Monday, February 21, 2011

Fullamakk.... Staff....

Salam U'olls...

MasyaAllah, the weather outside is sooooo hot. Bleh berdarah hidung pny panas nih.. No doubt, it is an effect of Global Warming... Haishh...

I just got back from IIUM security office.. Ha..ha.., Farah buat apa sampai kena pi security?? (baca dengan nada yg kita selalu gunakan kepada kanak-kanak bila mereka membuat kesilapan tuh.. Hehe).

Actually, went there to get my STAFF car sticker.. Baca dengan betul, STAFF car sticker.. Eventhough practically I'm still a STUDENT, but I finally found out that actually, I'm eligible to apply for Staff sticker..

Nak tau cane I found out?? (Bajet saspen la... Hihi..)

Actually on last Thursday, as usual, I went to Kuliyyah and parked at my usual parking area. It is actually a Staff Parking area.. And if u'olls nak tau kenapa I ngada-ngada park at the staff area, sebab I got the access card to enter the staff parking area, sebab I Academic Trainee.. The access card was given by Kuliyyah Of Engineering Authority and since then, I usually park my car in the staff area..

So, as usual, I parked my car there. In the afternoon, I decided to go to Educare to check my lil angel out. When I drove, I noticed, there is a little note stuck at my wiper.. Masa tuh I've got the feeling that it might be a 'saman'.. Right after I arrived, I checked that note out and my suspicion turned out to be true.. It was saman!! For parking at the Staff parking area..

I was a little angry at that time.. Ye lah, because I have the access card to go in, which technically means, it is legal for me to park at the area. However, I was given the summon because I used a Student Car Sticker but parked at the Staff parking area.. Tapi having the 2nd thought, logical je they 'awarded' me with the ticket, sebab mana la Pak Guard tuh nak tau I ada card ke tak.. Mesti dia assume I was one of the students yg perasan Staff parking at that area.. Of cos la kena saman kan..
Lagi satu hal nya, before this, memang tak jadi hal and I think, the Pak Guard pon tak kuasa nak pi check the cars in that area sebab dah sah-sah yg parking in there are authorized and legally permitted to park there. Not after the automatic barrier (palang) yg sangat malang itu was bumped by God-knows-who and patah... meaning to say, everyone pon can masuk the staff area and park. So happen that Pak Guard round that day, maka terkenalah Cik Myvi itu.. Al-kisahnya..

So after I met Fatin, I went straight to the Security office to clear the misconception. Sampai-sampai sana, the security officer kept arguing that the summon was not a mistake because, due to the law, we are guilty sebab parking at the staff area while we are actually students. So argue pny argue, I accidentally tercakap,
"but we have staff number!", dengan agak tegas (konon.. Tak nak bayar saman pny pasal!).
Then he said, "What is your staff no?".
So I pon bagitau la my staff no and he directly checked on his system.. I nervous gak, but Alhamdulillah, my staff no did turn out in the system and considered as a Staff la..
Fuuhhh...Lega weh! Kalo tak bikin malu saja..

After that, he said, "You should apply the staff car sticker at the 1st place.."
So masa tuh la I tau yg actually the academic trainees are eligible for the staff car sticker..Best giler....

Today I pi la apply the Yellow car sticker (for staff) yg sangat ditunggu-tunggu itu... Yeay!! Terasa bangga pakai Staff Car sticker... Terasa macam ada super power plak!! Wakakaka... With this yellow car sticker power, it is easier to find parking anywhere in this IIUM land!! Hahahahaha..

-> Being proud and boasting about having a Staff car sticker makes me sound more pathetic isn't it? Org len dok boasting about how great their wedding were, honeymoon tempat mahal, dine in tempat org kaya..., and here I am boasting about having a Staff Car Sticker??? Hahaha... Like, 'loserrrrr'.. Kan? Tapi, what the heck, I'm still berasa bangga and berbunga-bunga di dalam hati sebab dapat sticker staff... Hahahah... Yeay!!!!

