Saturday, March 30, 2013

14th march : Faris rusydi sees the world


Kali ni,i nak post rentetan kisah melahirkan my hero ni.kinda a memoir la,so that nanti bila i dah tua,dah lupa,leh baca semula.or mana tau faris leh baca sendiri nanti.hahaha.

So,as i mentioned earlier in my previous post (title:preeclampsia),i was admitted on 13th.act,doc suruh dtg after midnight,jd nya kalau ikut date,dah masuk 14th la..reason being,dia nak tolong i cut cost frm being charged for ward extra 1 night.considerate kan?hehehe..

So mlm tu,lepas tidurkan fatin,around 1130pm camtu,kami gerak from mama's house.agak dramatic malam tu,coz i dunno why,i was so emotional and felt so sad nak tinggalkan d sleeping fatin.i kissed her like more than 20times kot before i left.was worried dat it might be d last time i can see n kiss her.even pesan kat my sis,if anytin happen to me,plz take care of fatin like her own.. *emo kan?*

Done salam2 and mintak maaf n ampun frm my parents n siblings,hubby n i departed to d hospital.Actually started daripada siang tu,after being told dat i need to deliver my baby d very next day,hati dah dup-dap dah.a friend said,lebih baik rasa sakit nak beranak tu spontaneously rather than dah tahu awal,esok ko akan rasa sakit beranak!double nervous kot.haha.i pon tak tahu,sebab tak ada pengalaman rasa spontaneous delivery's pain.both times pun induced.hehe.

Sampai hospital,register,bla,bla,around 1am,we were ushered to d ward.alhamdulillah,guess mmg rezeki kami,dapat ward single bedded room like what we requested,inspite of being told dat d maternity wards were fully occupied at 1st.i dah cuak jugak,takut tak dapat single bedded.policy hospital for maternity ward,kalo non single bedded,husband tak leh teman..memang tak mo la kan,tengah nervous tu,kena dok sorang alhamdulillah,dapat jugak room yg mengizinkan enche jdai temankan isterinya yg manja ini,ahaks!

Hubby asked me to get some nice sleep.esok nak pakai energy byk,he said.i couldn't agree more,but,d thing is,i jz couldn't fall asleep!maybe i was too nervous,plus too anxious to meet d little one..nurse came over to check my bp,n it was not less than 160,everytime!parah tk parah la penangan nervous nk beranak!haha..

(to be continued..)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kisah BCG...


Jz now,ayah,mama and i were chatting regarding faris' bcg shot.then ayah told his experience taking bcg shot when he was a lil boy.

Like nowadays,people from clinic/hospital came over to d school to jab d students.during that time,they addressed dis medical assistant as 'dressa' (dresser). So ayah n his friends were asked to que up.he was so afraid being jabbed *even until now!* thought hard on how he can escaped frm being shot.coincidently,1 of his friends that was queing wif him was also scared. So dis 2 lil boys agreed to cooperate.guess what they did?
They pinched each other so hard,until there's a mark on their arm! Then they claimed to d dressa,dat they already got their shot since there was mark on their arm!
Unfortunately,the dressa didn't buy it,and these 2 fellas had to b back in line n finally being shot wif bcg jab.. As for my ayah,he had to bear d pain on both arms,one of being jabbed n d other one of being pinched!

Mama n i were laughing so loud sampai faris pun terjaga.hahaha.pity atok kan fatin and faris? Punya takut kena jab,sanggup kena cubit! Harap badan je besar.. ;p



Today, I would like to share an info related to pregnancy and postpartum disease called "preeclampsia". Why do I want to share this, later I story-story keh.. Hehehe..

What is preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a disorder that occurs only during pregnancy and the postpartum period and affects both the mother and the unborn baby. Affecting at least 5-8% of all pregnancies, it is a rapidly progressive condition characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine. Swelling, sudden weight gain, headaches and changes in vision are important symptoms; however, some women with rapidly advancing disease report few symptoms.

Typically, preeclampsia occurs after 20 weeks gestation (in the late 2nd or 3rd trimesters or middle to late pregnancy) and up to six weeks postpartum, though in rare cases it can occur earlier than 20 weeks. Proper prenatal care is essential to diagnose and manage preeclampsia. Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) and toxemia are outdated terms for preeclampsia. HELLP syndrome and eclampsia (seizures) are other variants of preeclampsia.

Globally, preeclampsia and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are a leading cause of maternal and infant illness and death. By conservative estimates, these disorders are responsible for 76,000 maternal and 500,000 infant deaths each year.  

Signs and symptoms

Basically, that is some information of the disorder called preeclampsia. Do visit the website yeah? There's a lot of information regarding it that u'ols can gain from there, especially for the expecting mothers.. 

