Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mintak nyawa.....


Mintak nyawa...mintak nyawa...

(Dibaca dengan intonation ala-ala director Ahmad Nisfu dalam seniman bujang lapok)

Mak stress nyahh!!! Daripada tadi dok buat projek Intelligent Machine nih tak sudah2! Hadeh...Lenguh pinggang mak ni..

Mak stuck nih.. Sebab projek nih ala-ala try n error gitu.. Mak wat coding,lepas tuh kena run beribu2 iterations utk dapatkan jawapan. And the answer is very much dependent on the initial value that is also unknown. So what I did, I called a 'random' function to generate the value. And I used that value to calculate the rest of the data (yg sangat banyak...).
Actually this is an algorithm to train a neural network using delta training method.. (Mak tau korang tak bape nak paham pe yg mak bebelkan ni..,tapi berlakon angguk je la buat2 paham ye...)

Jadinya, if the initial value tuh dah deviate to much, mmg susah la sesangat nak dapat error yg minimum (in my case, the error for all data must be <0.001)....

Dah dekat 4 jam kot tercongok wat mendalah ni... Oh God, show me the meaning..(eh, tersasul lagu backstreet boys pule..).. Oh God, show me the right path... Let the miracle happens that I can finally find the ideal initial value that suits my system..... Amin, Ya Rabbal Alamin...

Ok, nak cube semula..Sebelum berlalu pick up Fatin Amani...

Bismillah.... Crossing my fingers.. Satu, dua, tiga......

Syabbas Bette....Syabbas!!

Assalamualaikum peeps!!

Good morning!!! Wassup? Wassup?

Lama betul tak update blog... Don't have much time nowadays.. Yup, yup, semester is going to end soon, so got loads of works need to be done.. And interestingly, all 4subjects that I take this semester got mini project.. So imagine, 4 projects to be submitted around the same time.. Fuhhh.... Challenging huh?
3/4 got to do wif MATLAB.. Memang berchenta la weh dengan MATLAB... Tapi's a learning process.. Mana tau nanti leh apply for Master's project..

Eh, sedar tak sedar, I dah abis class la!! This is my last sem doing course work (InsyaAllah..., kalo tak ada sangkut...) and next sem I'll be doing research plak. So, last week was my last class la.. Mmg betol2 last for my entire studying journey, sebab PhD confirm-confirm no class.. Alamak..,camana leh tak perasan. Kalo tak leh celebrate dengan oblong sedap bro blakang umah ni ke.. Hahaha..

Ok, ok..dah. Don't deviate too much. Back to the topic.. Actually, I wanna say SYABBAS, CONGRATS, TAHNIAH.., to my lil' girl for finally walking!!!! Yeay!!!! The date was 29th March. Actually, it's been a week la she started to walk sket2 without support..

But yesterday, she managed to walk quite a distance (8,9 steps) without falling.., so I want to make yesterday as official date..

Fatin Amani started to walk on 29th March 2011 on her 13months and 3days old...

Alhamdulillah... Mama is so happy for you sayang.. You did it!! (And as usual, Iwill be the one who are over excited.. LoL.. Nak buat camana, I can't help it.. ;p )

Other than walking, I think she has made much progress in her 12-13 months nih.. She can pronounce a few words now, 'Mama', 'mamam' = makan, 'tatak' = katak, (why katak?Nanti saya story..Hehe) and some other words.. 'Ayah' blom lagi.. Soon.. InsyaAllah..

And she mumbled a lot.. And when she talked, her face expression is so confident that others paham la pe yg dia tengah cerita tuh.. Usually we have to pretend that we understand la by nodding and cakap, ' ke.. Lepas tuh?'.. hehe..

And she's good at acting too.. The props is the phone. Iye-iye la berlakon tengah cakap thru the phone.. Siap ada pause in the middle tu as if like that 'someone' on the other end tengah cakap pulak and she's listening, pastu sambung cakap balik... Hehe..
And sometimes she likes to pretend she picks something from the floor and give it to me or others. Konon macam bagi something la.. Pastu dia tadah tangan lak soh kita bagi kat dia plak. Padahal tak ada apa-apa pon.. Berlakon... Tak apa..layan kan aje..

And sangat suka 'mengemas' ok... Pantang kalau mama bukak drawer baju dia tuh,abis sume 'dikemas'nya...

