Monday, July 18, 2011


Assalamualaikum u'olls..

The title looks so weird isn't it? Haha..! Seriously u'olls, I was like, startling in front of my lappy, ready to type something, tapi macam tak kuar gak ilham nak letak title apa.. So, that's why the title bunyi begitu..

Actually, notin much to say in this entry. Saje ngengada nak wat post baru.. Haha.. Anyway, I'm at home ni.. Tak pi UIA.. Reason being, miss Pot-Pet I kedemaman pule.. Last night her fever was quite high.. This morning, macam dah ok, but, I just don't want to take the risk sending her to school, so monitor kat rumah saja lah! *Suka la makcik tuh! Hehe..* 
Pn Farahiyah kalau dah duduk umah, hmm, bukan reti nak rajin-rajin buat project! Nih la keje nye.. Main-main tak sudah-sudah.. Padahal kena usha some components to be purchased for my project nih! SV is waiting for proposal.. hehe.. Dr SV, nanti saya buat ek.. Ari nih MC, jaga anak demam.. *Alasan..... hehe...*

And, I would like to say millions THANKS for the commentators for my last post in here and also FB.. Haha.. Appreciate the advices! Sayang korang sume! *Wahh, bajet femes sangat kot! Hihi...* 
I decided to just let it go.. Bak kata some of you, mulut orang, bukan kita leh control... Sedangkan mulut kita pon kadang2 tak ter'control' ye dak?? hehehe... *Aik, macam kena kat diri sendiri jek! ;p *

Ok, actually, I just wanna post some pics and a video of my 'budak redup' *bak kata Kak Wiwi*.. Snap masa last weekend.. hehe..

Cik Fatin dengan whole-hearted nya sedang menari ala-ala Pak Me'on.. Hihihi... Semangat nox.. Sampai terduduk.. 
Then, in the evening, she was tired already.. BUT, this young lady, was trying to act tough, she refused to take a nap, and in fact, she was restraining her eyes from falling asleep. Haiya... Lepas tuh, everytime she yawned, she cried, as in, she was mad, why la her eyes were so sleepy.. Aduhai.. Anakanda..anakanda.. 
So, mama & ayah was out of option.. and we really have to do this..

Ulat bulu berambut hitam.. Hihi

Ha..amik kau.. Kena bedung di usia 1year and 5months.. Terus lena.. Hehe... Sometimes, this young lady needs some external help to just let her body to stay still, so that she can sleep.. Hihihi.. *This is our theory... Wakaka..*

So k la.. That's all.. Till next time u'olls.. Muuuaaahhh!


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