Ok, back to why I suddenly wanna share bout this! Unluckily, I had this disorder when I was pregnant with Faris. Ceritanya begini, Everything went ok *err,not really..Something happened on my 28th week of pregnancy, but will tell bout that later lah!hehe..*, until my regular pregnancy check up with my gynae on 1st of March. Masa check up tuh, my blood pressure dah start spiking high. Reading was 156/88.. Doc conveyed her concern, that my BP was way too high from normal reading. But by then, the urine test was still satisfying. 
So, she checked the baby, Alhamdulillah, baby was ok.. Since she couldn't be sure whether BP spiked hari tu je, or memang dah ada tanda-tanda, she ordered me to write down my BP every 2 days and monitor baby's movement. Oleh itu, I terpaksa borrow BP monitor machine Pn Dyana n Enche Totoi *luckily ada kawan2 yg ada leh pinjam.. Kalo tak,jenuh la nak ulang alik klinik cek BP..Hehehe*..
Since machine tu dah ada kat rumah, I check hari-hari je lah.. Lepas bagitau my mom perihal BP tinggi ni, mama pon menggunakan kuasa veto nya mengarahkan kami anak beranak duduk rumah dia je since then.. Dia susah hati kot I was too tired handling Fatin on my own, since hubby selalu balik malam. Kang collapse sorang-sorang kat rumah dengan Fatin, camano?

So next check up, on 13th, doc pon check lah my BP chart. Memang constantly lebih daripada normal reading. Pulak tuh, urine test hari tu, FAIL! Dah ada protein in my urine.. Dia tanya, ada headache tak? Ada, but not constantly. Ada rasa pedih hulu hati tak? Ada,di malam-malam hari..
Doc dah geleng-geleng. Tapi dia nak check baby dulu.. Alhamdulillah, syukur nikmat, baby masih ok. Kicking like usual. Masa dah scan tu, she checked my legs. Memang lah kaki dah bengkak bagaikan belon dah. Then dia cakap camni:
"Barang baby dah ready dah sume?",
I answered, "Alhamdulillah.. Baru je buat last round shopping yesterday..",
She smiled, the she said,"Mama dah ready?",
I macam terkebil-kebil lah jugak kan. Apakah petandanya ini..?
Then only she said, she wasn't happy with my condition that day and the past week. She said, kalau BP tinggi, dia ok lagi, tapi once dah ada protein in urine, dia dah susah hati. Plus I dah ada other symptoms. And since, I was already 38weeks, and baby dah engaged, she didn't want to take the risk to wait anymore longer, malam tu jugak dia admit kan ward and scheduled for me being induced early in the morning the next day...
Oleh itu, lahirlah Muhammad Faris Rusydi on 14th of March tu... Alhamdulillah, syukur, no complication.. Faris and Mama selamat inspite of being diagnosed to have preeclampsia..Syukur juga sebab the symptoms showed at my last weeks of pregnancy.. Kalau terawal, satu hal pulak kena c-zer and baby pre-mature. Jadi Alhamdulillah la, ngam-ngam choi.. Sesungguhnya Allah tu sebaik-baik perancang kan?

So,k lah.. Next time I post pasal kisah 14 march plak! Wahh..gitu.. Dramatik je tajuk kan?Hahaha..

Kawan-kawan yg expecting, take care of yourself ok.. Harap-harap u'ols tak ada lah symptom preeclampsia ni *Naudzubillah hi minzalik*. Though nampak macam notin, but actually, if severe, mmg boleh membawa maut to the mother & baby. Jadi, do take care ok!

Bye, wassalam.

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Layout Yaww...


Since I was so tak puas hati dengan kekucar-kaciran my blog's layout recently, I have spent my day today, altering and changing the layout *other than feeding and taking care of Faris, of course*

Actually, sungguh tak paham apa yg berlaku sebab everything seems in order bila check setting kat blogger. I guess, blogger dah tukar some setting yang menyebabkan any template that the user used/downloaded *freely...hihihi...* other than the template design that they recommended akan jadi huru-hara.. Ke? Ataupun, the website yang offer free template design tu yang nak sabotaj sebab mendalah tu free?? 
Haih..,tak kisahlah.. Yg penting, I fixed it, and now, tak pening tengok layout blog sendiri... Muahahaha...
Alang-alang, I tukar layout baru sekali... Childish bukan? Hahaha.. Lagi bertambah anak, lagi menjadi kebudak-budakkan pula... Aci je lah.. Hakikatnya, I dah tak larat nak carik lain pulak yg sesuai dengan jiwa dan raga *kunun...*

Jadi, today, this blog got a new layout yaww!! :)

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Assalamualaikum world!!


