Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Back!!

Salam to all readers..

Been a while since I last posted sometin here.. Been busy with some stuffs..

Some updates, Alhamdulillah, I've been accepted for the Academic Trainee position by UIA. Sangat bersyukur for the nikmah. I was really hoping for that. And praise to Allah for make it easy and fast for me. I submitted the form on April, I was called for an interview on 13th of May, and knew the result 2 weeks after that (though the Kakak that I called to ask about the result was quite kerek!),and received the offer letter the same week, so again, Thank you Allah for that....And Alhamdulillah, Dyana (one of my babes ;p) pon dapat the offer..Ngeee :D

Sket citer pasal interview. A very short interview, I can say.. Tak sampai 5min kot.. I was not even asked to introduce myself! Masuk je, baru nak adjust-adjust kedudukan, one of the senate members asked, whether I have finished my Masters or still on-going. So I said, I'm still doing my Masters and actually planning to change to UIA instead of continuing at UiTM. So they asked how many sem left in UiTM to complete, I answered about 3 sem, then they said, ok la, no problem, since you've just started. Then, they asked about hubby. Lecturing kat mana.., subject apa and stuff.. Pastu dah. Leh keluar.. Terkebil-kebil jugak la I neh.. Aik,sekejap je.. Hehe.. Tapi, Alhamdulillah, dah dapat offer dah.. Oh ya, kebetulan jumpa Fendy, member masa dekat flex dulu. He was also there for the interview. Haha.. So InsyaAllah, 3 of us will unite again. Me, Dyana, and Fendy.Working together-gether lagi,in Department of Mechatronics pulak this time..Hehehe...Memang kita ditakdirkan keje bersama kot!! Ahaks...

Knowing the result of the interview, I can now make few decisions for my life and its destination. 1st, I decided to let go TPM (Tenaga Pengajat Muda) offer by UiTM and accept UIA's offer. Sorry UiTM, it's not you, it's me..Hehe.. Maybe I'm just more comfortable and familiar with UIA (and I love UIA too much kot.Hahaha). Lagipon, I takut kena hantar cawangan UiTM yang tah mana-mana lepas complete Masters. En suami dengan si comel I camana? Hehehe... So better I accept UIA's offer yang dah sah-sah dekat Gombak je..,InsyaAllah.. Hehehe..

Then comes the 2nd decision which I will quit UiTM and enrol Master in UIA instead. By mixed mode.. (Yeay..,mixed mode wins!! ;p). InsyaAllah, I'll be registering this coming July (hopefully they'll take me for this July intake..). Tak sabar nak jadik UIA student balik! Hehehe..

3rd, we decided to move out from our house and move in to Mama's house here in Gombak. Since there is no more purpose of staying in Shah Alam area. So, solved the "sapa nak jaga Fatin" problem! Fatin can stay with her Nenek when I need to go to the class. Killing two birds with one stone.. Hehehe... InsyaAllah, we are going to move the stuffs out by next week. Thanks en owner for their courtesy to return back our 2months deposit eventho lom cukup 2 years we stay there like stated in the contract.. Hehe..

So, so far, that are the stories yang happen recently in my life..Ada lagi banyak sebenarnya, like, Family vacation to Cameron (without Enchek Suami.. huhu), Fatin's update.. But rasa semak lak sume nak sumbat kat sini. Will story mory bout that in different post (kalo sempat..huhuhu)..

C ya... Chiow... :)


  1. hai,academic trainee ni..dapat berapa sebulan?dibayar by month or per semester

  2. Hi Aishlena,

    Academic trainee nih dapat allowance RM2200 a month from UIA and is paid monthly basis. And Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) bagi additional RM900 a month, but dibayar 3 bulan sekali. So sekali dapat lump sum RM2700 for 3 months..
    Kalau kira bulanan, dapat RM3100 lah sebulan.. :)

  3. thanks farah for the feedback..oo interesting ni..macam tpm uitm gak la yer..bonded tak dgn UIA? n satu lagi study fee diorang bayar tak? I tgh tggu viva master but I think I nak proceed PhD..that's y I look for scholarship..

