Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not a boss, but a friend..

Assalamualaikum u'ols...

Hey u'ols... Check this out.. Very-very useful parenting tips by Wardina *love her, love her!*

One thing that I learnt from this video is, the most powerful tool to be a good parent is COMMUNICATION... A parent should be a friend or companion to their child. Not a boss.. And we have to cultivate that bonding at their very young age.

Reduce this:
  • "Pegi mandi!"
  • "Siapkan homework"
  • "Solat!!!!!"  *dengan suara yang nyaring sekali macam nak suruh pergi perang.. Sungguh annoying*
  • "Makan, sekarang!"
Instead, say this:
  •  "Dah petang ni sayang, waktu untuk mandi... Kalau kotor, kuman banyak.. Not good!"
  • "Hari ni belajar apa kat sekolah? Ada homework tak? Jom kita buat homework.."
  • "Ha...dah azan.. Waktu untuk solat! Jom..."

Something like that la.. This is my humble opinion la, if the children already regard the parents as their boss *or someone who only know to give orders!*, asik suruh itu ini, asik kena ikut arahan, once they are older, and they think they are big enough to handle life, and they are in control, at that moment, they will finally decide to stop listening to you at all *nighmare!!*... 
Kalau jenis dengar telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri tak apa lagi, kalau jenis melawan pulak? Dengan kasar pulak tu...  *like how you usually do when you give orders to them when they were younger... Hey, what goes around comes around kan!*
Hish, Naudzubillah hi min zalik.. I hope it won't happen to any of us ya... Amin... 

And yup, I agree, we have to talk to our child a lot.. So that anak akan rasa comfortable bercerita dengan kita about anything! Indirectly, we can know their well-being. Apa benda baik diorang buat, and apa benda tak baik diorang buat on that day.. 

Oleh itu, saya bertekad untuk bercakap dengan Fatin dengan lebih kerap after this. *Eventho as for now, Mama is having difficult time to understand what is she trying to say and finally end up angguk-angguk dengan muka blur.. Haih.... Kesian anak mama... *

And I want to spend more quality time with her.. Alhamdulillah, for the time being, memang I yang send her to and take her from Educare.. So kena make sure that golden time is used properly. 

Plus, instead of shouting at her if she did something wrong, I'll advise her and explain to her why she can't do that..Kalau nak marah pun, I won't say, "Budak degil" or something bad, instead, I'll say, "Fatin anak yang baik! Tak boleh buat macam ni!"...

So, mari mama-mama, mommy-mommy, ibu-ibu, mak-mak sume.., kita didik anak kita dengan cara yang betul.. Coz they are our amanah given by Allah for us to take care of... :)

Amanah mama & Ayah.. Jadi anak yang solehah ye, Fatin Amani.. We love you..


 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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