Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nice Blog!

Assalamualaikum u'ols..

Hey, here I am again.. Stress lagi ke? *perli diri sendiri...*

Nahh, ari nih mood meter is in blue area, meaning mood is good, Alhamdulillah. And hoping it remains in blue range throughout the day, InsyaAllah..

Today, I wanna talk bout blog layout.. Coz I've seen few of my friends changed their blog layout bersempena dengan new year.. Good.. Sometimes in life we need changes and fresh look.. Even in this small-small thing related to our life.. Kan?

Me? Naahh.., guess I'd stick with this one.. Found it lovely and sedap mata memandang, still.. *And the REAL reason being is simply because I'm too lazy to do that!! Pffttt...*

So, u'ols, how do you choose ur blog's template? I mean, there's a lot of interesting template that we can just copy the XML and tadaa, the layout of our blog changed right. But, how do u'ols pick which one? What are the criteria in choosing? Guess some of u'ols just custom made it.. Bravo!! *Wish I could be that creative too...*

As for me, I'd choose something that describes myself.. * least from my point of view... Hahaha...*. Because my purpose of having blog is to tell my stories and share my thoughts. So, it's personal and very much related to myself. Thus, I'd pick the layout that also describes me.. how bout u'ols?

That's my opinion from the blog's owner perspective lah.. If I put myself as blog's reader.., hmmm..., I think I love blogs with simple but lovely layout. Not necessarily be lovely la.., but, hmm.., the layout should synchronize with the contents and the blogger him/herself...

Take Maria Elena's blog for example. Very the simple, but it describes her..

And Nuurill's.. I love both layout, the new and old one.. Lovely... *Nuurill, I printscreen belog U... Harap dihalalkan... Hihihi..*

So basically, my choice of layout yg simple-simple and lovely.. And organized! Sebab bila organized, senang nak baca.. 

I just not rili in favor with blogs yang ada wayy toooo many applications and everytime you open it, ur pc hang! Ok, maybe i'm exaggerating but, something like that la.. I mean, it slows the loading.. And due to control system's law, when the time delay is too high, then the system is not efficient.. *Aku mengarut apa dah nih! Haha...*
And from my opinion, if you have a lot to tempek on ur blog, u shud arrange it properly.. So it's tidy and organized and make the reader's life easy to check out everything... For instance, the famous vivy  aka Proudduck..The blog is tidy and in order.. And everything is categorized properly.. So u don't have to go thru the hassle to find info @ things that u need from the blog...

But, who am I to say kan.. Actually up to individuals la nak deco their own blog, but aren't the blogs created for people to read the contents, or enjoy the pics in the entry? So when it's too slow, people get bored and eventually give up baca blog kita.. I'm just saying.. This is only my humble opinion.. Some might disagree.. Hehehe...

And some more one might found my blog's layout also got elements in the 'DON'T' list.. Who knows! We are created by Allah with different perception and idea.. Subhanallah... :)

K lah, guess that's it for today.. Hahaha...

Hope we all can achieve the targets of the day, InsyaAllah...

Bye.. Wassalam...

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*


  1. just wanna share about beautician :)
    view my blog tq

  2. Eh Eh! Belog kita la! :)
    Dah lapan tahun baru nak komen kan Nuurill ni? hahaha.

    Blog Farah pun not bad jugak layout nya. Comel jek! :)


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