  4. Ic... Master kat mana?Course pe?Syoknya..,dah nak abis dah.. :) Hehehe..

    Yup,basically lebih kurang sama je ngan TPM. The concept sama je, maybe the amount of payment tuh a lil bit different. If I'm not mistaken, most of the IPTA memang implement this concept. They called it 'fellowship' program..
    But some yang used to be college tapi dah upgraded jadi technical university like UTHM,UTEM, still implementing old policy. Diorg appoint the students as 'tutors' then hantar study for master.

    Try lah apply academic trainee UIA.. Dah ada master senang sket... Skang UIA dah reduce offer for master level. Dah ramai. So kalau u apply for PhD, masih besar lagi peluang, InsyaAllah.. :)

    Good luck!

  5. kat uitm..i amik ee..u pun sblm ni kat uitm kan..but i tak nak amik tpm uitm because i dah lama sgt kat uitm .. dari diploma ...igt nak berubah angin...

    projek for phd dah ada n dah start wat tapi tak register lagi sbb tak grad master lg.. so i just jd RA je la under my SV research grant..

    mmg i igt i nak apply for academic trainee uia ni..lama gak i duk browse info pasal ni..

    lepas abis study, berapa lama kontrak dgn UIA?

  6. La ye ke? Tah-tah pernah je terserempak.. hehehe.. So u must now my friend, Fatimah Audah.. Dia pun buat and 'finished' her master's kat UiTM.. Bukan macam I, separuh jalan, lepas tuh tukar kapal.. Wakakaka...

    Btw,kalau nak apply, try submit your resume directly to HOD of ECE department, Prof Othman Khalifa. Check staff directories for his contact. Usually, the process will be a lot faster and easier bila kita deal direct dengan HOD. Kalau dengan HR (in UIA, the name is MSD) ni lambat sikit..

    Kalau HOD ok dengan ur application, he will forward ur application, together with his recommendation to MSD.. Then MSD akan process for interview and stuff.. Hopefully it still work that way.. Masa I apply dulu, macam tuh je.. Hehehe...

    Pasal fee, yup, semuanya ditanggung beres.. KPT yg akan bayar tuition fees.. So the allowance that I mentioned before, is totally duit poket la.. Tak payah nak bayar yuran dah..

    After PhD, bonded dengan UIA 12 years... Hehehe.. Tersangat lama, but if u ask me, lecturing is not like industrial work that we might want to hop to other institution in a short period of time.. So, 12 tahun tuh patut-patut la.. Hehehehe...

  7. yela ntah2 pnh jupe... your ex SV siapa?Tak kenal pulak Fatimah Audah tu..takpela kalau u wat halfwaypun sbb mgkn wat kat UIA lebih baik untuk u..

    lgpun wat by full research ni boleh lost klu tak jumpa right direction..mcm i jugak la,masa dpt result end of 2010,rasa mcm ok..SV pun ckp ok but bila nak tulis thesis br tau yang mcm tak cukup je results yang ada..dah kna add lg experiments..that's why klu nak tulis thesis, sepatutnya dari sem 2 or 3 but i started to write in the middle of sem a result, it took me another a year to finish up my thesis..

    plus pulak kes my thesis yang dah siap tu n all the backups hilang masa rumah kna pecah masuk..i mmg rasa putus harapan..dah la my semester has reached its limit (sem 6), then I have to go through this ordeal lagi..ooohhh..I nangis teruk masa tu but I mintak kat Allah swt tolong lah i because i want to graduate..Please help me, permudahkanlah untuk i to redo my thesis since bukan setakat thesis je hilang, all my codings n experiment pun lesap..Alhamdulillah, a month and half, i succeed in redo all my experiments and thesis sekali n baru je submit everything for examination end of mac.

    Based for my experience in research, i can conclude that klu nak wat research u must ensure this thing so that your timing for graduation is right
    1. methodology kna confirmed paling lambat pun masa sem 2..SV must be strict on this..ade student mmg suka explore but that is something that the student can do later. what is important is the method for the THESIS
    2.start your THESIS once your methodolgy is confirmed walaupun u br nak wat experiment.Ni yang paling penting sbb THESIS la nak menentukan u graduate ke tak.

