Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Syabbas Bette....Syabbas!!

Assalamualaikum peeps!!

Good morning!!! Wassup? Wassup?

Lama betul tak update blog... Don't have much time nowadays.. Yup, yup, semester is going to end soon, so got loads of works need to be done.. And interestingly, all 4subjects that I take this semester got mini project.. So imagine, 4 projects to be submitted around the same time.. Fuhhh.... Challenging huh?
3/4 got to do wif MATLAB.. Memang berchenta la weh dengan MATLAB... Tapi's a learning process.. Mana tau nanti leh apply for Master's project..

Eh, sedar tak sedar, I dah abis class la!! This is my last sem doing course work (InsyaAllah..., kalo tak ada sangkut...) and next sem I'll be doing research plak. So, last week was my last class la.. Mmg betol2 last for my entire studying journey, sebab PhD confirm-confirm no class.. Alamak..,camana leh tak perasan. Kalo tak leh celebrate dengan oblong sedap bro blakang umah ni ke.. Hahaha..

Ok, ok..dah. Don't deviate too much. Back to the topic.. Actually, I wanna say SYABBAS, CONGRATS, TAHNIAH.., to my lil' girl for finally walking!!!! Yeay!!!! The date was 29th March. Actually, it's been a week la she started to walk sket2 without support..

But yesterday, she managed to walk quite a distance (8,9 steps) without falling.., so I want to make yesterday as official date..

Fatin Amani started to walk on 29th March 2011 on her 13months and 3days old...

Alhamdulillah... Mama is so happy for you sayang.. You did it!! (And as usual, Iwill be the one who are over excited.. LoL.. Nak buat camana, I can't help it.. ;p )

Other than walking, I think she has made much progress in her 12-13 months nih.. She can pronounce a few words now, 'Mama', 'mamam' = makan, 'tatak' = katak, (why katak?Nanti saya story..Hehe) and some other words.. 'Ayah' blom lagi.. Soon.. InsyaAllah..

And she mumbled a lot.. And when she talked, her face expression is so confident that others paham la pe yg dia tengah cerita tuh.. Usually we have to pretend that we understand la by nodding and cakap, ' ke.. Lepas tuh?'.. hehe..

And she's good at acting too.. The props is the phone. Iye-iye la berlakon tengah cakap thru the phone.. Siap ada pause in the middle tu as if like that 'someone' on the other end tengah cakap pulak and she's listening, pastu sambung cakap balik... Hehe..
And sometimes she likes to pretend she picks something from the floor and give it to me or others. Konon macam bagi something la.. Pastu dia tadah tangan lak soh kita bagi kat dia plak. Padahal tak ada apa-apa pon.. Berlakon... Tak apa..layan kan aje..

And sangat suka 'mengemas' ok... Pantang kalau mama bukak drawer baju dia tuh,abis sume 'dikemas'nya...

She shows interest on books too.. Bila nampak buku, she will give it to me to read it out for her. Started when her Ayah bought a colorful story book about 'Katak' with mata yg leh gerak2. She loves it. And sebab tuh la among her first word is 'Tatak' = katak. Wakakaka...
So hubby and I decided to make it a routine to bring her to a book store at least once a month to create her interest to books more and more...

Ok la.. That's all for now.. Tak de gambo.. Next time la I update pics plak.. Maleh nak transfer gambo from tepon cabok tuh.. Hihihi..

Till next time.. Wassalam...

Note out of topic :
Fatin is now using a new feeding bottle. I bought MAM Anti-Colic bottle for her last weekend. She likes it!! Teacher dia kat Educare pon cakap dia suka pakai botol nih.. Laju je minum susu.. I should change to it earlier la.. Aiseymen.. Hehe...
Oh lagi satu..., starting from April, Educare fee is increased by RM50. So becomes RM250.. Pada I, ok je.. Mahal sket takpe, asalkan kita yakin our children is at good hand and I can see she's progressing in terms of learning and tak takut org sangat dah since she's been to Educare.. :)


  1. Conratulations Fatin Amani!!! :)
    lepas ni lari laju-laju pulak tau. Biar mama x larat kejar. hihihih :)

  2. tahniah fatin...comey...:-)
    farah, aku link blog ko kt blog ak ye..

  3. COngratz princess! dh jalan.. pasni leh ajak Ayah & mama pergi ZOO... jalan-jalan tgk animal ;)

  4. farah!!! i had been a looooong time aku x berbelog!lama x jenguk belog kawan aku sorang ni... peeeewiiitt!! tahniah fatin!! eh farah, dia bleh berjalan tie birthday sarah la... hehehe.. setiap kali birthday sarah aku sure akan ingat ulang tahun fatin bleh berjalan!hehehe


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