Friday, September 30, 2011

Berhenti Berharap..*Sangat*

As Salam u'olls..
Happy Friday! In Islam, Friday is the leader of the days.. Alhamdulillah, Allah has gave us one more Jumaat to breath..

Actually, today, I'm a bit sad and frustrated.. The reason? Related to the house thingy again.. *sorry if I make u'olls annoyyed ya.. Hahaha..*

The more info I know, the more rumors I heard, the more heart-broken and frustrated I am.. From time to time, they *the developer and u know who!!!* delayed to handover the keys. 

Few days back, I read in one info in a forum *hebat ngko, siap ada forum kutuk developer sebab dah delay lama...*, the developer sent an email informing that they will try their best to handover the keys by Sept 2012! I was like.. "H***K KO!".. Meaning it's going to one more year of waiting dude!! Agak-agak ar buat lawak tuh.. 

Everything looks complete already.. As if it is ready to be stayed.. And I just don't understand why we still need to wait for 1 year!!*panas hati...*

Then this morning, enche suami showed another info *I wud prefer to name it 'rumor' instead..*, saying that someone just called pkns and got to speak to the PIC of key handover process. The PIC said, probably, we'll get the notice for key handover session by end of October and we'll get the key by Dec. InsyaAllah, the house building will get the CF in a month time.

Knowing the fact *err..or rumor* might make my day brighter. However, I just don't want to put too much hope, since, it is sooo tiring to be in that cycle.. 

Excited hearing the news that we'll get the key soon -> dissappointed when nothing happen -> more frustrated knowing that it might be much later -> excited again -> and seterusnya..

i'm just tired and bored. Therefore, I decided not to put much hope anymore.. Let's put it this way, 'kalau dapat cepat, alhamdulillah, kalau lambat, lantok le....' 
Bak kata Sheila On 7, "Berhenti Berharap"..*in my case, I tambah, "sangat" kat belakang.. Tipu sangat kalau tak berharap langsung! Haha..*

Err..sebenarnya tak tau nape nak letak gamba pakcik yang tengah layan blues ni.. Tak releven. Tapi letak gak! (Source : Prof google)

K la u'olls.. Enjoy ur weekend! Till next time.. Wassalam...

Note out of topic : Bila kita dikurniakan rezeki, walaupun sedikit, kita ucapkan Alhamdulillah. Walaupun kadang-kadang the rezeki yang Allah bagi, requires some sacrifice, requires us to be out of our comfort zone. But InsyaAllah, everything will be alrite. Allah knows the best.. And for the most beloved one, I'm willing to...

 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Magnolia, Canangium, Hibiscus..

Assalamualaikum u'olls..
Morning! How are u'olls today? Hoping that u'olls are in great shape, InsyaAllah..



Guess why I put up the photos of different flowers up here? Cer teka..cer teka.. Hehe..

Tak tau? Givup? Givup? *remind me of my childhood days.. Hate it when my sister forced me to say 'givup' if I didn't know the answer for the riddles that she gave before she told me the correct answer!*

Actually, the pictures are the name of the flowers that my daughter's classes are named of.. *macam tunggang terbalik ayat ni.. Tapi den maleh nak betolkan.. So, bear wif me la ek! Ahaks..*

On her first day in Educare back in Dec 2011, she was placed in Magnolia class. Then in June 2011, she was transferred to Canangium class. Today, she is again transferred to Hibiscus class.. Alhamdulillah..

This morning, I sent her to her new class. Anak mama dah besar.. She didn't cry pon when her new teacher took her.. Class arrangement pon is a bit different as compared to last 2 classes. More toys and there is small desk in the corner. 
And I was briefed that there will be more activities for the children. Sleeping time is only once in a day. Before this, twice a day.. Hmm.., hopefully, it'll be easier to get her fall asleep at night since she only sleeps once at school.. Hahaha...
Then, they will be trained to eat by themselves. Siap la mama menyental baju berlemuih dengan makanan lepas nih.. Hahaha.. Actually kat rumah dah train jugak makan and minum sendiri.. Memang sepah la.. What do you expect kan, 18months toddler makan, confirm la 'pupah' (translate = tumpah) .Pandai lak tuh ngadu kalau dia tumpah kan food or drinks, 
"Mama..pupah, pupah!".. 
Kalau kita tanya balik, "Tumpah.. Sapa buat?". 
Dengan confidentnya dia jawab, "Ayah.. Babab Ayah!". 
Kasihan Ayah.. Tiba-tiba jadi scape-goat pule.. Wakakaka...
Lepas tuh satu kerja lak la nak mengemas, but, it's ok la, for her growth, Mama & Ayah rela! *Ecececeh... Sebbaik Enche Suami I dengan cik penyapu kawan baik... Ngeee...*

