Friday, August 30, 2013



Faris is 5 and the half months now and he's ready for solid food. Some parent might want to stick to the 6months period before introducing solid to their babies. At first, that was my intention too.. But, seeing my dear baby drools everytime he sees people eat, I tak sampai hati. So I decided to start early...

So, yesterday (29/8/2013), for the first time, he ate something other than breastmilk!! Yeay.... I prepared a dates puree for him yesterday. Sounds kinda weird kan? Jarang-jarang dengar orang guna dates to introduce solid to babies.. But yesterday was an ad-hoc action it seems. I kesian tengok dia tenung Fatin makan cookies pastu terkunyah-kunyah, dan tidak dilupakan, efek air liur tu.. So, dengan pantasnya mama bukak fridge and tengok apa yg boleh dimagikkan jadi baby food.. Hehehe.. 

Unfortunately, we were out of fruits! And kalau boleh, I don't want make a puree of potatoes or carrot dulu.. Takut rasa tak sedap, dia fobia plak.. Boleh?? Hahahaha.. I nampak kotak black dates, written on it 'fresh unpitted dates', 'no additives, no alcohol'. So I peeled off the kulit, steamed and mashed it with breast milk. Alhamdulillah, Faris makan dengan berselera. But, I tak habiskan semua yg I mashed tu, sbb takut it was too sweet for Faris *tho due to kotak,it is purely dates' sweet.. No additional sugar*.. Karang hyper pulak bujang ku itu, tak tidur malam.. hehehe..

Today, I prepared a banana puree for his lunch.. Sama jugak prosesnya, 1 pcs of banana, steam it, and mashed it with 1oz of my milk.. 

The FOOD... A banana puree

The Big boss, ready for his lunch.. "I WANT MY FOOD! I WANT MY FOOD!"

How did he take it? Tengok lah sendiri.. hehehe..

Too slow.. Let me hold it by myself..

Yummy babehhh...

This food must come from heaven...

What look..look? I'm eating mann....

Got some more Mama?

Sorry..Finish licin my dear...U ate it all... - Mama-

Please make that 'food from heaven' some more for dinner ok, Mama

Alhamdulillah, he took it well. Very well in fact.. Habis licin satu mangkuk kot! Not bad for a 5.5 months old baby huh?

So k lah, Sekian sahaja laporan utk hari ini..

Btw, don't forget to pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria, Egypt & Palestine, okay! 

Wassalam. Bye! 

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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