Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yang Mana Satu....

Yang mana satu...
Idaman kalbu...

Haih... I'm so confused now. Bukannya confuse apa, confuse on what should I spend my money for first. Hahaha.. I have a long list of things to buy in mind, but I have limited finance source.. *sigh..*. Kesian la dengan En Suami kalo I pow dia untuk beli semua skarang..Hehehe..
So I have to set the priority right. Which one is more important, so that will be the one that I'll buy first...

Some of the things that in my list

1) Cloth diapers for Fatin.
Fall in love wif this thing when I saw my cuzzy,Kak Wiwi used it for her son, Zikri. I personally think this new tech of diapers do provide conviniences for the mothers nowadays. Act, I did planned to use conventional napkin for my baby. In fact, we already made a stock of it before Fatin was born. However, tak jadi guna at the early days of her arrival to these world since newborn baby, especially the one that is breastfed 'berak' and kencing frequently. So, it might be a bit tedious to use napkin. Furthermore, I didn't want to cause trouble to Mama to wash a lot of Fatin's napkins everyday at that time. Se we used disposable diapers instead. Lama-lama, dah terbiasa la pulak! So bila nak guna napkin now, dah jadi kekok and doesn't look convincing for me. Macam akan bocor selalu je.. Huhu..
Kalau ada cloth diapers, senang sket. Jimat pun jimat, since we don't have to buy disposable diapers every 2 weeks no more..
Anyway, click here for some info on the advantages of cloth diapers..

2) Breastflow (brand : The first years) bottle set
Also suggested by Kak Wiwi to use this bottle. She even gave us one of Zikri's new bottle to test and seems like Fatin is OK wif it. Tq Kak Wiwi!! :)
The special feature about this bottle is it immitates the mother's breast. And it is not too easy for the baby to get the milk from the bottle since she/he has to suck it. Just like breasfeeding process. So, this will help the baby from having a nipple confusion syndrom.

3) Milk Warmer
Easier to heat the expressed milk up with correct temperature and precise timing. To avoid lost of nutritions from the milk because of over-heating. So, no need to pening-pening to prepare the milk for Fatin whether dah cukup panas ke belum, or either terlalu panas ke,bla..bla..bla..

4) Cooler kit set
Bag wif related stuff (ice packs etc.) for cooling purpose to serve the express milk. I need this bag when I start to go to the lab for my masters study later (July probably...) since there is no refridgerator in the lab to store the milk that I've pumped. Besides, need this also when travelling (if I wish to bring express milk. Mana la tau,waktu-waktu kecemasan, keadaan tak mengizinkan utk breastfeed Fatin..)

5) Laptop bag
Pun diperlukan when I need to go to the lab later. Now duduk kat rumah, tak payah bag pon tak apa..

6) Nursing clothes
Easier to breastfeed Fatin kat public.. Kang angkat-angkat baju, cik abang marah pulak..Hehehe..

7) Tower fan
Since our rumah sewa doesn't have air conditioner, so we will need to have this to cool the temperature in the room a bit so that Fatin tak kepanasan. Almaklumla, si kicik ni kan budak aircond.. Huhu..

That are the stuffs in my list (for now...). Which one should I get first?? Hmm... Only if I can get all of it.... Huhuhu...


  1. Farah, botol Breastflow tu yati dh bli tpi since baby blum kuar, kene la tgg dlu..Kalo nk bli, bli kt cheaper dr kt kedai..Nursing cover tu bley ganti ngan shawl:-)..

    So saya vote bli CD tu dulu..Kwn aku yg pki CD sume kate mmg sgt2 jimat compare to disposable diapers..Yg tower fan tu pow jdai..hehe


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