Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Masanya dah tiba..

Dapat panggilan memberitahu masanya dah hampir tiba.Saat yang aku nanti-nantikan dah tiba.pengakhiran sebuah perjalanan,insyaallah...

Tapi kenapa,aku pulak yang cemas semacam.haihhh...

Allah,permudahkanlah..lancarkanlah... Agar indah tamatnya,agar tenang aku memulakan satu lg langkah baru...

Amin,amin, ya rabbal alamin....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Assalamualaikum! Ramadhan Mubarak people! 

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with another chance to meet Ramadhan this year.. Whether or not we'll be breathing and healthy to meet Syawal, Wallah hu a'lam.. So, while we are still here, on the earth, lets grab this opportunity to make this Ramadhan as the best, InsyaAllah..

If I remember correctly, I have never really talked bout what am I doing actually for my master's research project. Kan? Ke ada eh? Perasan macam tak ada.. Hihihi..

Anyway, I'm going to describe in brief of what I did. My thesis title is 'Locomotion Gait Pattern Development for Quadruped Walking Robot'... Title nak gempak je kan.. Padahal simple je.. Hihi.. To explain the title in simple words, actually, I'm developing the control algorithm to make the quadruped robot (quadruped = 4-legged) walks.. Ha..,simple je kan?

The keyword there is Gait, and quadruped. Gait is actually a pattern of how the legs are coordinated. For instance, walking, then we have certain pattern of moving the legs to make us walk. Then jumping, ada different of leg coordination plak to make us jump. Basically that's the idea. In my case, I'm doing the gait development for 4-legged robot.

U know what, doing this research made me feel so amazed with Allah's Wisdom. It's not that easy to control legs mann.. Looks like simple, but actually, nope, it is not! Believe me..

Do u guys noticed that while walking, we don't even have to think, which leg we want to lift first *unless you are marching lah..kena make sure sama dengan org lain..hehe*, and how high do we need to lift our leg, the timing, the stability, everything! No right? We just walk! And when we think we need to run, we just run! To be frank people, to control even 2 legs, without additional load *for instance,carrying some stuff with our hands* is such a tedious work! But Allah has created us with such a complex control system that we don't have to think about it.. Subhanallah..

The secret of being able to do that is called the Central Pattern Generator (CPG). CPG consists of sets of neural cells that are found located in our spine *for most vertebrates* and this CPG is actually responsible in generating the rhythmic pattern *same movement that are repeated over and over like walking* without even have to bother the brain to do that. Otherwise interrupted, then only the brain will make a command whether to stop or change the pattern etc.

For instance, we need to go to kedai to buy things, and we need to walk, so brain sends command, 'CPG,generate walking pattern', so CPG produce the pattern and muscles follow,and we walk.. Tengah jalan, suddenly kereta gila lalu and almost hit us, then brain quickly sends new comman,'CPG, terminate walking pattern! Stop!'. Then we'll stop.. Cursing a few lines to that crazy driver *ini bukan under jobscope CPG..Sila tahu! ;p*, then we need to walk again, so brain hanta command to walk again. Then tah dari mana, a dog suddenly decided to be angry and chase us, so brain send new command,'CPG, generate running pattern. Fast one!'. Then we'll be running like hell..

Basically, macam tu lah.. Interesting isn't it? Subhanallah.. Such a Creator! Just imagine that you'll have to think how to walk everytime you want to walk, or run, or jump, or even breath.. Letih la kan? Mesti otak selalu hang.. So, the great Creator, Allah, dah simplified dah the task. Oleh itu, mari kita memuji Pencipta Agung itu... Subhanallah..

Thus, in my research work, I'm implementing that idea, the biological idea of CPG to develop the control algorithm for my 4-legged robot. So, itulah yg your truly dok kerjakan all these while.. Interesting, challenging and sometimes heartbreaking. But Alhamdulillah, managed to finally come out with a thesis about it. And InsyaAllah, planning to dig more on this topic for PhD.. Kalau diizinkan Tuhan lah.. We'll see how first lah..

Ok, to close the post, I embedded a youtube video of this small guy practicing his GAIT... hehehe.. enjoy!

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's conference day!


It's conference day!

+usb with presentation slides - checked!
+prepare simple breakfast - checked!
+breastpump n accessories - checked!
+kiss n hug anak-anak n ayah anak ;p - checked!