alhamdulillah...,my greatest gratitude to Allah s.w.t,i had safely delivered my second child on 14th of march.earlier than it should be.the expected due date is supposed to be 30th.terawal la plak!hehehe...maybe baby letih dok dengar mama dok bising aduk sana adeh sini masa bawak dia...hahaha...

apa-apa pun,syukur,Alhamdulillah,semua dan and mama selamat...he was born at 110pm,via normal delivery,with weight of 2.85kg..

the delivery process,hmm...,i would say,short but rili compared to myexperience gave birth fatin,this time lagi menguji ketahanan mental lah..hahaha...tapi,mana ada orang bersalin tak sakit!!alhamdulillah jugak setakat kena hadap sakit contraction je,ada org,masa contraction siap dtg pakej ngan nak cirit n muntah bagai..lagi azab...i solute lah pada all mothers out there...kita mmg kuat kan?hahaha....ayat up kaum sendiri...

Alhamdulillah,as expected,kali ni dapat baby boy.ternyata,d ultrasound tech nowadays is reliable!hehehe...the name given to our lil caliph is Muhammad Faris Rusydi.Faris means warrior,courageous,n rusydi means brilliant.
By giving muhammad faris rusydi as ur name my dear son,mama n ayah hope that u'll be a
brilliant warrior of islam who will fight not only wif ur strength,but also wif ur intelligence for islam dat was brought thru hardship by muhammad s.a.w.Amin..,insyaALLAH.

So,Assalamualaikum world! -from Muhammad Faris Rusydi-

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lantak kau la situ...

I dunno what had happened to my blog's layout.. Suddenly everything is a mess.. Padahal tak ada tukar apa-apa pun.. Bila I perasan the layout is messed up, I pon gatal tangan pi tukar new template pulak.. Still, masih bersepah-sepah, even with the new template. Checked at the layout settings, everything seems ok.. 

Haih, dah lah.. Lantak kau la situ.. Tak kuasa pula nak tenung lama-lama.. Nanti bila rasa ada mood, jadi ok balik eh? Hahahaha...


Loads of love, 

* Farah Jasni*

Tik tok..tik tok...

Assalamualaikum u'ols!

May u'ols have a lovely day today.. Jap je..,dah tengahari dah.. Farahiyah Jasni di sini kononnya nak siapkan a conference paper.. Tetapi entah kenapa Farahiyah Jasni dok menaip post ini pula.. Hahaha... Slides utk viva pon tak prepare lagi! Macam yakin-yakin je tak dan viva before deliver. Kang tetibe dapat panggilan maut from CPS gtau date viva, baru nak kelam-kabut! 
*typical Farahiyah Jasni la kan..... time management memang sucks!*

Dunno why, this time around, I think the fatigue and tak-larat-nak-bawak-badan syndrome started quite early... Masa 36weeks of pregnancy dah start dah rasa tak larat. Masa Fatin, tak silap, 36 weeks gagah lagi..

Now that I'm 38weeks pregnant, lagi lah dia punya mengada tak larat tuh kan! Kaki mak bengkak gila nox! Bila berdiri lama and banyak jalan, mula lah nak lenguh sampai ke pinggang, then tapak kaki sakit mencucuk-cucuk... Allah hu akbar... 
*adakah petanda yg daku dah terlalu gemuk sampai kaki pun couldn't hold the weight?? Oh mannnn!!!!*

But, I know, that the discomforts that I'm experiencing now bukan I je yg experience. In fact, all pregnant ladies akan experience sume menda nih.. And I have to admit, being pregnant is not a pleasure experience at all.... Dari awal sampai ke sudah.... Kan? Kan? Tak caya tanya semua perempuan yang ada experience mengandung.. 

At the very early stage of pregnancy, we were struggling with morning sickness. Eventho some might not be having terrible symptoms of morning sickness, somehow mesti affected jugak! Fatigue, sleepy tak kena tempat, headache yg come and go ikut sukahati dia, sakit pinggang and etc. Kalau yg unlucky tuh, nausea *and i tell u it's terrible!!!*, vomiting, losing appetite and macam-macam lagi...
 Then, in the 2nd trimester, relax sket... Boleh la focus buat kerja, although some might not be that lucky... Morning sickness yg berlarutan... Huhuhuhu.....  Then towards the end of pregnancy, different type of discomforts lak kena hadapi... Masa nih rasa macam tak sabarnya nak beranak.. Tak larat nak bawak badan dah..