K lah.. That's all for now.. Till next time.. Wassalam..

Note out of topic : Yesterday, for the 1st time we put Fatin on the shopping trolley.. (akibat tak bawak her stroller). She enjoyed it so much.. Sampai tak nak Mama angkat keluar sesudah shopping.. Hehehe..
Her pics on the trolley.. ;p

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kawin...Oh Kawin....


Hello u'olls... Wassup? Happy weekend everybody!! My baby was sleeping and hubby is off to college.. So I nyempat2 kan diri spending some time to write something..

Ok, lets talk about our topic of the day.. Kawin (err...actually this is spelled wrongly. It's supposed to be "Kahwin" ye.. Hahaha..). In english it means Marry, wedding and yg berkaitan..

I was blogwalking the other day and stuck in this one blog of somebody (atas sebab2
keselamatan, nama dirahsiakan..
). Don't worry, definitely not those yg baca blog I nih.. Eh, kira ngumpat ke hah? Tapi tak sebut nama tak pe kan...?? Hihihi...

The blog is FULL (and I really mean it...) of this makhlukat's stories about her wedding.. Yess, her wedding is SOOOOOO grand and she is SOOOOO proud of it.. It was like, she got her dreamed wedding la... Bajet wedding of the year la..

Reading her stories bout the wedding receptions (usually in Malay culture when there is 's' in the reception word indicates '2'. One for the bride side, the other for the groom's, but for her case, the plural indicates >2... Seriously, I tak tipu...), the preparations, the photoshots, the videoshots, the everything-wedding-related stuff la..., got me thinking, berapa juta agaknya she and hubby and family (biasanya keje2 kawin nih family mesti ada contribution sket. So masuk nama 'family' in the shareholders skali..Hehe) spent to make that so-called 'wedding-of-fairy-tale' to come true...

ALTHOUGH, she might come from a very-the-kaya family (which I don't think so, based on my background research... Serious, mak sibuk gile kan I nih? Hahaha..), or maybe she boom-boom-pow her hubby kaw-kaw punya just to make her dreamed wedding to be reality (her hubby mmg kaya la.. Keje off-shore kot!!), either way, from my point of view, it was totally PEMBAZIRAN....

I know, some might 'boo'ing me like crazy now, but, 'WHATEVA..', this is my blog what.. I'm free to share what I think.. Hihihi..

As for me, wedding is not merely about reception, glamorous, and stuff.. There's much more about wedding or getting married that we should focus on.. There's a lot more sweet and beautiful things in the 'getting'married' tuh sendiri..Kan? Kan?

1st thing 1st, the purpose of getting married itself.. To halallize (this word is inspired by Ustaz Abdi, IIUM.. lol) what is supposedly to be haram.. A boy and a girl, who is not muhrim to each other, by default is haram to be together, rite? I mean, they shouldn't touching-touching, meroenggeng sana-sini berdua sampai malam buta, ride motorcycle together-gether.. Those actions are prohibited in Islam.. Kan? Kan? By getting married, they got instant green light to do those things.. Aren't you guys feel that is SWEET already???

Then the reception, from what I understood, the concept of the 'kenduri' is actually to tell peoples around; neighbours, family, friends etc, that you guys are married and halal already. To avoid fitnah.. U know, things like, "Hang tau, anak si pulan tuh, dok berkepit ngan jantan mana tah, tunggang moto, tuh dia cam belangkas punya rapat..", to be happening just because the makcik didn't aware that actually 'anak si pulan' tuh dah kawin dengan 'anak si pulan2'..
That's SUPPOSE to be the real intention.. (kalo concept saya salah, feel free to correct me..).

So, for me, it doesn't have to be like REAL GRAND and spend like 'millions' just for it... I know you guys ada banyak duit to spend (not like me and hubby yg tak-berapa-nak-kaya-tapi-Alhamdulillah la..), but you better save the money yg berkoyan-koyan tuh for other things later after you guys got married and ada anak later.. Benda-benda yg lebih bermanfaat.. Tak tau ke tuition fee for college (or even school) nowadays is not cheap?? Save for that! At least for our children's future!!

