Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Journey of Becoming A Mama..

p/s : Actually I started to write this post on 26th of April. But no time to finish it up. So,memandangkan my lil' princess is sleeping now,I utilize this time to finish this up.. :)

26th April 2010

Today, my lil girl is 2 months old!! So Happy Birthday Sayang.. May you have a blessed long and healthy life.. :) Mama love U so much.. Mmuuahh...mmuuahh..
Bersempena dengan Fatin's birthday today, Mama wanna share my firsexperience becoming a mother for the first time...

Alhamdulillah, after 6months (yeah...we are planning ;p) getting married to a wonderful husband, I was confirmed to be pregnant. I still remember how nervous I was taking the urine test. I bought the kit at Guardian Shah Alam (can't remember what brand, but I think it was Guardian's brand..) after my menstrual period delayed for 2 weeks and I . It was on June 2009. So Kak Wiwi(cuzzy) advised me to take the test. With dup-dap, dup-dap, I waited for the strip to react. And there it goes, two lines appeared clearly (which means, 'CONGRATULATIONS, You're pregnant! ;p). Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah for giving me the oppurtunity becoming a Mama.. :)

Few weeks after that was happy. Everybody was very excited, especially Ayah (the Atok) waiting for the new member of the family. Then, the pregnancy started to become rough. I started to feel the 'penangan' of morning sickness. Dizzy + nausea (very kaw-kaw one...).

Sampai lembik la Mama dibuatnya.. There was one time, hubby need to feed me up since I couldn't even wake up (Thank you Abang...!! Luv u.. Mmuuahh.. ;p). And to make it even intresting, the morning sickness symptom stayed up to 5months pregnancy.. And only God knows how I survived the month of Ramadhan.. I even lost some weight. Hehe..
But Alhamdulillah, when Raya Aidilfitri came, all the sickness was washed away.. Then I started to eat like a monster and gained pounds in short time.. Huhuhu...

Mama yang bagai dipam-pam.. 1 Mama = 2 Ayah. Wakakaka...

Ok,back to the story, so the pregnancy went smoother. No more morning sickness starting from 5months ahead (Thank God for the mercy.. :). However, lots of tests were given to us throughout the last 4 months. Mainly related to MONEY.. I was no longer employed. Doing my Masters with no sponsors and only God knows, when can I complete. So the financial source for the family is 100% coming from hubby. With the baby on the way, we were a bit worried that finance won't be sufficient.

And it's so happened that we were tested with an incident where my bro-in-law's motorcycle, which hubby borrowed for only few days, was stolen in his possesion (I'm still bengang with the pencuri! Allah aje yang membalasnya..Hish..). So more money needed to replace the motorcycle. I dropped a lot of tears. Huhuhu.. Menguji kesabaran, keimanan, and kasih sayang between both of us (hubby n I)...

Because of tests, we decided to name our lil princess as Fatin Amani. Fatin = The bright one, Amani = my piece and harmony. We named her with this name with hope and prayer that she will bring the piece and harmony in our heart to face the tests given to us, InsyaAllah. And Alhamdulillah, I think Allah did accepted our du'a and I was offered a few job offers and even better a scholarship for my Masters degree during my 9 months preganancy. Alhamdulillah... I am so grateful :) She is our AMANI...,InsyaAllah :)

So 9months passed, I started to feel the minor pain of labour. My stomach cramped quite frequent. Sometimes when it comes, I need to stand still and wait till the cramp relief. On 25th Feb, I went for my 40 weeks check-up with Mama and Ayah since hubby was working. My BP was quite high (160+). I told doctor about the cramping.

So he asked me to do the CTG to check the contraction frequency. After the CTG(cardiotocography), I was called back to the doc's room and he checked the opening. It was opened for 2cm already. He said that I need to admit that night, 9pm. He wanted to induce the baby out since my BP was way too high already, so it was not advisable to wait somemore. I was happy, since I can see my dear baby soon, yet I was nervous at the same time. Worried that I couldn't do it..

I was back at the hospital at 9pm. Unfortunately, there was no room available at that time. So I need to temporary lepak at labour room while waiting for a patient who is scheduled to discharge that night. 'bout an hour waiting, I was transferred to a shared room (4 person in a room). Itu aje bilik yang available at the moment. Suka tak suka, I still had to accept the room though I preferred a single room. My parents and my sister went home not long after that,left me and hubby...