She shows interest on books too.. Bila nampak buku, she will give it to me to read it out for her. Started when her Ayah bought a colorful story book about 'Katak' with mata yg leh gerak2. She loves it. And sebab tuh la among her first word is 'Tatak' = katak. Wakakaka...
So hubby and I decided to make it a routine to bring her to a book store at least once a month to create her interest to books more and more...

Ok la.. That's all for now.. Tak de gambo.. Next time la I update pics plak.. Maleh nak transfer gambo from tepon cabok tuh.. Hihihi..

Till next time.. Wassalam...

Note out of topic :
Fatin is now using a new feeding bottle. I bought MAM Anti-Colic bottle for her last weekend. She likes it!! Teacher dia kat Educare pon cakap dia suka pakai botol nih.. Laju je minum susu.. I should change to it earlier la.. Aiseymen.. Hehe...
Oh lagi satu..., starting from April, Educare fee is increased by RM50. So becomes RM250.. Pada I, ok je.. Mahal sket takpe, asalkan kita yakin our children is at good hand and I can see she's progressing in terms of learning and tak takut org sangat dah since she's been to Educare.. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome aboard...

Assalamualaikum u'olls..

Quick one.. I just think Hanaa Nuralisha deserve better than being told only in the note out of topic (in last entry).. So, I make this entry to welcome the little princess yg comel..

She was born on 12th March 2011, at 1am in the morning.. Weighed 3.7kg.. Sangat putih and gebu.. And sangat geram nak picit her cheek yg mulat-mulat tuh..

To Dyana, welcome to the club, girlfriend!! Yup, it's tough at the beginning, but in no time, u'll get used to it, InsyaAllah... Bersabar and just go with the flow... Hehehe..

To Totoi, selamat menjadi Abah mithali.. Hahaha... Kurangkan masa tido, lebihkan masa jaga anak tau! Wakaka..

Finally, congratulations to both of you.. And welcome aboard to this world, Hanaa Nuralisha... Hug and kisses from aunty..

I don't have much of her pics. Actually, I don't have any.. Sebab I forgot to bring the camera along masa visiting them at Hospital ari tuh.. So,maybe later la.. Hehehe..

K, time's up.. Nak buat keje.. Till next time.. Bye!!


Sunday, March 20, 2011



Hey u'olls.. Just finished touching up the MATLAB code for Image Processing course.. Alhamdulillah.. Finally, it's done.. Can proceed with the paper and slide after this..

My lil baby is sleeping soundly in her cradle.. Hubby is 'khusyuk' watching his cartoon movie.. Haha..

Actually, my feeling today, actually, rite now, is quite -ve.. I feel so bengang + sad + terasa hati wif some1.. I dunno, feel like wanna bambu that some1 cukup2..

What is your problem dude?? Is that really necessary for you to say such things? I mean, if you don't like it, then SHUT UP!! Perlu ke nak acting like u r so angelic and others are so syaitanic? TAK PERLU KOT!! U r not that so-called 'angel' either..!! I think you are just being jealous if things that don't have.. Tah la.. Pe masalah U pon I tak tau..

But, pikir-pikir balik.. I ase, I just gonna say.. 'WHAT EVER!!'

This is a wide world.. And it's not that I'm gonna see or face u everyday pon.. In fact, I can always avoid you if I nyampah nak tgok muka u yg I ase ada masalah personality tuh..

Hah..lega ase nye dapat let go the negativity kat sini.. Breath in....Breath out...

Ok, dah leh senyum balik...Hehe..

K lah.. Bye..

P/S - Terlajak perahu boleh gostan, terlajak kata, makan dalam woo....

Note out of topic : Dyana, has safely delivered her cute baby girl at Putrajaya last week.. Alhamdulillah.. Amboi, mak yg tak leh tido nox, risokan kawan mak tuh.. Siap masuk dalam mimpi kot!Haha.. Btw, Congrats Mama Dyana & Abah Totoi... And welcome to this world dear Hanaa Nuralisha.. Anda sangat comel and aunty rasa nak cubit2 pipi awak yg tembam tuh.. Takpe, tunggu sebulan dua nanti, aunty picit awak yg gebu tuh.. Hehehe...

Hanaa Nuralisha yang mulat!!
Pic source : Facebook Dyana & Totoi (mintak izin amik ye..!)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ada Apa Dengan..Jdai??

Salam U'olls..

FYI, I tgah curik some time to write this post.. Actually I'm in the middle of important mission.. Jeng..jeng..jeng... Mission apakah? Mission of completing my course project!!!! Haduih... (Still got time to play-play meh??)

