Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Belated Father's Day!!


Wahh, productive! Tadi baru post satu entry, and now writing a new one? Aci la ek.. Sementara tengah ada mood ni.. Hehehe.. Btw, check out the previous entry *in case u'olls tak perasan ada entry lagi satu.. Hehe..*, click HERE

Ok.. I know, my title is a bit basi already.. Father's day was yesterday (19th of June), but I hadn't had time to make an entry yesterday, so I buat hari nih la..

First, I wanna wish my greatest Ayah ever, En Jasni Mohd Diah, a very Happy *err..belated??* Father's Day!!!

I love you so much Ayah!!! 
Thanks for being such a wonderful father to all of us.. 
Although you will always love to act cool, like nothing worries you, but it's obvious that it comes to your children *and now grandchildren is added in the group! ;p*,  you are worried like crazy.. 
You're so protective, yet we never felt strangled.. 
The most wonderful thing I love bout you is, "walopon muka Ayah garang, tapi, dalam hati sentiasa ada taman..."
Hanya Allah yang dapat membalas segala penat jerih dan susah payah Ayah membesarkan kami..



Eh jap jap, ada lagi.. Lom abis..

I have one more Ayah to mention here.. Hehehe...

To Ayah Fatin Amani,

Happy Father's Day, Ayah!! We love you... 
Although sometimes you might feel like Atin doesn't love@love you, which is sooo not true.. *Tah pape tah ayah ni..Ada ke rasa cam tuh plak...*
You improved a lot in fatherhood! Congratulations! 
Thanks for being with me for all ups and downs in bringing up our lil princess.. 
Thanks for being so considerate all these while.. *for example bangun malam and buaikan anak while I tido dengan lenanya.. Hehehe...*

Happy Father's Day, Enche Ayah!

OK, itu aje.. So for the last time, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY FOR BOTH AYAH IN MY LIFE... Love you guys much.. Mmmmuuuaahhh..


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