Around 1130pm, a nurse came and gave me the medicine to start the induction process (err....technically, the medicine was inserted to a specific hole of the body..Huhuhuhu). At 12am, I started to feel some pain, sumtin like period pain. So I was like.."Oh..rasa sakit macam period pain. I can bear this (since I experience period pain quite frequent).."..Haha.. Confident gile!! So I pon relax-relax je, chit-chatting with hubby, ketawa-ketawa la.. Ala-ala happy time. Suddenly, a nurse came and said that no one is allowed to stay with the patient in that room. Kalau single room boleh la.. Indirectly, she wanted hubby to go back home la..

Immediately after kakak nurse tuh went away, I started to cry. Mana taknya, I definitely need him by my side throughout the labour process.. This is my first time for God sake!! Since I was crying like a baby, plus his husbandly-instinct not to leave me alone there ( are so sweet.. ), he didn't leave. Jadi, it looks like I seludup my hubby inside the compartment. We whispered when we need to talk, so that no one knows that he was there. Hahaha..

At 2am, I started to feel more hard-core pain. No longer 'just-like-period-pain' pain.. Bergolek-golek atas katil tu tahan sakit. Memang tak boleh tidur langsung.. Seeing me in pain, hubby buzzed the 'nurse,i need u' bell. A nurse (the sporting one..sebab tak halau my hubby.. U rocked kak!! Hihi) came, and checked the opening of the vagina. It was 4 cm opened already. She asked whether I need the pain killer. Oh yes, I need it alright. So she jabbed me with a pain killer. The pain went away for a while. It came once in a while and I managed to get some sleep. Lega...

I got 2hours of sound sleep b4 somebody entered my compartment. That was when my penyeludupan terbongkar.. Kakak nurse yang sound us at the first place daa... Kantoi.. But thanks akak for some mercy u've shown for not shouting to us when we were sleeping (I was faking to be aslept.. ;p) and instead you shouted loudly outside the ward "Eh..patient wad 3-3 tuh,suami dia tak balik!!". Hahaha... We were both freaked out.

Afraid she will call the guard and heret my hubby out. So I asked hubby to leave me and went home. Lagipon, I was thinking that maybe he wanted to freshing up a bit before came back for the labour. It was almost 5am when he went back home. At that time, I thought the labour won't be anytime sooner since I didn't feel heavy pain. That's why, I let him go dengan rela hatinya..

However, out of my expectation, about 30min after he went off, the contraction came back, and it was really-really hurt this time. I meringkut macam udang menahan sakit. That time, I regretted my decision to let hubby went home. Huhuhu.. Wish he was there.. After I performed Subuh prayer, the contraction became more frequent and stronger. Coincidently, the nurse came to check my BP. Since she saw I was in pain already, she checked the opening again and it was 6cm already. Not long after that, she came back to break the water bag.

Around 715 am, I was transferred to the labour room. Hubby was still not there. I kept praying, he will be there before the delivery. Even said to the baby, "Tunggu ayah kejap ye...". Hehe.. Contraction became stronger and stronger. I was sweating like hell because of the pain.Sakitnya masa tuh, Tuhan aje lah tau.. Felt like crying, but no tears coming down...I saw the nurse preparing for the labour. She said, doctor is on his way.

Then someone opened the door, and I sighed for relief when I saw hubby came in. Alhamdulillah.. Few minutes later, the doctor appeared. Rushly prepared himself. I already felt like wanna push the baby out. But the nurse kept saying, "Jangan push dulu ye..".. Aduhai..,camana nak tahan kalo baby dah nak kuar.. When the doctor checked the opening, it was full term already. 10cm. Alhamdulillah, cause I felt like couldn't hold no more.

Then with 3 pushes, our dearest baby, Fatin Amani was safely born at 838 am on 26th Feb 2010, 12th Rabiulawal... And that is the moment, I become a Mama... :)

Her first few moment in this world

Ayah reciting iqamah to Fatin

First time holding her

View more pictures of her at HERE

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