Friday, June 10, 2011

Petrol Local..

Assalamualaikum u'olls...

Pekabo? I hope everyone is in marvelous condition, Amin.. Alhamdulillah, again, we are awarded another opportunity to breath in this world today..

First thing of all, I would like to ask u'olls, are you familiar with the world 'local'? It's not local = tempatan tau.. When I was a child, I did used this word a lot. 'Local' in this case, meaning 'not original'. I dunno how did that idea popped out during my childhood days, but my friends and I were using it a lot and confident gila maksud dia betul.. For instance, a friend bought a new Nike cap, and we were all like, 'Eh, ori ke local nih?'.. Hehehe.. Maknanya, betul ke Nike original punya, or pelesu punya.. Tapi kinda of weird kan when 'local' was used instead of 'fake'? *Mungkin those children who used proper English at that time referred it as 'fake' instead.. Hihihi...*

So, my entry today is about fake petrol.. Or not original petrol..

A few weeks back, my family and I were having dinner at home.. Suddenly Ayah said not to fill in petrol at Greenwood Shell petrol station. He heard from his surau-geng that, that petrol station is cheating on the quality of the petrol. They added kerosene inside the tank instead of pure petrol.. We were like, "Heh, takkan la kot...".. Ayah said, some of his friends' friend saw the staffs was doing it.. Still, the story was quite hard to believe.. I mean, a lot of questions, one of it, camana the Ayah's friends' friend tuh tau that it was kerosene that was added inside? Kan?

Actually, my sister and I are considered as regular customer la kat petrol station tuh.. Since it is just nearby our house, and we are Shell petrol user.. *Hubby said comparing all of the stations, Shell's petrol is the most economic. Sebab leh jalan more kilometer.. Guess it's true..*.. Ayah memang pengguna Petronas tegar..

So masa tuh, I tak amik port sangat la.. But somehow, after that, I baru teringat, that lately, cik Myvi I performed quite not well.. Macam lambat pick up.. I press accelerator dah jauh baru tukar gear.. *Cik Myvi kan auto.. Tekan minyak je.. Hehehe...* I thought, it's nothing. Just cik kak tuh dah due for service.. Bila dipikir-pikir balik, hmm..., mungkin kah effect daripada petrol campuran kerosene itu?

And coincidentally, about the same time gak, my sissy's car pon facing the same prob. Lagi lah teruk, mengaum-ngaum tapi gear tak automatically changed... Dah la she travels quite far everyday. Ulang alik to Shah Alam nu.. So, dangerous gak la kan? Ada seminggu tuh sampai kena pinjam kete lain la dia pi uni.. Ayah dah siap bawak pi workshop. mechanic kata, gear box dah out.. Nak ganti memang makan at least 5 riban.. So Ayah hold the decision, bawak balik umah dulu.. Dalam masa tengah memikir-mikir tuh, tetiba jadi ok balik.. Smooth je.. Hahaha.. Masa tuh memang pelik bin ajaib.. But maybe, petrol dah ran out, so ayah isi petrol len selain Shell di tempat berkenaan, tuh yg jadi ok balik..

Then bila we sat together satu family, we discussed bout this issue again. Ayah pon kata, at one time *not very long la..*, dia isi minyak kat situ, then Perdana tuh pon showing same symptom *Cehh, macam penyakit plak nye.. Gune perkataan symptom.. Hehe..*, lepas dia tukar balik to Petronas, things were better..

Hmm..., takkan la semua kebetulan.. All 3 cars had the same problem.. Bleh jadi pasal petrol.. I'm not quite sure if my brothers' faced the same problem too.. Tapi depa pny kete manual.. Tak tau la perasan ke dak.. Kami yg pakai auto nih yg terasa ketidak-pick-up-an nye.. *perkataan apakah ini? Hahaha...*

So since then, we decided to change to Petronas.. Tak taula it's just psychology ke hape, but I did feel the different la.. Kembali pick up.. Haha.. However, I tak nak la accused without strong proof.. This is just based on our experience.. Maybe coincident *but we think it is not...*..

Therefore, friends, out there, just be extra careful and cautious... It is not impossible that there are some parties who decided to cheat to gain extra profit. And unluckily the victim is us, the end-user.. As for me and family, we decided not to take the risk anymore.. Kami sudah bertukar ke Petronas pula.. Hehe.. Oh ya, maybe it just that particular petrol station yg practiced that unethical act, however, we just want to be in the safe side.. Tukar terus.. Hihihi..

K lah, that's all.. I'm sorry for cerita yg berterabur and huru-hara.. Rasa macam kelam-kabut je entry kali nih.. Wakaka..

Till next time u'olls... Wassalam..

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