Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jangan Malas!!

Assalamualaikum u'olls..

Hi!! Morning...

Today, I'm back at the lab.. As usual, berpura-pura rajin buat project.. Hihihi.. Hadoi.. Why la!! I'm so lazy reading all these journals.. Suka cam ni tau.. Kang last minute, baru kelam-kabut.. Farah, I warn you, you better work hard!! You know you are not good *at all* in this project thingy... Berusaha dengan gigih!!! Yoshhh...

Btw, let me tell u'olls a bit bout my master's project.. Which I'm going to write thesis bout it.. The title is 'Development of vision-based sensory system of Quadruped walking robot'. Ha..., amik ko.. Panjang noo... Hihihi..

Basically, what am I going to do is the vision system that acts as sensory system for the robot. Oh, what is quadruped? Quadruped meaning 4-legged. So Quadruped walking robot refers to 4-legged walking robot.. Like Sony Aibo, the cute doggie robot..

Actually, there's a lot of this that has been developed. So, now, I have to specify my research element out of it.. In what particular scope that I want to focus in.. Currently, I have 2 in mind.. One is the how effective the vision system sensory system, combined with some control algorithm, maybe something intelligent like neural Network or Fuzzy, to do the path-planning...
Meaning, let say, the robot is set to walk from point A to point B, but, the middle of the path, there are obstacles, so, how does the system deal with the obstacles and get back to the track. So, to show the efficiency, the result could be the distance variation between the original route with the deviated route. The smaller the difference is, portrays that the more efficient the system is.. Or maybe I can investigate the power consumption instead. Finding the algorithm to do path-planning with the lowest energy consumption..

The other scope is to tackle the vibration problem caused by the walking mechanism. Robots are not like living creatures. when it walks, there will be a lot of vibration. and since I decided to use vision system, i.e : camera system, there will definitely be effects to my images. Ye lah, goyang-goyang, gambar pon jadi tak clean la.. Consequently it will effect the efficiency of the vision system to act as a sensory system la to the robot.. That will be the research element la... Based on discussion with my supervisor (SV), co-SV and my colleagues
*sangat-sangat thankful to them sebab banyak membantu I yg agak lembab nih.. Hehehe..*
, to solve this, I basically need to study human eyes anatomy. Even though we are walking, even running, the vision is never shaking and blur.. Kan? Kan?
*Subhanallah, all praise to the Most Brilliant Creator, Allah.... :)*
Some readings and again.., discussions, I guess I need some sort of smart platform to place the camera on, that is able to absorb the vibration and reduce the shaking-effect to the camera.. The idea is to mimicked the muscles that hold our eye balls.. And of course I need the image processing algorithm that can restore the degraded image..
*Errr..., kalo korang tak paham, buat-buat angguk je la, macam paham ye... Hahaha... Izinkan la yours truly nak eksen 'terel' citer pasal project yg tak seberapa tuh kat blog nih.. Wakakaka...*

So, tuh la some info on my project... Hopefully I can successfully get it done on time.. Oh, why I chose vision system at the 1st place? Sebab I memang minat in image processing.. In fact last sem pon I took one subject from other department *ECE department..* on Image Processing and Computer Vision.. Seronok belajar mendalah ni.. Harap-harap, it will become 'beronok-ronok' *jama' term for se'ronok'.. Hahaha..* when I get to do the hands-on part of it.. :) Amin..

K lah... Think that's all I wanna share today..

Btw.., u'olls..., KUNGFU PANDA 2 is SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! Sape lom tengok, boleh la pi tengok.. Sapa tak plan nak tengok movie, jangan lupa carik DVD nanti.. Sangat best ok.. Memang super funny and super creative and superb serba-serbi.. Hubby & I enjoyed our selves throughout the show.. Ketawa terbahak-bahak tanpa segan silu.. Kihkihkih...

Ok.., till next time u'olls.. Good day..


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