Or even worse, if you take personal loan just to ensure your wedding is superb and super-grand and will be praised,like, over the year by friends and people around.. Is it really necessary??? Naaaahhhh, I don't think so...

What ever it is, this is just my opinion... As for me, the most wonderful thing about wedding and marriage is the union between me and hubby. The togetherness. Getting the green light to dating sakan... Having the access to snap pictures peluk-peluk (iyewww..gross, aite? Hahaha..). Yeah of course we always want something that is memorable. But it doesn't have to be TOO excessive... Duit bukan utk tuh je, mak ngah oiii.. Banyak lagi menda nak kena pakai duit later on...

So, guess tuh je la kot I membebel pasal kawin (pjg kot bebelan ini!).. Wakakaka...

(Image courtesy of Mr Google)

till next time.. Bye.. Wassalam..

Note out of topic : Teringin nak wat family photoshoot. 3 of us... Fatin, hubby and me.. Simple-simple je la.. Tapi budget bulan nih dah fully allocated for 'that something'. Maybe next month.. Hihihihi... Ehhh, photoshoot family tak kira membazir kot ek??? Hehehe...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mak nyampah Nox..


Hello u'olls.. Morning... Pagi-pagi hari, mak dah ngadap blog.. Kira orait la kan..,daripada mak biar blog mak nih terabai je.. Hahaha..

(Gonna use the mak-nox-nyah today.. Tah nape tah! Bear wif me yeah.. Wakakaka..)Justify Full
Ok, so today perasaan mak ialah perasaan nyampah.. In fact bukan today je, since Wednesday kot..

U'olls nak tau tak nape mak nyampah??

Tak lain tak bukan pasal study mak la nyah.. Hadoi..

Last wednesday, mak dapat result midterm Image Processing mak.. The result is.. hmmm... ok-ok je la.. Alhamdulillah la.. Tapi yg mak nyampah tuh, mak kehilangan 4marks for mistake yg bodoh kot... (Eh,tak baik cakap bodoh, tukar lah.. kurang bijak kot!!).

The thing that I regretted most is, the mistake that I made tuh, not even new things yg I learn pon.. It's actually something yg by right dah tersemat dalam kepala hotak.. Can u guys imagine, mak salah draw Histogram????? Kita belajar masa sekolah lagi kot!!!


And to make it more interesting, the lecturer did remember mak buat mistake yg agak kelakar tuh.. Siap highlight in front of the class ok...
"This sister, she got it right for the hard part, but she did very funny mistake in drawing the histogram.. Shame on you sister.. If only you got it right, your marks will be higher.."

Gedebuk! Hah, kena ko skali...
I was like... Yeah sir, u don't have to remind me on the marks la, I can do the maths... (Tapi cakap dalam hati je la..). Hehehehe...

Keme'nyampah'an mak membawak sampai yesterday (Thursday) for my 'feveret' class, Mechanical vibration...

The lecturer discussed the solution for Midterm after half way of the class. Bleh plak tetibe class become so warm and not comfortable.. Panas nyah!! Before that ok je.. Bukan pe nox, sebenarnya punggung mak yg dah panas tak sedap duduk sebab tengok solution midterm and congak-congak marks yg mak bakal dapat... Huwaaaaaaa.....

And looking at the solution, I was like, "Ya Allah...macam tuh je ke???". Haishhh....
Ase geram je ngan sir sebab wat soalan yg macam karangan tuh.. Sir, please la, we are engineers, we are good at numbers, not at sentences.. Bila nampak karangan panjang tuh as soalan with no equation (at all!!), or diagram, macam dapat symptom morning sickness plak nye tiba-tiba...

