Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fatin's very first vacation :)

Hello peeps!

Fatin has successfully had her very 1st vacation in her life!! To Cameron Highland lak tuh!! Steady la anak mama! Your 1st vacation, terus naik bukit.. Hihihi..

We went to Cameron Highland on 27th to 29th May. Saja-saja cuti-cuti Malaysia.. Hehe. Actually, Atok and Nenek was desperately wanted to finish their days of vacation at Berjaya Vacation club before being burned by this July. So, dapat booked room at Cameron, so there we were.. To Cameron. It was so exciting, bringing Fatin for her first family vacation, yet, sedih jugak, because Ayah couldn't come along sebab ada training.. Deym la the college, why must you organize training during public holiday??? Marah btol... Dah la we wanted to go to our honeymoon spot.. Huhuhu... Tak dapat la nak mengimbas kenangan-kenangan romantika bulan madu.. Haahaha

We departed from home around 9am plus-plus on 27th.. Half of the bonnet was occupied with Fatin's stuff. Siap bawak buaian hokey.. Haha.. Atok dia la tuh. He was worried that Fatin couldn't sleep there in Cameron, and we might need 'Mr Buai Laju-laju' to let her fall asleep. Her stroller lagi. Haha.. Memang la vacation cik Fatin Amani.. ;p

That morning, before we departed, Fatin melekat je dengan ayah dia, like she knew that Ayah won't come along. Not long after we departed, she started to cry out loud. I guess maybe sebab she couldn't see her ayah ke.. Entah la.. But it was so heart-breaking..I plak memang dah sebak from the day before. Apalagi, when Fatin started to cry, dengan I..I sekali meleleh ayaq mata. Jadi drama swasta plak..Haha..So tak best hokey, vacation without enchek suami..Huhu.. Lucky that Atok need to stop to refill petrol, so, I have time to calm her down. So pujuk-pujuk dia kejap, breastfeed her, then we started the journey again..

It took us about 4 hours plus to reach Cameron. We went uphill using the Simpang Pulai road, so kurang pening sket. Lagipon, the hotel (Equitorial Hotel) is at Berinchang. So, easier to use Simpang Pulai rather than naik thru Tapah. Reached Cameron, we had our lunch at the stall nearby. Interesting thing about it, the stall's owner is a 'Kakbang'. hehe.. Kakak and Abang at the same time... Nyah la mak!! Hihi.. Yang best nye, she's wearing tudung.. Apa kes?? Nyah insafkah? Hahaha.. Tak kuasa mak!

Around 3pm, we checked in to the hotel. Nasib baik we rented an apartment. Not a hotel room yang kena naik elevator. Otherwise, mesti tebal muka nak angkut pieces by pieces of the buaian that has been dismantle. Hihi.. Settled down for a while, then around 5pm, we went out again to the Cameron Bharat Tea Farm.. Nak minum strawberry tea tepi ladang, sambil-sambil menikmati scone.. Quite enjoying and relaxing.. Teringat memori masa honeymoon dulu.. Romantic woo.. Haha..

Done with strawberry tea and scones and strawberry cheese cake, we went back to the hotel. I was so worried that Fatin might have problem to fall asleep that night. Ye la, different environment and somemore, her Ayah was not there to dodoikan dia tido. Usually tuh ayah punya keje.. Hehe.. But Alhamdulillah, maybe she was so tired, she fall asleep at 7pm!! Just woke up at 10pm to breastfeed than tido balik till the next morning.. Baik anak mama! :)

The next day, we went to strawberry park, to self-pluck the strawberries. I brought Fatin using the baby carrier that Mak Lang Yana and Pak Lang Adli bought for her. And suprisingly, she fall asleep lagi.. Haha.. Kalau kat umah, punya la susah nak tido siang. Kat Cameron, sambil-sambil mama plucking strawberries pon she can sleep..

After that we went to the park at Tanah Rata. Jalan-jalan amik angin. But yang tak bestnya, the park was so crowded wif people. Ramai dah orang naik Cameron. Almaklumla, long weekend.. So lepak sekejap je,then we went back to the hotel. Oh ya, around this time la that Kak Wiwi called and told us that she n the family wanna join us.. Siap offer bawak dinner.. Hehe.. The more the merrier.. Lagipon, I missed the 2 budak kicik tuh, Kakak and Adik..

Petang, after asar, Mama n I went down to the Kea Farm Market to buy some vegetables for dinner. We planned to cook in the apartment!! Jeng..jeng..jeng..

Kak Wi arrived around 7pm with the dinner. Hahaha.. Ayam percik Ayamas tuh.. She also brought rice cooker, and pinggan mangkuk. Lengkap. Macam nak berkelah.. Tapi, lucky she do that because, Ayah said, jalan cameron dah start jam and sesak. It took Ayah more than an hour to went back to the hotel from golf course at Tanah Rata.. Padahal, it usually take about 15min je kot... Dasyat...dasyat...

So that night we had dinner in the apartment. Best woo.. Hihi.. Masak vege tom yam in the jug kettle.. Creative tak creative..

The next day, we checked out early since we wanted to visit some other places before went back home. Around 10am we checked out and went straight to the Rose Garden yang sangat berbukit itu. Adoi, lenguh pinggang mama gendong Fatin sambil naik bukit.. Tapi lom kira Mama Long (Kak Wiwi) punya lenguh angkut Zikri who weighed about 10kg using the baby sling tuh! Haha.. Bravo Kak Wi, I memang tabik spring... Hihi..

Then we went to the Keafarm Market to shop. Err, actually Fatin n I stayed in the car je. Tak larat dah nak bawak Fatin jalan-jalan pasar plak.. Haha.. The rest went to the market to borong vege and strawberries. Right after that, we started our journey back home.. Yang bestnya, we went downhill through jalan Tapah yang berpusing-pusing tuh. Was worried Fatin couldn't stand it, but luckily, she managed to control cool...hahaha...

We reached home around 4pm.. Such an interesting experience bawak Fatin cuti-cuti Malaysia. Her atok is now planning for her 2nd vacation (already!! ;p). hopefully next time around, Ayah can come with us to cuti-cuti.. Ok Ayah? Hehehe....

Check out the pics HERE

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