Insyaallah,i'm ready to go... oh,on gps! pray for me friends!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Breastfeeding journey,season 2...

Assalamualaikum sisters n brothers,

Alhamdulillah, we survived from haze! Hahaha... It was rili terrible and uncomfortable here in Gombak during the haze attack last few weeks. Paling kesian dengan kids and babies lah. Even kita orang tua pun rasa macam sesak nak bernafas, apatah lagi diorang! Anyway, Alhamdulillah, Allah had saved us all from that..

Actually, I'm just done doing my presentation slides for conference tomorrow. I'll be presenting my paper on that conference, InsyaAllah. Actually, start hari ni, tetapi, saya yang pemalas ini malas nak join today's sessions. So I'll join tomorrow's session je lah! Plus, tomorrow ada invited keynote speakers from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and University of Melbourne. My current SV advised me to go and meet them. Mana tahu leh jadi potential SV for PhD.. *wink, wink*

Ok, masih tak masuk tajuk lagi.. Camana nak get rid of this not -straight-to-the-point habit ni eh? Camano nak jadik lecturer ni, cerita pusing sana,pusing sini.. Huhuhuhu..

SEBENARNYA, I nak cerita pasal breastfeeding. Season 2 sebab this is my 2nd time. Alhamdulillah, I managed to breastfeed Fatin for 2years ++. She weaned off totally when I was pregnant for Faris. Maybe susu dah rasa tak sedap, or probably there's no milk at all.. Haha..

So far, Faris is still exclusively breastfed. No additional food or drinks. Totally breast milk. And InsyaAllah, I'm planning to stick to that until he is 6months old or until he is ready for solid. 

Breastfeeding wise, generally, is more or less similar to Fatin's time. But Fatin was a bit lucky that I only left her for classes when she was almost 6months. And most of the time, she was with me, so I can just direct fed anytime she needed it.  And I guess I started to actively pumping and storing EBM only when she started to go to Educare. She was already 9months old at that time. 

To be honest, pumping and storing wise, I was not really successful. Ibaratnya macam kais pagi,makan pagi, kais petang makan petang lah! I pumped for the next day supply. At first, macam survived lagi, since during that time Fatin rejected feeding via bottle! So milk consumption was not that much. But, after I changed her bottle to different brand, then she started to consume more milk, I dah start sesak nafas dah nak mencukupkan stock. Hihihi.. 

Akhirnya, when she was 1 year and 3 months old (if I'm not mistaken), I already supplied formula for her at school. When she was at home, I direct fed je lah.. Sedih sangat masa tu.. Rasa macam loser je sebab tak mampu nak supply only breast milk to my daughter! However, I pasrah je lah, sebab my priority at that time was my child's well being. Rather than she got insufficient nutrition, then lebih baik bagi je formula..

BUT, this time around, I am determined to try my best to give Faris breast milk as long as I can. In fact, I started to store EBM quite early. Masa dalam pantang dah store dah. Maybe it's easier for me to discipline myself this time since I start to leave him with nanny quite early (3months old). And so far, I stick to my 3 times pumping session at office, from 930am to 415pm. Alhamdulillah, so far, I managed to get almost 20oz a day from that 3 sessions.
I guess, the most important thing in breastfeeding and pumping is the mind set. Kalau kita set it is burdening and hard to do, then jadi susah lah. As for me, I'm blessed with so many facilities that are breast-pumping friendly. Individual office, sink just a few steps from my office, convenient pump (am pumping while typing this ;p ) and of course great health, Alhamdulillah! So I have no reason actually not to pump. Kalau malas jugak, memang nak kena ketuk lah. Kufur nikmat namanya! Huhuhu... Ada orang yang tak bernasib baik, Allah tak bagi rezeki menyusukan anak sebab tak sihat, tak ada susu and etc. Jadi sila ingat Pn Farahiyah, you are so blessed to be able to do that, so jangan sia-siakan! DISCIPLINE!

InsyaAllah... Hopefully, for this 2nd season, my breastfeeding journey will be better, longer and efficient! Amin.. Oh ya, I'm also determined to take supplement every day so that the milk produced will be healthier and rich with nutrition.. Hehe.. 

Wish me luck ok! And to all mommies who's currently breastfeeding and storing EBM for your child, all the best! Let's all GANBATTE together ok! Hehe..


Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*


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