Monday, February 21, 2011

Fullamakk.... Staff....

Salam U'olls...

MasyaAllah, the weather outside is sooooo hot. Bleh berdarah hidung pny panas nih.. No doubt, it is an effect of Global Warming... Haishh...

I just got back from IIUM security office.. Ha..ha.., Farah buat apa sampai kena pi security?? (baca dengan nada yg kita selalu gunakan kepada kanak-kanak bila mereka membuat kesilapan tuh.. Hehe).

Actually, went there to get my STAFF car sticker.. Baca dengan betul, STAFF car sticker.. Eventhough practically I'm still a STUDENT, but I finally found out that actually, I'm eligible to apply for Staff sticker..

Nak tau cane I found out?? (Bajet saspen la... Hihi..)

Actually on last Thursday, as usual, I went to Kuliyyah and parked at my usual parking area. It is actually a Staff Parking area.. And if u'olls nak tau kenapa I ngada-ngada park at the staff area, sebab I got the access card to enter the staff parking area, sebab I Academic Trainee.. The access card was given by Kuliyyah Of Engineering Authority and since then, I usually park my car in the staff area..

So, as usual, I parked my car there. In the afternoon, I decided to go to Educare to check my lil angel out. When I drove, I noticed, there is a little note stuck at my wiper.. Masa tuh I've got the feeling that it might be a 'saman'.. Right after I arrived, I checked that note out and my suspicion turned out to be true.. It was saman!! For parking at the Staff parking area..

I was a little angry at that time.. Ye lah, because I have the access card to go in, which technically means, it is legal for me to park at the area. However, I was given the summon because I used a Student Car Sticker but parked at the Staff parking area.. Tapi having the 2nd thought, logical je they 'awarded' me with the ticket, sebab mana la Pak Guard tuh nak tau I ada card ke tak.. Mesti dia assume I was one of the students yg perasan Staff parking at that area.. Of cos la kena saman kan..
Lagi satu hal nya, before this, memang tak jadi hal and I think, the Pak Guard pon tak kuasa nak pi check the cars in that area sebab dah sah-sah yg parking in there are authorized and legally permitted to park there. Not after the automatic barrier (palang) yg sangat malang itu was bumped by God-knows-who and patah... meaning to say, everyone pon can masuk the staff area and park. So happen that Pak Guard round that day, maka terkenalah Cik Myvi itu.. Al-kisahnya..

So after I met Fatin, I went straight to the Security office to clear the misconception. Sampai-sampai sana, the security officer kept arguing that the summon was not a mistake because, due to the law, we are guilty sebab parking at the staff area while we are actually students. So argue pny argue, I accidentally tercakap,
"but we have staff number!", dengan agak tegas (konon.. Tak nak bayar saman pny pasal!).
Then he said, "What is your staff no?".
So I pon bagitau la my staff no and he directly checked on his system.. I nervous gak, but Alhamdulillah, my staff no did turn out in the system and considered as a Staff la..
Fuuhhh...Lega weh! Kalo tak bikin malu saja..

After that, he said, "You should apply the staff car sticker at the 1st place.."
So masa tuh la I tau yg actually the academic trainees are eligible for the staff car sticker..Best giler....

Today I pi la apply the Yellow car sticker (for staff) yg sangat ditunggu-tunggu itu... Yeay!! Terasa bangga pakai Staff Car sticker... Terasa macam ada super power plak!! Wakakaka... With this yellow car sticker power, it is easier to find parking anywhere in this IIUM land!! Hahahahaha..

-> Being proud and boasting about having a Staff car sticker makes me sound more pathetic isn't it? Org len dok boasting about how great their wedding were, honeymoon tempat mahal, dine in tempat org kaya..., and here I am boasting about having a Staff Car Sticker??? Hahaha... Like, 'loserrrrr'.. Kan? Tapi, what the heck, I'm still berasa bangga and berbunga-bunga di dalam hati sebab dapat sticker staff... Hahahah... Yeay!!!!

K lah.. That's all for now.. Till next time.. Wassalam..

Note out of topic : Yesterday, for the 1st time we put Fatin on the shopping trolley.. (akibat tak bawak her stroller). She enjoyed it so much.. Sampai tak nak Mama angkat keluar sesudah shopping.. Hehehe..
Her pics on the trolley.. ;p


  1. Comey anak ayah ni kan...!!! Skali dh grab mende yg dia suke, jgn le harap nak kasi balik kan...

  2. Tahniah STAFF UIA....Welkam to the world of UIAM's STAFF

  3. wah..dah jadi staff uia yer..baguih..senang la nak parking keter kan...

    nurul tag farah lagi untuk contest baby tdo..hihihi


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