Monday, May 3, 2010

Mixed Mode Vs Research

Mixed?Full Research?Mixed?Full research??
Hmm..I'm in dilemma..Currently I'm doing Masters by Research mode.. Topic? Something related to UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).. Cam terror-terror je nak wat topic ni kan?? Huhuhu.. But these few days, keep thinking of changing to mixed mode (coursework + research). Why?? Hmm, because I went to meet one of my x-lecturer in UIA regarding my interest of becoming a lecturer one day, and due to him, comparing both modes, doing mixed mode are more efficient for a lecturer-to-be... Reason is,
1) doing research allows the student to be expert in one particular field only as compared to mixed which students will learn various subjects in various field in class. But still, there will be a project that students should work on in the last 2 sem. Ala,macam FYP masa degree dulu...
2) in PhD level, will definitely by research mode, so it's better to learn more in class during Masters before doing hard core research during PhD...
Yup, yup, it's so true.. Now I'm wondering, what was I thinking when I 1st enrolled by Research Masters? In Engineering plak tuh!! *sigh* Maybe I wasn't thinking much by then, almaklumla, orang kecewa kena retrenched..Huhu

Having thought that, then, should I change? But there r a lot of things to consider if I were to change my mode of studies... *sigh again*...Lets do some checklist

1st, the UNIVERSITY to enroll my masters. As for now, I'm studying at UiTM, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. They do offer full coursework besides by research mode, but it is more to Tele-Communication engineering which I'm not rili in favor of taking it since I did my degree in Mechatronics, so if possible, I want to maintain in that line...Huhu.. So, if I were to change, I have to change the Uni as well, and one that I have in mind now is the beloved UIA.. ;p They do offer mixed mode Masters in Mechatronics Engineering..
Ok, say I quit UiTM and enrol mixed mode masters in UIA, then comes the 2nd thing to think of which is the DURATION OF STUDY... I have to start all over again, which means, another 2 years to finish Master, unless I'm super hebat can finish in 1 and 1/2 years. In UiTM, I've finished 1 sem already. So, by right I will complete in another 1 and 1/2 years time, however, I doubt that.. Hahaha... Looking at my friends' experience, I make a conclusion that it is quite difficult to complete ur research on time when you already have children, especially the mother and especially when ur child is fully breastfeed... So,kira punya kira, maybe I will finish in another 2 years (by hook or by crook)...So, sama je,mixed mode yg start all over, or research that is already finished 1 sem (1 sem of zero achievement..Huhuhu..), both need plus minus 2yrs to complete..

Next is the ABILITY factor.. Like it or not, I have to admit, doing research is just not something that I good at.. Huhuhu.. Tambah-tambah lagi doing research on UAV??? Huwaa....
Farah doing research = blur + blank + dunno-where-to-start + tears...
Huhu.. However, I was struggling to convince myself that it will be a temporary situation. I'll be better in the next sem. I'll be more focus. I can do this.. Ganbatte neh!
But deep inside my heart, 'CAN I??' question always pop up.. *sigh...*. Hubby said, he is confident that I'm good at studying (buat assignment,baca buku, exam,bla..bla..bla..), but he's not sure whether I'm good at doing research.. Mama said the same thing too.. So, 2 most-significant person in my life said that about me and research already, shud I continue..?? *sigh lagi...*


Oh Allah, plz show me the best path for me and my family... I'm so confused and in delimma.. Only YOU the Most Knowing what is the best..


  1. hey, im having same dilemma here. so, what did you choose?

    1. Hey Ema! I finally chose Mixed mode.. But my advice is, do check with the seniors how both courses (mixed mode/research) are conducted in that particular institution that u're about to enrol. My experience, research expectation for mixed mode, lebih kurang je dengan full research. So, more burden and of course more time required for the mixed mode students to complete the research because we just start doing research on our second year of master. full research student dah start earlier from the very 1st semester. So, do check to make the best decision :)


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