Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Assalamualaikum u'olls..!!

Yay, yay.. esok nak dating.. Hahaha.. *Macam tak ada menda lain yg nak di'yay-yay' kan..*.. But honestly u'olls, lately I'm so excited of having a movie date wif enche suami.. Just the two of us, berjimba-jimba *learned this word from my dearie cuzzy, Ieka Zakaria.. Don't rili know the exact meaning, but I guess maksudnya bersuka-ria kot! Haha..*

Ohh, tapi tetap kesian dengan si tecit kena tinggal at school while her parents having fun watching movie.. Abih camano, kang den angkut budak tecit tuh masuk cinema, org lain baling botol lak kat den laki bini sebab si tecit lak jadi primadona wat filem sendiri dalam tuh.. Hihihi..

Speaking about dating nih, hmm, tomorrow's date going to be our 3rd date.. We are going to watch Kungfu Panda 2.. I heard the movie is super funny.. Tak sabar..

Actually, since Fatin was born, we rarely, no.., in fact we never got chance to date like before... Berdua-duaan.. Usually, I was the one yang refuse to, sebab rasa tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan Fatin.. Plus, before this, Fatin was taken care at home. Jadi, rasa macam kejam lak tinggalkan our daughter to my family while we both having fun outside.. So the plan was never succeed.

Then when Fatin was 9 months, she entered Educare. Things were a little bit easy la.. Tapi, I was busy with classes, assignments, quizzes, exams and etc la.. So no time to 'berjimba-jimba' dengan Enche's Suami..

Now.., that I have finished my courses *I've started my research.. I'll tell u'olls bout my project next time k!*, and Fatin is now 1 year and 3months old *dah agak dewasa..hehe* so, we agreed to make time for Abang-B session.. Hihihi.. Here we are, going to have our 3rd date tomorrow..

And I have to say, date after married is much fun before date before married. And date, after becoming a parent, is better than date as a couple without children.. Reason being? Because..., we tend to cherish each second and moment together that we have to willingly-sacrifice for our lil one..
Ye lah, once we have children, the attention will mostly goes to the children.. Bukan lah tak amik berat pasal the spouse, but I would say, kita akan bersama-sama lebih memberi perhatian kepada anakanda.. So, once in a while, dapat pay and get FULL attention from the bapak, seronok gak kan? Hahaha.. *merapu...*

So ok lah pe'merapu'an for today... Till next time u'olls.. Good day and Wassalam..


  1. yes! berjimba-jimba... berseronok2 ye.. mcm pengantin baru auwwwww........ have fun!

  2. Next jalan2: watching Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon...Yeay!!!Tak sabar rasanya....

  3. Enche Suami, tak sabar jalan-jalan ngan I ke, tak sabar nak tengok Transformers? hehehe..

  4. Che Istri: Kedua2nya...hehehe


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