But actually, i risau jugak with her 'manja terlebih' and 'ngada-ngada' attitude ni! Almaklumlah, now all the attentions directs to her.. Mengada-ngada la.. 
Yesterday, I was cooking when she came and asked me to 'addu' her (translate = dukung) *don't ask me why it becomes 'addu', ask her! She's the one who created the term..Hehe*, I refused. Ye lah.. I'm worried kang terkena minyak ke hape kan.. Then, she started to cry and suddenly went to the wall and hugged the wall, while crying.. I was like.., "Heh, mana pulak dia belajar peluk-peluk tiang macam hindustan neh??"
Tepuk dahi.. Anakanda...Oh anakanda..

So k lah.. Guess it wud be all for today.. Back to work! Hehehe.. Kena merajinkan diri! Kalau diikutkan perangai malas I neh, sampai ke sudah kerja tak settle.. Haha!

My flower and her favorite bear-bear...

Till next time u'olls.. Have a good day, Amin!


 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Penantian Itu Satu Penyiksaan...

As salam u'olls..

Today is Wednesday.. It is very rare for us to hear a 'Wednesday Blues' term.. Because Wednesday is right in the middle of the week. Usually it's the busiest day in the week. And we have Monday and Tuesday to warm up after the weekend break. *and why aku berceramah pasal hari pula neh!*

Ok, my point is, although Wednesday shouldn't be a 'blues' day, still, I'm soooooo blues dan tadak mood today. My program is not working *and the fact that it is actually only a simple program JEEE breaks my heart! Huhu*.. My head spinning, since I woke up this morning.. In conclusion, today is my Wednesday Blues!

So..back to the topic. Apa yg dinanti? Apa yg seksa?

Baiklah, in this entry, I wanna reveal satu rahsia.. *POYOSS...* Rahsianya ialah, Alhamdulillah, we have managed to buy an apartment here nearby Gombak.. A newly developed apartment. Tak lah besar mana, memadailah untuk bertiga beranak or maybe berempat later *much later kot.. Haha..*.

Yeay.., itu part Alhamdulillah nye.. Yg part MasyaAllah nye ni.., sampai la ni, we are stilll waiting for the keys of the apartment. Masa nak beli, kumain manis lagi dengar, project is 99% completed. Dah boleh pack barang sebab tunggu masa je nak dapat kunci. By the time loan settled, leh masuk rumah baru. Leh raya rumah baru! Heh, sume nya janji pelesu!! 

They promised we can move in latest by July 2011. Tak jadi. Lepas tuh after Raya.. La ni dah raya ke berapa? Habuk pon tarak! Lepas tuh cakap MAYBE end of the year pulak.. Maybe.., bukan surely... Yg lebih geram, the other buyers said, we might only get the keys on 1st quarter next year! Sapa la tak geram dengar kan? 

And u'olls know what, the developer of the project is PKNS... We thought it will be safer and less hassle buying asset from PKNS since it is a government association. Hmm... haram! Sama je! Tah hape la yang tak kena tuh!

True, kalau ikutkan, we are not in urgency pon to move in. Coz currently we are happily staying with my parents. And not that my parents dah halau kiterang kuar ke hape.. In fact, the longer we stay, the happier they are.. Leh belek muka cucu hari-hari.. Hahaha.. 
But the thing is, kalau dah beli, and dah dijanjikan dapat masuk cepat, sakit hati jugak la kan?? Lagipon everyday dok lalu situ, tengok bangunan dah tersergam siap dah.. *actually dah lama dah siap...*, tapi owners still tak dapat kunci lagi.. Kalo u'olls, geram tak?

In the past few months, hubby n I were sooo excited looking around to get ideas to decorate our house. Quite a few fairs yg related to house-deco, furnishing kiterang redah *although hubby is the type who really hates to be in crowded area.. *. And in fact, we already bought some items for our little house yang ditunggu-tunggu tuh.. *Punyalah bersemangat laki bini nih! Ahaks..*

Therefore..., when this delays happened, we were soo disappointed and frustrated....

