Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New year!!

Assalamualaikum o'ols!!

Happy new year!! *tho it's a 4th day of 2012 already..but..who cares!! hahaha*

Ok, honestly, I'm stressed.. And honestly, I think, updating this blog is not going to help as I shud be doing 'woking-stuff' right now.. Unfortunately, I'm stressed so I couldn't focus.. So I decided to update this blog which was left *no string attached* for ages.. 
Plus, a good friend of mine dah perli-perli I tak update blog..  
*Girlfriend, u know who u are.. and this post is dedicated for ya'.. Hahahaha... Ok, poyos..*

Alright, can u'ols believe it, it's 2012!!!

O.M.G.... Cepatnya masa berlalu....

And in less than 2 months, my anak dara is turning 2!! Cepatnya masa berlalu... *again...*

So, it's cliche when it comes to new year, everyone talks about "Your new year resolution/s".. Kan? Kan?

What's mine??

Hmm..., actually, the 2 things that I pray *siang dan malam* that I can achieve this year are :

Yup..own house and Master's degree.. To be honest, those are 2 things that always gimmi headache now.. Haish... Buat apa pun tak tenang, dok asik terpikir about these..
Friends and family, plz do pray for me ya.. Hoping that Allah will ease it a bit for me... Hamba yang lemah dan tidak berdaya... :(

Other than that, of course I'm hoping to become someone better... I hope I can list down all Mazmumah's characteristic in me, and figure out how to improve... *Maybe can blog bout that later.. (Tapi tatau la later tuh bile.. Muahahahaha...) *

Would like to improve my relationship with my Creator.. And I believe everybody does to... Let's do it together ok? InsyaAllah... :)

Would like to be in "Majlis Ilmu" more frequent... *KPI for 2011 in this particular thing was REALLY BAD.. Seriously Farah, u need to improve.... Haishh....*

So I think that's all for now.. Buat kerja..Buat kerja.. Jangan buang masa... Huhuhu..

Anyway, I wish we all will have a blessed and wonderful year ahead, InsyaAllah.. And let's us make sure that this year will be better than before, Amin.. 

Bismillah.... :)

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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