    As for myself,takde org guide i masa start MSc dulu..SV pun susah nak reach n takde monthly i nak share my results pun susah..n 1 lg bile everything on your own plus SV tak tanya progress,i pun leka..hehehehe...
    kejap on experiment, kejap off..klu ade motivation je br wat..Byk juge time yg i rasa lost motivation dari ade motivationnye hehehe..

    Takpela hope for PhD, I learn from my mistake n get better..Ok jap, kenapa i cite sume ni kat u eh?hahahahaha...tetiba je meluahkan apa yang terbuku dihati..tak kisahlah...just sharing..

    Ok thanks for the guide, I'll contact Prof Othman as you suggested. Hopefully ade la rezeki..I tak kisah bonded for 12 years.. I have been in UiTM for 12 years gak as student..Maybe it is time for me to get another perspective..

  8. Hehehe...Sharing is caring! Thanks a lot! U know what, ur advice pop up at the right timing.. I memang tengah ada problem dengan my research now.. Haih... And in fact, I'm so darn worried about it.. Asik terpikir 24/7...

    My SV pon lebih kurang SV u jugak.. Busy and tak bape strict.. Either dia percaya I can do this on my own, or.., he's too busy to monitor my work.. :(

    So bila tak ada orang guide and push.., memang macam U, motivation tuh tenggelam timbul...

    Serabut rasanya..

    Tak apalah, guess ada hikmah di sebalik everything..

    Try lah..Semoga ada rezeki... I doakan! :)

  9. owh..u must be strong..recollect yourself,put effort and tawakkal..insyaAllah I doakan u akan succeed.

    Mungkin cite i ni boleh help u how to solve your problem..

    My SV started recruiting students since 2007 after dia come back from PhD..None of them were graduated..Kbnykknnya quitted halfway..yang tak quit lg (my adik beradik la kirenye hehehe) samada tak siap2 experiments or tak siap2 tulis thesis.. Currently,I am the only student yang akhirnya berjaya submit thesis ke IPSIS (tu pun setelah sabar melalui jerih payah)..Kami adik beradik klu jupe & sembang2 (dulula b4 I submit) selalu duk bincang pasal nak berenti la sbb tak thn menanggung keadaan yang kami lalui..but bincang2 balik kami tekad nak teruskan..

    My SV ni nmpk dingin but hati dia baik..Dia ada empathy ttg situasi org lain n also dia seorang yang aware dgn financial problem kita..meaning that dia akan carila sumber pendapatan untuk kita but these things only occur if you are able to make dia listen to your problems..Most of times, dia jenis ignorant sbb dia busy n dia pun ade masalah sendiri..but if kita boleh attract attention dia, dia boleh jadi kawan yang baik.

    Tapi in terms of technical knowledge, dia still pyh nak sharing..tak taula samada dia tak tau ke benda yang kita tanya tu or dia nak kita usaha sendiri ke..but I always pandang tinggi kat dia..I rasa dia tahu but dia malas nak layan bila students tanya macam2 (I ni jenis suka argue haha)..but this attitude akan menyebabkan students hadapi problem because dia didnt communicate clearly the issue n bile students dah proceed jauh,baru dia nak inform tu tak cukup and ini tak cukup (this happened to me)

    In my case, dia suruh i get the results by trial and error (sebenarnya kna ade published methods by other researchers yang kita nak guna as starter for experiment)..

    sambung next comment

  10. I pun ikut je la ckp dia masa tu..duk menerai la..adjust sana sket,arrange sini sket untuk nak dapatkan result..alhamdullillah Allah swt tolong I..I pun dapat results masa tu pun dah early sem 4 kot, baru dapat result yang meet my thesis statement.