Ok, back to the title.. Actually I thought about writing this quite some time already.. But I haven't had the urge to do, so, I delay la.. Hehehe.. But somehow, today, in the midst of doing something really important and urgent, I felt like writing this up!! Like, fuuuunnnnyyyy..., kan??? Now we all can see the working strategy of the Syaitan Laknatullah.. And not only the devils are to blame, you too FARAHIYAH JASNI... Huhuhu.. Astaghfirullah hal azim..

K..., k...quickly.. Ada apa dengan Jdai?? For those who are not in the know, Jdai is actually my hubby's nick.. And how to pronounce it? It's JAY-DAI/DIE(english pronunciation..). Hahahaha..

He got this nickname at his secondary school days, where he went to a boarding school, SAMBEST (Sek Agama Men Bestari) situated at Subang Jaya. He was named by that nick, by one of his friends, Haidir (if I'm not mistaken), since he claimed hubby's real name was hard to be pronounced, ROZAIDI.. (Rili meh?? Not that hard la.. Kan?). Anyway.., so he came up with this name, Jdai, actually inspired from Star Wars film which was a boom around that year, the Jedi, May the force be with you...

Now, I guess some of you might feel like, "Poyos gile.. Jedi la sangat...Mana lightsaber nye..?".. Hahaha.. Yeah, at 1st, I felt the same way too.. But somehow, I changed my perception for 2 reasons :

1) He explained the story behind why Haidir called him by this nick. Actually the reason being is because he was so small during her school days as compared to his colleagues. And, the Star Wars film that was out that time was about Anakin Skywalker when he was a little boy. Kan kecik je budaknya.. So that's why Haidir called him Jedi/Jdai, sebab he was small, just like the Anakin Skywalker, in the film... Hehehehe..

2) I'm his wife for God Sake.. Takkan la nak gelakkan hubby sendiri.. hihihi.. Sorry bang, just joking.. Hehehe..

So, starting from that day onwards, he was called Jdai.. Most of the friends know him as Jdai..

And even there was an incident in the Uni days, where one of our friends, was sitting right next to hubby, and the quiz papers were distributed at that time. So this guy was helping to distribute the paper to the owners la.. Then he saw this paper with the name 'Mohd Rozaidi' written on, then he started to shout,
'Mohd Rozaidi? Mohd Rozaidi? Sapa weh, Mohd Rozaidi nih??', trying to get this 'Mohd Rozaidi' attention so that he can passed the paper to the owner.
And hubby a.k.a Mohd Rozaidi who was sitting next to him felt like wanna hadiahkan one flying kick to his dear friend who was not even know his real name!! Hahaha..
When that guy finally knew that Mohd Rozaidi = Jdai, he started to call hubby with his full name since then.. Hahaha..

Moral of the story, hubby nickname, Jdai, was really giving a big influence among friends, sampai some friends, who are actually quite close to him not even know his real name sbb they find it to be convenient calling him as Jdai..

And in fact, that nickname got an impact to my family too.. My mom and dad and the whole family (including neneks, uncles, aunties and cousins) also call him Jdai since I introduced him to my family for the 1st time as Jdai, not Rozaidi.. Hehe.. Dah tuh.., dah mmg I pon kenal dia as Jdai.. Bukan Rozaidi.. So, don't blame me ya!! Hehehe..

And the funny thing bout it was when the neneks and oldies in the family yg nak pronounce the nick.. My nenek used to call him, Ji-dai, instead of Jay-dai.. Btolkan banyak kali pon, still sebut tuh jugak, lama-lama, hubby pon redha... Jidai pon Jidai la nek! Kehkehkeh..

But actually, Jdai, is not rili the name that I usually addressed him to, since we were together.. When we were started to be close as friends, I used to address him as 'Eh..' instead of his name/nick.. 'Eh, ko dah makan?'.. 'Eh, nak pegi mana?'.. Guess because I felt awkward to call him with the nick.. aci tak??

Then after we changed the pronoun to awak-saya, I often called him by 'Awak' then.. It was like: "Awak.., jom pi makan..". Or bila nak panggil dia, I went, "Wak, Wak..".. Hihihi..

And it lasted quite long till we were engaged and changed to 'Abang-B'.. So since then, up to now, I call him Abang instead...

So tuh je la story about the Jdai.... hehehe.. So, Ada Apa Dengan Jdai? Tak ada apa pon.. Dia sihat walafiat tengah siap2 nak pi solat Jumaat tuh kot.. Apa-apa pon,

He might be nothing to everyone else, but he's everything to me.. I Lap U lah En Jdai!!

