan lupa tanya apek yg jual tuh, nih guna resistive ke capacitive ke infra-red.. Hahaha...

K u'olls.. C ya'..

Eh btw, if let say, suatu hari I nak beli phone.. This is going to be my choice...

Smart tak? Nokia C6-01.. Nak beli smartphone canggih-canggih macam Sony Ericson Xperia X10, IPhone 4, HTC, or Samsung Galaxy S2 tak mampu..., yg nih pon ok la.. Hahaha... Mengukur baju di badan sendiri.. Hehehe...

Ok... Bye... Take care and have a good day... :)


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