Friday, March 11, 2011

Ada Apa Dengan..Jdai??

Salam U'olls..

FYI, I tgah curik some time to write this post.. Actually I'm in the middle of important mission.. Jeng..jeng..jeng... Mission apakah? Mission of completing my course project!!!! Haduih... (Still got time to play-play meh??)

Ok, back to the title.. Actually I thought about writing this quite some time already.. But I haven't had the urge to do, so, I delay la.. Hehehe.. But somehow, today, in the midst of doing something really important and urgent, I felt like writing this up!! Like, fuuuunnnnyyyy..., kan??? Now we all can see the working strategy of the Syaitan Laknatullah.. And not only the devils are to blame, you too FARAHIYAH JASNI... Huhuhu.. Astaghfirullah hal azim..

K..., k...quickly.. Ada apa dengan Jdai?? For those who are not in the know, Jdai is actually my hubby's nick.. And how to pronounce it? It's JAY-DAI/DIE(english pronunciation..). Hahahaha..

He got this nickname at his secondary school days, where he went to a boarding school, SAMBEST (Sek Agama Men Bestari) situated at Subang Jaya. He was named by that nick, by one of his friends, Haidir (if I'm not mistaken), since he claimed hubby's real name was hard to be pronounced, ROZAIDI.. (Rili meh?? Not that hard la.. Kan?). Anyway.., so he came up with this name, Jdai, actually inspired from Star Wars film which was a boom around that year, the Jedi, May the force be with you...

Now, I guess some of you might feel like, "Poyos gile.. Jedi la sangat...Mana lightsaber nye..?".. Hahaha.. Yeah, at 1st, I felt the same way too.. But somehow, I changed my perception for 2 reasons :

1) He explained the story behind why Haidir called him by this nick. Actually the reason being is because he was so small during her school days as compared to his colleagues. And, the Star Wars film that was out that time was about Anakin Skywalker when he was a little boy. Kan kecik je budaknya.. So that's why Haidir called him Jedi/Jdai, sebab he was small, just like the Anakin Skywalker, in the film... Hehehehe..

2) I'm his wife for God Sake.. Takkan la nak gelakkan hubby sendiri.. hihihi.. Sorry bang, just joking.. Hehehe..

So, starting from that day onwards, he was called Jdai.. Most of the friends know him as Jdai..

And even there was an incident in the Uni days, where one of our friends, was sitting right next to hubby, and the quiz papers were distributed at that time. So this guy was helping to distribute the paper to the owners la.. Then he saw this paper with the name 'Mohd Rozaidi' written on, then he started to shout,
'Mohd Rozaidi? Mohd Rozaidi? Sapa weh, Mohd Rozaidi nih??', trying to get this 'Mohd Rozaidi' attention so that he can passed the paper to the owner.
And hubby a.k.a Mohd Rozaidi who was sitting next to him felt like wanna hadiahkan one flying kick to his dear friend who was not even know his real name!! Hahaha..
When that guy finally knew that Mohd Rozaidi = Jdai, he started to call hubby with his full name since then.. Hahaha..

Moral of the story, hubby nickname, Jdai, was really giving a big influence among friends, sampai some friends, who are actually quite close to him not even know his real name sbb they find it to be convenient calling him as Jdai..

And in fact, that nickname got an impact to my family too.. My mom and dad and the whole family (including neneks, uncles, aunties and cousins) also call him Jdai since I introduced him to my family for the 1st time as Jdai, not Rozaidi.. Hehe.. Dah tuh.., dah mmg I pon kenal dia as Jdai.. Bukan Rozaidi.. So, don't blame me ya!! Hehehe..

And the funny thing bout it was when the neneks and oldies in the family yg nak pronounce the nick.. My nenek used to call him, Ji-dai, instead of Jay-dai.. Btolkan banyak kali pon, still sebut tuh jugak, lama-lama, hubby pon redha... Jidai pon Jidai la nek! Kehkehkeh..

But actually, Jdai, is not rili the name that I usually addressed him to, since we were together.. When we were started to be close as friends, I used to address him as 'Eh..' instead of his name/nick.. 'Eh, ko dah makan?'.. 'Eh, nak pegi mana?'.. Guess because I felt awkward to call him with the nick.. aci tak??

Then after we changed the pronoun to awak-saya, I often called him by 'Awak' then.. It was like: "Awak.., jom pi makan..". Or bila nak panggil dia, I went, "Wak, Wak..".. Hihihi..

And it lasted quite long till we were engaged and changed to 'Abang-B'.. So since then, up to now, I call him Abang instead...

So tuh je la story about the Jdai.... hehehe.. So, Ada Apa Dengan Jdai? Tak ada apa pon.. Dia sihat walafiat tengah siap2 nak pi solat Jumaat tuh kot.. Apa-apa pon,

He might be nothing to everyone else, but he's everything to me.. I Lap U lah En Jdai!!

Cewaahhh, tu dia, ayat jiwang.. Wakaka.. Ok, I better stop now sebelum mengarut dengan lebih parah! Wanna grab my lunch and head straight to my baby...!

So, till next time u'olls!!! Bye.. Wassalam...

Anakin Skywalker @ Jedi

My "Jedi"... ;p

I Lap U Much Enche Jdai...

Note out of topic : Praying with all my heart that we will get 'the thing'.. And hopefully it is the right decision to get it.. Amin....

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  1. I think u're made mistake in spelling, not Haidir but Hidir..

    Nice and cute entry...Will remember it and Ithink I wanna "cut and paste" this entry to my blog...Hahaha..


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