Monday, February 14, 2011

Carca Merba... Ayoyo...

Salam U'Olls..

Uhuk...uhuk..uhuk... *Batuk-batuk since the blog is soooo berdebu tahap "red alert"!!

Ya..ya... I pemalas... I tau... My bad.. Huhuhu..

To be honest, I wasn't feeling very well lately (since last 3weeks plus kot..)

Fever - Cough + flu - Sakit mata - Diarrhea - Cold + flu - Fever..

FYI, the sequence is not wrongly typed, it did cycle that way.. Baru je baik fever, kena penyakit lain plak, then the fever re-visited me again.. Huhuhu

Innalillah wa inna lillah hirrajiun.. In fact the cough and flu is still going on up to now.. But Alhamdulillah, the condition is much better now than before..

Haish..when we were tested with sickness, we tend to be, you know, complaining a lot.. Kan? Me myself complained a lot.. At times, I felt so geram and angry that I couldn't do certain things that I wanna do while I'm sick. And geram badan tak larat but still, responsibilities were waiting to be accomplished. Especially tasks related to my dear daughter..

Astaghfirullah.. Hopefully Allah forgive for some complaints that I've made..


Lets not talk further on penyakit-penyakit nih... I'm so tired of it! Hahaha..

Actually, I've a lot of stories to tell.. But since dah terlampau banyak, sampai I pon dah forgotten what story I wanted to tell... Wakakaka.. Aci tak??

I went thru my list of posts and saw there are few drafts of entry that is unfinished and certainly unpublished la kan.. So, I pick up one of it, and going to continue and publish that today..
(mission of the day... jeng..jeng...jeng...)

So, the entry that I chose, is Contest Baby Tido...

I saw a friend of mine, Nurul join this one contest namely Contest Baby Tido..

In fact, she tagged me in her post.. Hehehe.. (Thanks Nurul!)

I entered the link and go through the site that organized the contest and it seems, the contest is quite interesting.. So, I decided to join gak la! Hahaha... Cuba nasib.. Lagipon, notin to lose pon..

Unfortunately, by the time I cukup rajin to complete the entry, the contest is no longer valid.. Closed for participation already... So bad.... *Sigh....

Anyhow, I still want to do this post coz I wanna share my baby's expression while sleeping... :)

For u'olls info, Cik Fatin Amani Mohd Rozaidi is a very aggressive sleeper (wujud ke perkataan ni.. Pakai hentam je... Haha...)

Since she was few days old in this world, she already showed some interesting post in sleeping.. Haha.. And tell u'olls what, her kain bedung mesti finally tercabut tangan dah terkeluar dah.. Tak padan dengan badan tecit, lasak nya bukan main.. I still remembered she was struggling to get her hands out from the kain bedung until her face went red.. Macam meneran tuh.. Oh, FYI, the bedung was tied by ibu mertuaku.. Kalo den yg ikat, confirm, hujung jari je Fatin Amani nak keluarkan tangan... Tak sampai hati nak ikat ketat-ketat... Hihihi..

Sleeping while thinking on the world's issue...

Menongkat dagu..

Tengok tuh.. Dah sampai hujung cot dah..

After she gets older.., she becomes more aggressive while sleeping.. When she was 4months, she started to learn how to roll on her back. Bertambahlah kelasakkan Fatin Amani masa tido.. That was about time the baby cot that we bought for her is no longer suitable for her.. Mana tak, middle in the night she was like, rolling2 dalam baby cot dia tuh (and plz take note, her eyes were actually closing..) sampai langgar the gates of the cot.. Bila dah langgar, dia pon jaga la.. Satu hal plak nak tidurkan balik..

As a result, I decided not to use the cot anymore, instead, bawak je dia tido with us on our bed.. We put her in the middle between us so that "dia tak turun katil by herself" without parental guidance.. Wakaakka...

Sujud dalam tido???? Hihihi.. She was eager learning how to crawl this time. Since she was so enthusiastic to crawl, she practiced while sleeping.. Oh dear..

Even in the cradle pon I leh pusing.. Takde hal punya...

It was ok for a while, but after some time, she started to 'take-over' the territory by rolling-rolling around the katil and pushed her Mama & Ayah to the very edge of the bed... Hadeh.. Sakit pinggang org tua berdua ni terpaksa tidur static all nights sebab takut jatuh katil.. Hahaha..

Therefore, we finally decided to buy a single bed for her.. So that she has a wider space just for her to guling-guling and Mama and Ayah get our own sweet space to sleep on.. Teeeheee...

So, up to now, she is still using her own bed to sleep. But now that she is able to cross from hers to ours, some sweet nights ada gak la makcik nih sondol-sondol nak menyibuk jugak tido kat katil Mama n Ayah.. Terpaksa la Mama & Ayah adjust the position to allocate spaces for her to sleep in between.. And usually, one of us (either me or hubby) mesti end up tidur kat katil Fatin Amani plak.. Haishh.. Anak dara Mama nih!

I'm crossing over from "mine" also.. Hehehe

Smiling on her new bed

So that's about it.. Fatin Amani's sleeping attitude.. Hahaha.. But regardless of how aggressive-sleeper she is, I still think she is the most kawai creature ever while sleeping... (Ye..saya perasan lagi anak saya comel.. Of cos la kot.., I'm her mother for god sake... Hehehe..)

Till next time... Bye... Wassalam..

p/s - currently I'm enjoying reading this one blog : Maria Helena is Greek Helen... Suka sangat minah ni.. Cool, sempoi, and ada attitude.. I LOL watching the videos she made.. Looking fwd for her next entry n video.. ;p


  1. chumel btul aksi fatin tdo..tak lama lagi besday fatin..mst mama fatin ghairah nak wat party..fatin wat derk je kan!!

  2. Tido terlangkup atas buaian memang superb!!! Kah kah kah...Oh my daughter, why la u leh terpikir nak tidoq lagu tu...

  3. Maria Helena is one of a cool hijabi stylista out there!! Salute for her fashion sense. :)

    Farah, katil fatin is single bed mcm tu ke? Farah ade letak penghadang x kat tepi? Saje nsk wat survey sebab soon, nak bagi Oman his own bedding. :)
    Kiss to Fatin Amani yg comel bgt tuh!! :)

  4. Nurul : Yup... She's going to be 1 soon.. Eh in fact, TODAY, based on hijriah calendar. 12 Rabiul Awal.. Alhamdulillah... :)

    Enche Suami : Tengok la anak sapa.. Hihihi..

    Nuurill : Hehehe.. Other than her style, I like her attitude too... Sangat sempoi n cool.. Hihihi.. Katil Fatin tuh Farah bli katil super single biasa tuh je.. Ala-ala divan tuh.. Tak ada penghadang, tapi kiterang letak katil dia kat tepi dinding and apit dengan katil kiterang.. Hehehe..


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