But having a 2nd thought, actually logical je he made that so called 'knowledge application' kind-of question. Because in practice, engineers are not only dealing with numbers. before we get into the numbers, we have to understand and analyze the problem dulu.. Then translate the problem to numbers.. (cam mak takde pengalaman keje as engineer plak nak complaint! Huhu)

BUT... mak just ase unfair for us to get that kind of question while the previous sems' questions were all like pure mathematical and straight to the point.. Tang sem mak plak dia nak test our abilities in analyzing the problems.. Please la..

HOWEVER, menda dah jadi nyah.. Mak nak nyampah banyak-banyak pon tak guna.. Nyampah sikit-sikit sudah la.. Lebih baik mak teruskan hidup, InsyaAllah dengan lebih baik n bersedia next time.. Kan? Kan?

Ganbatte neh Farah chan!

So, that's all la for today.. Mak nak bersiram.. Going to bring my angel to take 2nd dose of Influenza vaccine's jab pagi nih..

Bye... Wassalam..

Note out of topic:
Teacher Murni (Fatin's teacher @ Educare) just told me that Fatin's might need more than 2 bottles of milk a day.. Dia minum susu banyak now.. Maybe sejak Mama was so busy sampai tak sempat nak jenguk Fatin kat Educare tengahari.. Huhuhu.. Sooo sorry dear.. Ok, Mama will increase the supply and InsyaAllah will try my best to pay you (referring to Fatin) a visit everyday in the afternoon... Minum susu banyak-banyak tau.. Biar sihat & kuat.. Amin.... :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, loves!!!

Salam U'olls...

Today, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to 2 of my loves..

Selawat n Salam to Rasulullah s.a.w on his birthday (12 Rabiul Awal). I really hope someday in the hereafter, I will be among the chosen one, to be selected to be in his group.. Amin... Again, selawat and salam to the chosen one, rasulullah s.a.w...

And I would also like to wish a very happy birthday to my dear baby, FATIN AMANI, based on Hijriah calendar.. She was born on 12th RabiulAwal last year on 840am.. Alhamdulillah..

So happy birthday loves!! To Fatin Amani, Mama pray for you to have a wonderful and healthy life.. Mama doakan peribadi Fatin Amani sehebat peribadi Rasulullah... Semoga Fatin Amani akan sentiasa dipelihara Allah, physically and also spiritually.. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..
Mama love you so much, sayang.. No words can describe it... Mmmuuuuaaahhh...
Happy Birthday.... :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Carca Merba... Ayoyo...

Salam U'Olls..

Uhuk...uhuk..uhuk... *Batuk-batuk since the blog is soooo berdebu tahap "red alert"!!

Ya..ya... I pemalas... I tau... My bad.. Huhuhu..

To be honest, I wasn't feeling very well lately (since last 3weeks plus kot..)

Fever - Cough + flu - Sakit mata - Diarrhea - Cold + flu - Fever..

FYI, the sequence is not wrongly typed, it did cycle that way.. Baru je baik fever, kena penyakit lain plak, then the fever re-visited me again.. Huhuhu

Innalillah wa inna lillah hirrajiun.. In fact the cough and flu is still going on up to now.. But Alhamdulillah, the condition is much better now than before..

Haish..when we were tested with sickness, we tend to be, you know, complaining a lot.. Kan? Me myself complained a lot.. At times, I felt so geram and angry that I couldn't do certain things that I wanna do while I'm sick. And geram badan tak larat but still, responsibilities were waiting to be accomplished. Especially tasks related to my dear daughter..

Astaghfirullah.. Hopefully Allah forgive for some complaints that I've made..


Lets not talk further on penyakit-penyakit nih... I'm so tired of it! Hahaha..

Actually, I've a lot of stories to tell.. But since dah terlampau banyak, sampai I pon dah forgotten what story I wanted to tell... Wakakaka.. Aci tak??

I went thru my list of posts and saw there are few drafts of entry that is unfinished and certainly unpublished la kan.. So, I pick up one of it, and going to continue and publish that today..
(mission of the day... jeng..jeng...jeng...)

So, the entry that I chose, is Contest Baby Tido...