BUT, the delivery process pon is not a pleasure escape sebenarnya! Sakitnya.., Allah je yang Maha Mengetahui... Kalau tak sakit, takkan lah dikatakan sakit bersalin yg kedua selepas mati kan? Honestly, I nih sebenarnya jenis takut sakit. Luka sikit pun kecohnya macam ke hape.. *ye, saya mmg manja dan mengada-ngada..Haha..*  Tapi camana tah, leh pulak survived melahirkan Fatin Amani hari tuh... Hahaha.... *soalan apakah ini??*


Tapi, sedar tak, perempuan, memang tak reti serik! Despite of all the sufferings and terrible experiences that she had to face during pregnancy, giving birth, and in fact during lactating pon, she is still willing to have another child.. Kan? And jauh dalam hati, tetap merasakan menjadi ibu itu perasaan yg indah.. Sejak si kecil dalam perut lagi...

Betul tak?

Subhanallah.... I think, itulah tanda kebesaran Allah s.w.t... Sebab, entah macamana, pengalaman yg pahit dan susah payah yg dihadapi seorang ibu itu, tetiba macam hilang je dari memori.. Seriously, kalau orang tanya, camana exactly sakitnya bersalin tu? I can't describe it precisely.. Sakit, tapi sakit camana tah.. I dunno bout others, but, itu lah yg I rasa.. Agaknya kalau lah Allah bagi perempuan tu ingat camana susahnya mengandung, sakitnya bersalin, susahnya nak menyusukan anak di awal-awal tu, takkan ada perempuan yang nak experience that for the 2nd time..!

SUBHANALLAH..... Itulah tanda kebesarannya.. And in fact, kalau kita renungkan, camana badan perempuan yang konon lemah dan tak kuat ni *yg kadang2 nak angkat handbag sendiri pon tak larat,suruh enche abg jinjingkan kan? ;p*, yang mampu hadapi 9bulan lebih punya suffer bawak anak dalam perut, and bertarung sakit melahirkan..? Kan itu kuasa Tuhan.... Tak terjangkau dek akal kita, tapi itulah hakikatnya..

And I terdengar ustaz cakap tadi, "bg perempuan yang mengandung itu seribu rahmat daripada Allah ta'ala, di mana, di setiap detik dia mengandung, para malaikat berdoa utk keampunan utk perempuan itu.. Dan sehingga saat dia melahirkan anaknya, tiap sakit dan derita yang dihadapi tu gugur dosa,sehingga bila dia selesai melahirkan, dirinya bersih dari dosa seakan-akan org baru balik dari haji dan umrah.."
 *honestly, I termenangis masa dengar ustaz cakap tadi... Subhanallah.... Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Pengampun....*

Jadi, moral of the story:

Utk diri sendiri n perempuan, sesungguhnya Allah sangat menyayangi kita.. Walaupun susah dan payah kita mengandung & melahirkan, InsyaAllah, ada balasan yang setimpal. 

Utk suami, hargai isteri... Bukan senang nak melahirkan zuriat awak tau! Bnyk pancaroba... Tapi perempuan yg awak kata tak kuat ni lah yg sanggup hadapi dari awal sampai ke sudah.. And jangan ngada-ngada nak tambah cawangan plak.. *erkk..., di luar topik perbahasan plak.. Hahahaha.....*

Utk diri sendiri dan anak-anak, kasihi, hormati and sanjungi lah ibu kita... Sebab pengorbanan dia mengandungkan dan melahirkan bukan sesuatu yg boleh dianggap remeh... Hidup dan mati okehh!! And yet, tiap kali si anak buat ibu menangis, tanpa perlu memohon maaf pun, kadang-kadang hati ibu tu dah ampunkan... Sebab hati ibu, tak sanggup tengok anak hidup dilaknat akibat derhaka.. Sampai ke sudah pengorbanan ibu tuh tak habis.. huhuhuhu..

Hmm, dah lah.. Touching la plak sentuh pasal ibu... *sob..sob...sob..* Nak gi cium my Mama la...

Wanita ini lah yg sanggup mempertaruhkan nyawanya utk melahirkan kami 4beradik...

Bye.. Wassalam..


Loads of love, 

* Farah Jasni*

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sometimes,people can be so inconsiderate and ignorant kan? haih,sometimes la... not all the time.. mmg lah ada bnyk benda lain yg baik n mulia yg org yg sama buat jugak kat time nak jadi inconsiderate tu,selalu je tak kena. n mengundang sakit hati...

camano?Tak baik camtu farah... tak baik ngungkit-ngungkit... berlapang dada dan ingat yg baik-baik... mungkin skang ni jiwa ku terlampau sensitip..almaklum,mak buyong... n i blame hormone for that!! tak kira...

apa yg ko ngarut maghrib-maghrib ni farah!dah pegi mandi sana..sujud,mengadu pada yg Maha Esa..lagi berpekdah....


p/s-post ni mmg merapu...mngkin suatu hari nanti aku akan delete...tapi skang aku nak publish jugak!hati panassss


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