Thursday, March 3, 2011


Assalamualaikum u'olls..

Lamanya tak hapdet belog!! Hehehe.. As usual, my excuse is 'been busy lately'... Hehehe..


Korang.., pernah tak korang have a lot of things to do, and you have a very limited time, and you feel like suffocating with time, HOWEVER, you just haven't got the spark to start... Pernah tak??

It's happening to me right now.. And i named it as TAK-SEDAR-DIRI-SYNDROME... Hahaha... Fewww... I have bunch of work to be done, and it's already March, meaning to say, it's coming to the end of the sem already and it's submission time already... MAN!!! What the heck am I doing all these while??? (Lagi mau tanya ke?? *smirking*)

Ok..ok... Actually, I'm not going to complain bla-bla the difficulties I'm facing with studies that is caused by my own mistake (i.e : kemalasan tahap dewa).

So, today, I'm going to write bout "1"... What is it so special bout 1?? It's a number, yes..., in fact a prime number, yes.. Whatelse?? Ok.., malas nak main teka-teki..

1 is the number of my lil' girl age!!! YEAY!!!!!

On last 26th Feb, she is officially 1 year old!!!

Ucapan sket for Fatin Amani:

Happy birthday dear baby! Congratulations for being strong facing the 1st year of your life.. Alhamdulillah, Allah granted you a healthy and happy life.. May you have a wonderful, happy, safe and healthy life ahead, InsyaAllah, Amin..

So alhamdulillah, my lil girl dah cukup setahun.. We had a simple celebration on the next day, 27th Feb at my parents' house. Nape tak buat kat our house ek?? Ooppss, lupa, we just don't have a house yet!!!! Haishh... InsyaAllah, soon.. Kan enche' suami?? ;p

Back to the celebration, we invited close family and friends.. Tapi rumah penuh gak kot, sebab, we have a BIG close family, indeed.. Hahaha... Tapi best, the more the merrier, isn't it?

Yg tak best nya, Fatin was having a mild fever on that day. So she was a bit cranky all day long. Asik nak berkepit ngan mama je... Haishh...

Upacara potong kek was held at 430pm.. And *sigh...*, she was not really happy while blowing her 1st birthday candle in her life and potong her 1sy birthday cake. Menangis kot! Actually we (Hubby and I) planned to have some du'a recitation sket before the potong cake ceremony. Tapi disebabkan she was cranky and I was like..seraboot, so I forgot nak invite hubby recite the du'a.. Terus je potong cake! Haishh... Sorry darl ( <- hubby ), I lupa lah!! Huhuhu..

So, I would like to thank all yg attended the party.. Sangat-sangat gembira u oll could make it!! And thanks a lot for the presents!! ( Save duit Mama beli toys.. hehehe ). Doakan Fatin Amani membesar dengan sihat dan kuat dan bijak ye...

Here are some of the pics on that day..

K lah... Need to stop and start reading my notes now.. Preparing for the quiz.. Hahaha...

Till next time u'olls... Bye...

Note out of topic : Officially my husband is a specky (there is no such word in thesaurus.. But from my understanding, it means someone who wear specs.. Hehe) now.. After 27 years, he needed to wear spec now.. Hihihi.. Welcome to the club, abang! (Club rabun sedunia... ;p )


  1. same to me..malas yang amat..tiap2 hari dok kat ntah buat aper..research macam skit je...huhu..nak jupe sv pun malu..tak tahu nak report apa..tgk2 dah masuk bulan march..huhuhu..bila dok umah jangan harap nak sentuh research..masa banyak urus umah tangga..konon la tu...hehehe

    semoga fatin be a good girl..moga2 dia jadi anak soleh n budak pandai..kejap je kan setahun umur dia kurus la..bagi la dia makan..biar dia bam bam masa kecik..dah besar br kena slim..

  2. Huishhh...Dia makan banyak.. Yet badan kecik juga.. Maybe it's from the root..Tgok la ayah dia besar mana.. Hehehe..
    Tapi takpe, since PAED dia pon cakap it's perfectly okay for her as long as she is active and healthy. So, less worried for Mama & Ayah.. Probably she has a high metabolism. Dia kuat peluh...!


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