Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Educare students..

Now, this girl is the only Educare student in our home



Alhamdulillah, Faris has been offered to enroll to Educare this coming September..

Offer letter yg dinanti-nanti..

I'm excited, at the same time, I'm worried *I'm a mother! that's what I do best..worrying! ;p*

Alhamdulillah, Faris teacher-to-be was Fatin's teacher when she first entered Educare back in 2010. Teacher Murni... I knew her, and I trust her to take care of my kids. The other 2 teachers, tak sure lagi siapa. But I'm sure they are good people and will take care of my baby like their own. 

In fact, all of the teachers are trained, and this center is recognized by Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia, and it's a breastfeeding-friendly daycare center.  The teachers are trained to handle expressed breast milk and feed breastfed baby.

Sebab itu lah si Mama *and I percaya ramai mama2 yg lain* ini sanggup tunggu berbulan-bulan nak masukkan jugak Faris dekat Educare sama dengan Fatin. Haha.. Desperado sungguh..

BUT, through experience, they are risk that Faris will be exposed to various kinds of contagious disease. Yg common, selsema, batuk... Yg agak dasyat, chicken pox, diarrhea and HFMD. So, I have to be ready of the endless episodes of selsema & batuk.. Anyway, I'm praying hard that my lil boy is much tougher that her sister and tak kena jangkit langsung! Boleh? Hahaha... And I'm planning to start giving him Scott Emulsion, tapi setelah meng'google', there's no dosage guidance for infant below 12months. Therefore, that plan had to wait... Nanti Faris dah setahun, boleh la start bagi..

So, ok.. Doakan Faris happy & enjoy his time at Educare. Harap-harap semuanya baik-baik sahaja.. Amin..

So, happy schooling adik Faris!

My 5months lil boy. He's 7.8kg and 67cm long now.. Faris tengah buat breakdance..Hahahaha



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