Sunday, March 20, 2011



Hey u'olls.. Just finished touching up the MATLAB code for Image Processing course.. Alhamdulillah.. Finally, it's done.. Can proceed with the paper and slide after this..

My lil baby is sleeping soundly in her cradle.. Hubby is 'khusyuk' watching his cartoon movie.. Haha..

Actually, my feeling today, actually, rite now, is quite -ve.. I feel so bengang + sad + terasa hati wif some1.. I dunno, feel like wanna bambu that some1 cukup2..

What is your problem dude?? Is that really necessary for you to say such things? I mean, if you don't like it, then SHUT UP!! Perlu ke nak acting like u r so angelic and others are so syaitanic? TAK PERLU KOT!! U r not that so-called 'angel' either..!! I think you are just being jealous if things that don't have.. Tah la.. Pe masalah U pon I tak tau..

But, pikir-pikir balik.. I ase, I just gonna say.. 'WHAT EVER!!'

This is a wide world.. And it's not that I'm gonna see or face u everyday pon.. In fact, I can always avoid you if I nyampah nak tgok muka u yg I ase ada masalah personality tuh..

Hah..lega ase nye dapat let go the negativity kat sini.. Breath in....Breath out...

Ok, dah leh senyum balik...Hehe..

K lah.. Bye..

P/S - Terlajak perahu boleh gostan, terlajak kata, makan dalam woo....

Note out of topic : Dyana, has safely delivered her cute baby girl at Putrajaya last week.. Alhamdulillah.. Amboi, mak yg tak leh tido nox, risokan kawan mak tuh.. Siap masuk dalam mimpi kot!Haha.. Btw, Congrats Mama Dyana & Abah Totoi... And welcome to this world dear Hanaa Nuralisha.. Anda sangat comel and aunty rasa nak cubit2 pipi awak yg tembam tuh.. Takpe, tunggu sebulan dua nanti, aunty picit awak yg gebu tuh.. Hehehe...

Hanaa Nuralisha yang mulat!!
Pic source : Facebook Dyana & Totoi (mintak izin amik ye..!)


  1. Ala... so comel anak Dyana!!!! :)
    Kalau Farah jumpa sampaikan salam to her k.

  2. Yup...yup... Sangat comel and mulat... Hehehe.. And she's quite big too.. 3.7kg for the 1st one,not bad huh?? Hehehe...
    InsyaAllah,nanti Farah sampaikan.. Anyway, Nuuril apa kaba? Lama tak denga citer? Bile nak tambah family members? Hehe..

  3. Nuurill SIHAT walafiat. ahahaha. Semua org tengah tanya bila nak tambah ni.. kah kah.
    Jangan risau, ade jer nanti, nuurill umumkan :)


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