I saw a friend of mine, Nurul join this one contest namely Contest Baby Tido..

In fact, she tagged me in her post.. Hehehe.. (Thanks Nurul!)

I entered the link and go through the site that organized the contest and it seems, the contest is quite interesting.. So, I decided to join gak la! Hahaha... Cuba nasib.. Lagipon, notin to lose pon..

Unfortunately, by the time I cukup rajin to complete the entry, the contest is no longer valid.. Closed for participation already... So bad.... *Sigh....

Anyhow, I still want to do this post coz I wanna share my baby's expression while sleeping... :)

For u'olls info, Cik Fatin Amani Mohd Rozaidi is a very aggressive sleeper (wujud ke perkataan ni.. Pakai hentam je... Haha...)

Since she was few days old in this world, she already showed some interesting post in sleeping.. Haha.. And tell u'olls what, her kain bedung mesti finally tercabut tangan dah terkeluar dah.. Tak padan dengan badan tecit, lasak nya bukan main.. I still remembered she was struggling to get her hands out from the kain bedung until her face went red.. Macam meneran tuh.. Oh, FYI, the bedung was tied by ibu mertuaku.. Kalo den yg ikat, confirm, hujung jari je Fatin Amani nak keluarkan tangan... Tak sampai hati nak ikat ketat-ketat... Hihihi..

Sleeping while thinking on the world's issue...

Menongkat dagu..

Tengok tuh.. Dah sampai hujung cot dah..

After she gets older.., she becomes more aggressive while sleeping.. When she was 4months, she started to learn how to roll on her back. Bertambahlah kelasakkan Fatin Amani masa tido.. That was about time the baby cot that we bought for her is no longer suitable for her.. Mana tak, middle in the night she was like, rolling2 dalam baby cot dia tuh (and plz take note, her eyes were actually closing..) sampai langgar the gates of the cot.. Bila dah langgar, dia pon jaga la.. Satu hal plak nak tidurkan balik..

As a result, I decided not to use the cot anymore, instead, bawak je dia tido with us on our bed.. We put her in the middle between us so that "dia tak turun katil by herself" without parental guidance.. Wakaakka...

Sujud dalam tido???? Hihihi.. She was eager learning how to crawl this time. Since she was so enthusiastic to crawl, she practiced while sleeping.. Oh dear..

Even in the cradle pon I leh pusing.. Takde hal punya...

It was ok for a while, but after some time, she started to 'take-over' the territory by rolling-rolling around the katil and pushed her Mama & Ayah to the very edge of the bed... Hadeh.. Sakit pinggang org tua berdua ni terpaksa tidur static all nights sebab takut jatuh katil.. Hahaha..

Therefore, we finally decided to buy a single bed for her.. So that she has a wider space just for her to guling-guling and Mama and Ayah get our own sweet space to sleep on.. Teeeheee...

So, up to now, she is still using her own bed to sleep. But now that she is able to cross from hers to ours, some sweet nights ada gak la makcik nih sondol-sondol nak menyibuk jugak tido kat katil Mama n Ayah.. Terpaksa la Mama & Ayah adjust the position to allocate spaces for her to sleep in between.. And usually, one of us (either me or hubby) mesti end up tidur kat katil Fatin Amani plak.. Haishh.. Anak dara Mama nih!

I'm crossing over from "mine" also.. Hehehe

Smiling on her new bed

So that's about it.. Fatin Amani's sleeping attitude.. Hahaha.. But regardless of how aggressive-sleeper she is, I still think she is the most kawai creature ever while sleeping... (Ye..saya perasan lagi anak saya comel.. Of cos la kot.., I'm her mother for god sake... Hehehe..)

Till next time... Bye... Wassalam..

p/s - currently I'm enjoying reading this one blog : Maria Helena is Greek Helen... Suka sangat minah ni.. Cool, sempoi, and ada attitude.. I LOL watching the videos she made.. Looking fwd for her next entry n video.. ;p


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