Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Assalam u'ols..
FYI, since last week, I set my mind that this week, after a loooonggg holiday for CNY + holiday that me myself created *ahakss...*, I will work hard and focus on my research starting from today.. However, my mind is berserabut memikirkan attitude anakanda..

Some says, once ur child entering 2 years old, then u have to prepare mental and physical to nurture them, because this is the most challenging period in bringing up the child.. It's called "Terrible TWO phase". I dunno whether this is true.. But somehow, looking at my baby's attitude, I guess I'm starting to believe it... 

U'ols know what, Fatin Amani is soooo good in portraying her feeling now. And hot-tempered too! Masa cuti nih pulak baru nampak... Hentak-hentak kaki, merajuk, and lately, 'babab' orang bila tak bagi apa dia nak..

Yesterday morning, we went for breakfast.. We brought together her bicycle and put her on it. When we reached the kedai, she refused to get up.. She still wanted to play with her bicycle. So I took her up from her bicycle sambil-sambil pujuk la. She was crying *obviously*, but suddenly, she started to beat me. Memang lah tak sakit pun, but before this, she never did that!! 

Then this morning, I sent her to school. Probably because of too long of holiday, she didn't want to be left there. So the teacher hold her from running towards me la.. Then she did it again.. Slapping her teacher! I was like, WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY BABY??? Kenapa jadi garang sangat macam ni??

Adoi.... Now, I got headache!

We never did that to her! Pernah la marah dia, kalau dia degil sangat, but tak pernah pukul dia out of anger macam nak lepas geram macam tuh...  

Ya Allah..., sungguh susah hati....

Is this the 'terrible TWO phase' that they are talking  about...?? Huhuhu..

But anyway, I googled some du'a that WE * Enche suami, we means BOTH OF US.. PLZ TAKE NOTE!* can practice untuk lembutkan hati dan jauhkan dari sifat panas baran...

surah Al-Anbiya, (ayat 69) 
"Qulna Ya Nar  ku ni bardan wa salaman 'ala Ibrahim.."
Kami berfirman: "Hai api menjadi dinginlah, dan menjadi keselamatanlah bagi Ibrahim",

atau Al-Hasyar (ayat 22-24).
Dialah Allah yang tiada Tuhan selain Dia, yang mengetahui yang ghaib dan yang nyata, Dia-lah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang.
Dialah Allah yang tiada Tuhan selain Dia, raja, yang Maha suci, yang Maha Sejahtera, yang Mengaruniakan Keamanan, yang Maha Memelihara, yang Maha Perkasa, yang Maha Kuasa, yang memiliki segala Keagungan, Maha Suci Allah dari apa yang mereka persekutukan.
Dialah Allah yang Menciptakan, yang Mengadakan, yang membentuk Rupa, yang mempunyai asmaaul Husna. bertasbih kepadanya apa yang di langit dan bumi. dan dialah yang Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana.

Fatin Amani, marah-marah ok?? Not good...

  Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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