Huhuhuhu... It's ok lah.. Mesti ada hikmah di sebaliknya.. Bersabarlah Farah! *walopon dalam hati dok doa cepat la sket! hehe!*

Rumah sapa tah ni! Amik from google. Haha

K lah.. That's all la for now.. Nak pi carik lunch sat.. Lepas ni nak sambung keje *kalo ajin... Hahaha..*

Bye u'olls... 


note out of topic : Enche Suami, saya degil kan? Babab dia tuh! Hahaha....

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tidur La Sayang...

As salam u'olls!!

Hah, dah terlebih rajin pulak Farahiyah Jasni nih! Siang tadi dah post an entry, tonite ada lagi satu plak! Hahaha.. *Jangan tegur.. Masa tengah ada idea ni, biorkan le... Ahaks..*

Actually just nak share problem that I am facing quite recently with my baby.. I dunno why *and don't understand why..* it is soooo hard to get her to sleep at night now... Hadoi.. Berperang ok?? Bila sampai malam je, usually after dinner, dia mula lah buat perangai tak mau duduk dalam bilik. If we are at outside of our room, she refuses to get into the room.. If we are inside the room, she will try her best to get me or anyone lah to bring her out! Eventho mata dia dah berair and merah mengantuk! 

Nih tadi ni, dia menangis berlagu-lagu nak keluar dari bilik! "Jom ma...Jom ma" katanya! Pujuk la macam-macam. Offer 'didi' (translate =  'nenen' = bf) *oh btw, she was the one who created the term.. Tah mana datang, I pon tatau! Hihi* pon tak mau! 

Menguji kesabaran jugak lah.. As if she sleeps now, there will be no tomorrow! Macam esok-esok tadak nak main.. Hehehe.. I dunno lah kalau memang at this old, kids will behave like that.. Experienced mama, please share ye.. Hehehe..

Oh btw, Fatin Amani is going to be 19months end of this month.. Huhuhu.. Jap je masa berlalu.. Dah besar dah anak mama.. Sat gi nak wean dah.. Immunization jabs pon dah complete dah for now.. Dah sekolah nanti pulak baru ada balik.. 
Alhamdulillah, syukur, she's healthy, and active so far and am hoping she will always be. And getting smarter and banyak perangai too! And talkative too *eventho pelat and sometimes only she and GOD understands what is she mumbling*.. Hehe..

Always be my baby.... Mmuuaahhh

So k lah for tonite.. Till next time.. Bye u'olls...


Note out of topic: Gagal sekali lagi beli KFC guna CIMB Treats Point hari nih.. It was my 2nd attempt. This time around, the credit card machine lak down! Haish... Saje tau korang nih,tak kasik I pakai my treats point.. Niat di hati nak beli KFC so that can utilize treat points yg seciput tuh, so tak yah pakai cash, tak boleh pule.. Tak pasal-pasal kena spend cash! Haih, kalo tau, baik pi beli nasi goreng kampung je kat kedai belakang umah ni! Murah sikit! Hehehe.. Cobaannnn!!! ;p

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

Hello...Anyone At Home???

As Salam u'olls....
Hi!!!! How are you? Apa kabar? 

Jap..gimmi few moments to tepuk-tepuk sang habuk and sanak saudara dia yg dah buat rumah kat blog urs truly nih.. Huhuhu.. Raya sakan nox.. Sampai tak dan update blog!

Hahaha.. No lahh.. Actually, I malas je.. *Standard lah deyy.. Tak kenal-kenal lagi I?! hehehe...*

K lah, as muqaddimah *lama tak sembang, takkan terus-terus cite hard core kan? Muqaddimah dulu...*, how's ur raya? Was it exciting? Fun? Dissappointing? Heart-breaking? Hahaha.. Hope not the last 2 options la.. 

