Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Faris and babysitter...


Since the que for faris' turn to be enrolled in educare is still long way to go,we finally decided to find another solution.we hire a daily maid.punch in at 9am and out at 5pm.sambil-sambil jaga faris,she can also doing some house chores.kill 2 birds wif 1 stone.hehe.

i knew dis 'kakak' quite sometime already.she previously worked for my mama then she went back to kampung and recently came back n up for work! So alhamdulillah,she agreed.

Yesterday was d first day she came.kinda training day lah.nak familiarize herself wif faris n house..

House thingy,she's tiptop.quick learner.faris?huhuhu,my son rili spoiled d training session lah.he refused feeding via bottle.and everytime he saw me around,he cried like crazy.terus tak mau acik..dah pandai mengenal org pulak dah!

I heard frm friends,it's easier to leave children to the bbsitter/nursery while they are still very baby is just 3mnths old.that is not cnsidered young meh?

Hmmm,in cnclusion,ysterday's training session was a failure.tak apa,kita cuba lagi..nampak gayanya,minggu ni mama tak boleh tinggal dulu.dibuatnya dia mogok tak mau minum susu,naya!

Faris,be a good boy ok!mama hv to go to work..kalau faris macam ni,camana mama nak senang hati g kerja..
*teringat memories on fatin's 1st day in educare.sampai demam-demam syg mama menangis seharian.she was 9mnths old masa start hantar.hari rabu start hantar,jumaat dah MC,demam.hahaha..*

Wish us luck eh!btw,hari ni nak bawak faris g jab.lesson learnt frm last time,make sure duit extra,and no superheros romper utk mengelakkan malu bila anak menangis m'gegar klinik.hahaha..



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