Monday, January 16, 2012


Assalamualaikum u'ols...

Wassup, wassup? Kaifa haluk? Apa khabar semua??

Fuhh..., last week was a disaster.. *ok..exaggeration!*

Out of the blue, my supervisor ordered *yes, literally 'ordered'* me to participate in the research exhibition that will be held the 3rd week of February. I'm totally fine with the date of the exhibition tho, but the one yang I 'TAK-BLEH-BLAH" was the poster submission. 

My SV sent me an email on last Wednesday (11th Jan) telling me that I HAVE to join the exhibition. So I have to submit a poster for it. I was like, "HEH?!". But that wasn't the best part yet, the next line of the email said, 'the due date for the poster submission is on 15th Jan'. Right after that I went, "WHATTTT!!!!"...

And I took the whole day nagging about it.. Haihh...

But, the positive part about it *very positive, indeed*, because of it, I have to speed up my progress to be able to put some results on my poster.. Having a 2nd thought, maybe.., this is my SV's strategy to get me to work hard kot.. Hahahaha.. Tell u what Mr SV, it's working...! Memang kelam-kabut buat kerja ok.. *walopon the poster was so-so only macam budak sekolah rendah, but, Alhamdulillah, at least it's there!*.. 

Oh ya.., thanks to enche suami and friends(Puan Dyana & En Fendy especially) who helped me during the process.. Hehehe..
Cerita dah lari topic..Hahaha..

Alright, actually, what I want to tell on this post is about rebonding.. Confirm lah u'ols tau what is rebonding kan.. Ala, yang bagi rambut lurus, lembut, dan menawan macam dalam iklan rejoice tuh.. Hehehe...

I believe, it's always a nature for a mankind to look good everyday. Because that's actually a part of the nafsu jugakkan.. 

Let me tell u'ols a secret.. To be honest, my hair is not really lovely.. However, I'm grateful t o Allah for at least giving me hairs rather than tak ada hair langsung.. So Alhamdulillah..Hehe..

But on one sweet day, suddenly I had this weird idea to get my hair to be rebonded *Tatau la wujud je tak perkataan ni sebenarnya.. Hantam saja  lah labu.... ;p *

Very weird kan? Macam, 'ting! Nak buat rebonding lah!' , gitu... Even weirder, the idea pop-up masa dekat dalam lab.. Hahaha.. Boleh?

So I asked for my hubby's opinion and permission *of course*... Luckily, he's fine with it. 'Fresh look, apa salahnya...', was his answer..Hahaha...
So with hubby's permission, and my weird desire, I went for it! Kah kah kah... 

The best part of it is, I get it done at my home!! Percaya tak? Oh no.., I didn't do it on my own.. *of course*.. The hairdresser came over to my home!! Best kan?? So, there's no worries of having non-muhrim entering the saloon while u're exposed.. And I don't have to leave my baby *although I might be ignoring her for a while, but at least I know her well-being sebab ada kat rumah! Hehehe..*

Actually one of the purpose of having this post is to promote the hairdresser gak! Hahaha.. I knew her from my cousin sister.. She is a very sweet Malay, Muslim young lady, and considerate too.. I knew she's the right person to get my hair done for some reason, one because she's muslim and a girl, so there's no issues of aurat.. And I'm confident that the chemical that she used is HALAL. Then she can get it done at my home.. Comfortable! Khalas! :) And her service is superb! Alhamdulillah, the results is amazing and satisfying too...

*Here comes the promo part...*
So for those of you who wants to get your hair done, you can call her. Her name is Yana.. Her no is : 017-3272794. But, currently, she's 8-months pregnant... So, maybe u'ols might need to wait until she delivers and done with confinement..Hehehe...

So itu lah ceritanya.. But remember u'ols, it doesn't mean that once u have wonderful, flawless-looked hair that you can show it to everybody.. Do cover your aurah tau! *Ceh macam cakap dengan budak-budak tadika.. Hehehe...*

As for me, my niat is to please my enche suami. Eh, sunat tau berhias untuk suami! Hehehehe... Tak ada la serabai je kan.. Anak baru satu, dah huru-hara.. Kang dia carik lain, kita jugak yang gigit jari.. Hahaha.. Naudzubillah... :) *Enche suami, DON'T EVER THINK ABOUT IT...! Hahahaha...*

Oh btw, for those who might concern about the hukum of rebonding your hair is Islam *I was wondering too at first, so I googled la..*, here are some links that explain the hukum and the hujjah:
*An advice to my lovely friends: do not blindly accept a hukum that u've might heard and told. Do investigate and study the truth. A hukum must come with a hujjah (quranic verse and hadith).. Without hujjah, I wud say that is just a  doubtful fact..*

Ok lah... Waduh.. Separuh hari for blog! Buat kerja farah! Hehehe..

Take care u'ols.. Wassalam..Bye...

 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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  1. Wah.. dah nak iriie lagi? Ifah ingat thn lepas msk tgh mabuk2 hahaha... sekarang dah kuar dah pon baby hihihi... masuk jgn tak masuk.. support masa viva..dah kena dah hihih.. prove kerja kita tu diiktiraf org lain :D


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