Mine was *eh, I shud be using 'is' I guess.. Sebab raya ada berbaki few days lagi kott..* good, Alhamdulillah.. This time around is Gombak's turn for us *3 beranak* to beraya at. So, obviously, it was very-very fun! Coz I got to celebrate my 1st syawal and malam raya with my family.
Beraya at in-laws' bukan tak best, it just.., hmm.., how shud I say it, 'DIFFERENT'.. Hehehe.. Yup, I guess that's the word, different and weird.. Because their way of celebrating is not the same with my family's. So, after years celebrating it with 'our-way', when suddenly switch to other 'custom' of course lah akan rasa pelik kan.. But, camana pon, I still have to adapt.. Kena lah tolerate, follow the schedule, so, happily, this year, is Gombak's turn! Yeay!! Hehehe

Ok, the theme for our nucleus family this year was BLUE... So Alhamdulillah we managed to get Blue-based baju raya for each one of us. Hubby made *dia tempah la of cos, tak ada makna dia buat sendiri..* a new baju melayu this year. Me myself tempah a cotton baju kurung yang siap hanya 2 hari before raya.. *sebbaik siap nyah..,kalo tak siap, lagi naya!*. And my lil princess got a very cute baju kurung made by nenek.. Yup, u heard me rite, her nenek *my mama* jahitkan baju kurung for her beloved grandchild nih..

Pagi raya sangat meriah, especially the lil girl yg sangat excited beraya tahun ni. macam tak pernah raya! *eventho her 1st raya last year when she was 6mnths old and she didn't understand what was actually happening! hehe..*. After Solat Sunat Eid, we all gathered together for sesi bermaaf-maafan di pagi raya.. Then photoshoot session *but the pics are still in sissy's camera.. haish..*..

Then we were off to nenek's house at sg buloh. the best thing about raya this year was, my cuzzies pon beraya kat belah sini dulu. So Kak Wiwi's and Kak Yani's family were all there in Sg Buloh. Meriah la.. Baru la rasa raya macam zaman kanak-kanak ribena dulu.. Hehehe... Lepas tuh we went to Ayah's family at Kepong. Since Atok & Nenek is no longer around *Al-fatihah for both of them.. :( *, so we went to Mak Su's house which is used to be arwahs' house. Uncles and aunties semua kumpul situ biasanya. So senang nak jumpa sanak saudara..

Lepas tuh beraya macam biasa la. Pi umah sanak saudara. On the evening, we went back to in-laws' house at Klang. Yg best, siap singgah Giant Shah Alam.. Hahaha.. Tah, laki bini mcam ngada-ngada, nak pi melawat Giant di hari raya pertama.. Hahaha.. Tak ada keje sungguh!

But, the most exciting part of 2011 raya was the vacation!! hehehe.. We went for vacation *sambil beraya* at A-Famosa Resort, Melaka on the 3rd day of Raya.. My family memang rajin pi vacay. Ayah and Mama kata, masa vacay la our family get together closer.. Yup, memang betul pon! I setuju.. InsyaAllah, kalau ada rezeki, I pon plan nak do the same for my own family... *can't wait for our vacay secara berjemaah soonnn!!! Ngeee...*

Kebetulan, Ayah's kampung is at Jasin, Melaka. But, unfortunately, orang-orang tua sume dah tak ada.. So dah tak banyak tempat nak ziarah. Yg muda-muda Ayah tak bape nak rapat.. So, kalau balik Melaka, destinasi nya rumah ayah's sister, Mak Itam and her late sister's house, Mak Uda, which is currently stayed by arwah's hubby and family.
We spent 3days 2 nights at Famosa. Had a very good time! Especially with my lil one.. Dia sangat suka 'epen' (translate = elephant = gajah) hokay... Dan juga binatang2 lain.. Dan dia juga sangat suka swimming.. Hahaha.. Alhamdulillah.. We had fun there... 

So, tuh je la nak citer for my Raya.. Tak best mana pon.. Biasa-biasa je.. hehehe.. Check out some photos.. These are just photos from my phone.. Tak bape best.. Later bila ada masa I'll upload pics from camera to Photubucket.. Hehe

Selamat Hari Raya!

Nenek & Atok was soo happy dapat raya dengan Fatin this year

Fatin & Pak An

Us... In Blue

Cehh.., macam gamba apa je.. Haha
La...Muka fatin nampak sikit je.. Hehehe

Watching Elephant Show

Epen! Epen!

Haih.. ada mamat enter frame pule..

Swimming!!! At waterpark

Cowboy Town

Elephant Show

K lah, that's all for now.. InsyaAllah, till next time.. Bye..

Note out of topic : I have successfully migrate to Machine Vision Lab now! Dah ada station sendiri.. Tak payah jadi penumpang tegar kat ECE's PG room dah.. Anyway, to frenz at ECE's PG Room, Arigatou kasik saya menumpang ye!! hahaha... Next time I story pasal my project and station lak! *bergantung kepada kerajinan lah ye.. Hehehe*

 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*


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