Cewaahhh, tu dia, ayat jiwang.. Wakaka.. Ok, I better stop now sebelum mengarut dengan lebih parah! Wanna grab my lunch and head straight to my baby...!

So, till next time u'olls!!! Bye.. Wassalam...

Anakin Skywalker @ Jedi

My "Jedi"... ;p

I Lap U Much Enche Jdai...

Note out of topic : Praying with all my heart that we will get 'the thing'.. And hopefully it is the right decision to get it.. Amin....

Good Luck Dear!!!!!



Think one of my besties, Dyana will be having her baby soon!!!!
In the middle of discussion thru YM with her, she said she is having spot of bleed. I was like,


Coz based on my experience, if there is bleed, meaning the baby will come out anytime soon.... I bled when the opening was 6cm! 1hour after that, Fatin was out!

Now, my heart lak yg beating so fast.. Nervous for her.... Haish...

Anyway, Good luck dear!!!!! InsyaAllah.. Harap2 everything will run smoothly.. Baby, tolong Mama k...

Nape I yg nervous semacam nih!!
Hahaha.. K, Bye... Wassalam...

p/s - No note out of topic today... Sebab I nervous ngalahkan tuan pny badan.. Hihihi..

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Assalamualaikum u'olls..

Lamanya tak hapdet belog!! Hehehe.. As usual, my excuse is 'been busy lately'... Hehehe..


Korang.., pernah tak korang have a lot of things to do, and you have a very limited time, and you feel like suffocating with time, HOWEVER, you just haven't got the spark to start... Pernah tak??

It's happening to me right now.. And i named it as TAK-SEDAR-DIRI-SYNDROME... Hahaha... Fewww... I have bunch of work to be done, and it's already March, meaning to say, it's coming to the end of the sem already and it's submission time already... MAN!!! What the heck am I doing all these while??? (Lagi mau tanya ke?? *smirking*)

Ok..ok... Actually, I'm not going to complain bla-bla the difficulties I'm facing with studies that is caused by my own mistake (i.e : kemalasan tahap dewa).

So, today, I'm going to write bout "1"... What is it so special bout 1?? It's a number, yes..., in fact a prime number, yes.. Whatelse?? Ok.., malas nak main teka-teki..

1 is the number of my lil' girl age!!! YEAY!!!!!

On last 26th Feb, she is officially 1 year old!!!

Ucapan sket for Fatin Amani:

Happy birthday dear baby! Congratulations for being strong facing the 1st year of your life.. Alhamdulillah, Allah granted you a healthy and happy life.. May you have a wonderful, happy, safe and healthy life ahead, InsyaAllah, Amin..

So alhamdulillah, my lil girl dah cukup setahun.. We had a simple celebration on the next day, 27th Feb at my parents' house. Nape tak buat kat our house ek?? Ooppss, lupa, we just don't have a house yet!!!! Haishh... InsyaAllah, soon.. Kan enche' suami?? ;p

Back to the celebration, we invited close family and friends.. Tapi rumah penuh gak kot, sebab, we have a BIG close family, indeed.. Hahaha... Tapi best, the more the merrier, isn't it?

Yg tak best nya, Fatin was having a mild fever on that day. So she was a bit cranky all day long. Asik nak berkepit ngan mama je... Haishh...

Upacara potong kek was held at 430pm.. And *sigh...*, she was not really happy while blowing her 1st birthday candle in her life and potong her 1sy birthday cake. Menangis kot! Actually we (Hubby and I) planned to have some du'a recitation sket before the potong cake ceremony. Tapi disebabkan she was cranky and I was like..seraboot, so I forgot nak invite hubby recite the du'a.. Terus je potong cake! Haishh... Sorry darl ( <- hubby ), I lupa lah!! Huhuhu..

So, I would like to thank all yg attended the party.. Sangat-sangat gembira u oll could make it!! And thanks a lot for the presents!! ( Save duit Mama beli toys.. hehehe ). Doakan Fatin Amani membesar dengan sihat dan kuat dan bijak ye...

Here are some of the pics on that day..

K lah... Need to stop and start reading my notes now.. Preparing for the quiz.. Hahaha...

Till next time u'olls... Bye...

Note out of topic : Officially my husband is a specky (there is no such word in thesaurus.. But from my understanding, it means someone who wear specs.. Hehe) now.. After 27 years, he needed to wear spec now.. Hihihi.. Welcome to the club, abang! (Club rabun sedunia... ;p )


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