Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Salam peeps!
10 for nothing? Haha, saje pick this title. Ala-ala eye-catching sket,org kata...Haha..

Actually this title was picked after one incident that occurred last night. The story starts when I noticed Fatin's left eye was swollen. So I brought her to my sis's room to let her see. I was afraid Fatin kena sakit mata or sumtin. Kebetulan, Angah's friend, Anis was in her room.

When Angah saw it, she said, might be a mosquito or some insect bite. Angah suggested to 'tuam' the swollen eye to reduce it. Following her suggestion, I pon buat.. However, I noticed her saliva meleleh dengan banyak nya. I remember Mama once said that if baby keluar saliva banyak, meaning dia tengah gatal (Gatal yang kena garu tuh ye, not gatal = merenyam tuh ;p) Hehe..

After a while, we noticed it became worse. Mata dia jadi makin kecik because of the swell, merah and became watery. I started to worry.... Kenapa pulak dah? Why is it become worse?

She started to cry.I assumed that she was uncomfortable dengan limited vision since mata dia dah kecik.And the saliva kept coming out from her mouth. A lot! Then out of the sudden, she started to cough badly, like she was choking. Macam tercekik air liur...

Angah said that we need to go to the clinic ASAP coz she worried it was a reaction of allergies. Swollen eyes and throat. That's why she's choking. It so happen that only 4 of us at home at that time. Ayah n Mama went out for dinner. So I immediately called Mama to inform and because of too panic, my voice were shaking like I was crying. Decided not to wait for them, we went to the clinic by ourselves. Angah drove us to the nearest clinic, Klinik Sakinah. In the car, on our way to the clinic, Fatin stopped crying already. And no more choking.

Arrived at the clinic, I quickly registered her name and hoping we can be entertained ASAP. Unfortunately, the doctor was performing a minor surgery to a patient (dunno what had happened to that boy), so it took longer than I hoped. Mau tak mau, we have to wait at the clinic. Mama n Ayah arrived not long after that. We waited for almost 10min, the operation still had not done. So I asked Mama n Ayah went to the Mamak stall nearby to have their disturbed dinner. Hehehe.. Kesian diorang, tak sempat makan pon lagi..

While waiting, Fatin started to act cranky. So, to calm her down, I breastfed her. Sambil-sambil feeding her, I checked on the swollen eyes.. And tersangatlah nak dijadikan cerita, the swollen eye which previously looked so bad suddenly jadi ok je plak (adakah kerana terlalu lama menunggu??) and she was sleeping like tak sakit langsung pon.. Angah n I looked at each other and started to worry that we just exaggerating things up, padahal Fatin ok-ok je.. Nanti doctor kata kiterang poyo je plak! And we was actually thought of cabut balik je.. Haha..

But it was so weird la. Tadi the condition was so bad, tiba2 sampai clinic, sihat walafiat la plak. Even it was just a mosquito bite, takkan bengkak boleh hilang terus (tanpa kesan) in not more than half an hour kan??

Finally, Fatin's name was called. Dengan nervousnya, we brought her in the doctor's room. So I started to tell what happened at home la and our assumption that it was an allergic reaction. The doc checked Fatin up and she said, nothing to worry, she's fine. Her throat was not swell and her lungs was ok. She said maybe Fatin tergesek mata dia dengan her hand and that's why it became bengkak and merah and coincidently, dia terbatuk-batuk and tersedak.
I siap cakap, "kat rumah tadi mata dia bengkak sangat doc. And berair jugak..", actually was trying hard to verify to the doctor why we were there at the 1st place and hoping the doc will buy it..Hahaha.. Doctor senyum-senyum je. And the best part of it, she asked, "You amik medicine ke?". Hahaha... Dia mesti pikir, budak2 ni pandai2 je buat assumption allergies la,itu la,ini la,padahal anak dia tak ada apa-apa pon. Macam pandai noo!! Wakakaka... Mestila, kiterang peminat cerita House M.D. tau! Hehehe..

So dengan segan dan silunya, we went out from the doctor's room and waited to pay the bill. A nurse entertained us wif a smile and said "10ringgit je...". By that time, I teringat my bestfriend (Nurul Izzah @ Cik Jah) who said dia selalu je bayar 10hinggit kat clinic (maybe clinic yg sama.. ;p) sebab bawak her lil' daughter, Farihah just because risau, padahal tak ada apa-apa pon.. Masa dengar cerita dia, I ketawa.. Now, I sendiri dah rasa..

Guess, that is what moms do, worrying... Hahaha...
Anyway Jah, I've joined the club!!! Club pay-10-for-nothing.., eh cop, shud be 10-for-too-worry.... Hehehe..

Tak ape lah, stick to a phrase(act quoted from Izzah), "BETTER WORRY THAN SORRY..."

Yup, it's so true.. So, I won't stop bringing Fatin to clinic and pay RM10 just because of worry, because I'm a MAMA.. Hey, that's what Mamas do what.... ;p

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