    I pun tulis thesis..bile tunjuk draft tu kat dia, dia kata pulak method kna ade literature review, tak leh wujud by trial n error..I'm aware of that but knp tak ckp awl2 cane sepatutnya nak develop method..I pun tak tau cane nak cari other lit rev yang related to my trial n errornye method tu.. Lost I jap masa tu..masa dia cakap tu i iyakan jela,dalam hati sungut jugak y dont u tell me earlier...huhh

    Cari la balik apa dia nak..I wat mcm ni..since i cluster data to reduce area in my circuits, i cari other paper yang wat pasal clustering (tak kisahla clustering benda apepun even yang tak related to my research) n berjaya reduce circuit area..jupe la 4 lit revs yang i kna karang to make them as the reasons why I choose cluster method to solve the cct area problem..those 4 papers is in other fields.. so u can imagine la macamana nak faham kan other terms and concepts..pastu bila dah dapat fhm tu kna pulak karang those information in our thesis kita tu convince readers..

    I mmg stress but i keep positive minds that I can do this..Ok la dah siap sume ..tunjuk lagi kat SV, dia pun ok la bab tu tapi ade la lg benda yang dia suruh explore but i ask dia "sorry doc if I ask u,do you think what I have now in my thesis is just enough to get a MSc?" Dia kata cukup but it would be better if u do what i suggest"..Pastu I jawab" Saya rasa yang tu boleh tak kalau saya nak buat kemudian, sbb as for now saya nak my MSc je dulu n I have long way to go..maybe i explore those masa nak wat PhD nnt"..Dia pun except la..So I berjaya la submit..

    My MSc thesis is 192 you imagine yourselfla betapa explorative nye my journey to get my MSc..Kawan2 I yang grad on-time,dlm 90-120 pages je..Some of my frens said I over do it but nak wat cane i pun kna ikut ckp my SV..

    Hopefully examiners enjoy my thesis..hahahaha..
    but if they are not, I am willing to face any consequences... what I want now is to finish my MSc so that berbaloi dgn jerih payah yang I lalui.. and starts afresh with the PhD..

    Hope my story motivates you dear..Thanks for your doa for me to apply the AT in UIA..I wish u'll be successful and ditunjukkan Allah swt jalan bagaimana nak selesai all your research problems.. Thanks..

  11. Dear...,thanks a LOT!! Bila tau kisah you, I consider myself lucky.. Huhuhu..

    Susahkan belajar ni? My SV pon 2x5 dengan your SV.. Guess that's the way they want to train us to be more independent and learn the real pain doing research kot! Hehehe..

    I skang dah sem 4.. But I'm doing my master's degree by mixed mode. So 2 semesters for coursework and the other 2 sem for research. And my fault is wait too long to start my research. I started my research on sem 3. Patutnya start awal.

    Unfortunately, my journey nak focuskan scope for my research was not smooth. My SV just bagi general topic on quadruped robot. And we all know that it can be thousands of researches that we can conduct for quadruped robot.. So I spent about one semester plus to find my scope on my own.. Dah buang masa dah..

    So I left with 1 sem to finish my design,experiment and thesis.. memang secara logic nya tak sempat lah kan. Unless Allah bless me with a miracle..

    Problem is, I'm tied with the scholarship, so like it or not, I hv to finish soon.. Tuh yg buat I risau sangat..

    Plus, u know la research.. Sometimes ada masa kita sangap sangat sampai tak leh pikir. Tapi tak tau nak tanya sape.. Since my SV pon lebih kurang urs on technical thingy.. Dia tak assist sangat..


    Camana pun, menuntut ilmu tu jihad kan? So, I'm praying hard that Allah will help me in completing my jihad... Huhuhuhu...

    Thanks for sharing dear.. Inspires me a lot.. :)

  12. salam kak farah. sy aishah. nk tanya pengambilan academic trainee untuk intake 2014 still ada tak? ala intake untuk budak master dh berkurang ke? ala sedihnyaaaa

    1. salam aishah. tak berapa nak sure dik. tapi kalau faculty engineering, dengarnya memang dah tak ada ambik dah for master's level. PhD akak tak pasti. utk course lain tak pasti..selalu2 lah cek kat website uia, kat bahagian career tu. selalu kalau memang ada kosong, dia advertise kat situ.. Anyway, good luck dear! :)


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