Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flextronics... In memory...

Assalamualaikum u'olls...

Hai.. Wassup? Wassup? Hopefully all of us are in great health with Allah's blessings.., InsyaAllah..

Awat tetibe nak citer pasal Flextronics?? Hehe.. on this date, back in 2007, was the first day I joined Flextronics Technology Shah Alam as Test Development Engineer... Yeeeehhhaaaa...

Honestly, I really am missing my days there.. Sangat best, happening, syiok and bla,bla,bla.. Sporting bosses, very fun colleagues, great experience and knowledge.. Best lah!

Meh I cite sket pengalaman I kat Flextronics.. I applied for the job thru JobStreet. Think it took quite long before they called for interview.. I can't remember the date of interview.. Some day in June 2007.. So, berbekalkan ilmu yg seciput, I went to the interview.. Yg paling best, my Mama accompanied me to the interview.. Cam kanak-kanak nak masuk darjah 1 kan?? But, I was grateful she was there with me.. *Biasala..,anak mama... Hehe...* Actually bukan apa.., she was worried that I might get lost.. I was not familiar with Shah Alam route.. Kang tak sampai lak the interview venue.. hehehe..

If I remember correctly, there were 5 candidates including me for the post.. And I was the only Malay. 2 Indian guys, 1 chinese guy and 1 chinese girl.. The interview was scheduled at 2pm, but it started a bit late.. Guess the manager got something to do, so lambat la sket.. 

I was the 1st one to be called.. And that was the 1st time I met my boss, Mr Alan Choong.. And to be frank, his serious look really freak me out.. Nampak dia macam tense je masa tuh.. *Aik, nama lagi manager kot! Mesti la banyak menda dalam kepala dia kan.. Hehe..*

So, as usual, I was asked to introduce myself, bla, bla, bla.. Then only the hard core questions that were related to the job.. He asked me, comparing hardware & software, which one I prefer most.. Cehh, I ni dengan confident nya jawab, "Ohh..., I like software.. I love programming!".
Then he was silent and looked at me quite long..
Then he continued, "Is that mean that you are good in programming...?",
Masa ni, I was a bit startled la.. I check la balik my results for programming subjects dalam kepala kan.. Ase nye I did quite well for both sucjects..
So again, dengan confident nya, I answered, "Yes, I think so I did quite good for my programming subjects.. But I really don;t mind to learn more.."
He smiled and nodded his head.. Then the questions were more informal la.. 

After the interview session, then one indian girl came in and said to Allan, that the quiz is ready.. 
"Btw Farah, actually, there is a quiz that each candidate need to answer. We just want to know your basic engineering knowledge.. So, please answer the quiz in the next room.. Then if I don;t have any other question, you are free to go.."

Honestly, I was soo relief since the interview is over.. So dengan sukacita nya, I went to the next room and sit for the quiz... Tengok je soalan..., MAK DATUK, APA MENDA ALAH NI!!!
I remember there was a lot of '.dll' word in the question.. I was like, "Pe ke jadah la menatang DLL ni pon aku tatau.. Dan Lain Lain ke.. Camana nak jawab..."

I was sooo frustrated and embarrassed sebab I couldn't answer the quiz, padahal during the interview, I answered dengan penuh confident that I'm good at programming.. While I was 'membantai' dengan jayanya, I kept praying that I don't have to see Alan again! It was soooo embarrassing and I even thought of myself have made the employers think that UIA's graduate was that bad.. Huhuhu.. Serious! Masa tuh memang rasa nak nangis.. 

And yes, it is soo me to get blanked whenever I was too nervous bila soalan exam is not the kind that I like.. Hehe.. Soalan yg senang pon jadi blank.. Tak leh jawab! Dia soh carik error je kot in the programming lines... Haih..., memalukan! So, kesimpulannya, that technical quiz was totally a disaster.. Rasanya, I memang fail teruk!! 

Lepas habis, I terus went out and looked for my Mama... She was still waiting outside, worrying sebab I hadn't had my lunch yet.. *Disebabkan terlalu nervous nak makan lunch b4 interview...* 
She was worried that I might fainted because tak makan... But masa tuh, memang my face was pale, but not because of hungriness, but because of embarrassment .. Haih...

Quickly I dragged my Mama out from the lobby, sebab takut Alan would call me and asked about the quiz.. And I was really trying hard not to cry in front of other candidates.. Nanti diorang kecut perut lak kan! I was pretty sure, the other candidates were quite GOOD in their theoretical knowledge as compared to me...huhuhu...sungguh memalukan...

I repeatedly said to Mama that I screwed up and had no chance of getting the job.. Memang nangis lah... Hahaha.. Bila ingat-ingat balik, I still rasa blushing and malu dgn diri sendiri..

But Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty, 2 weeks later, I got a phone call from Flextronics HR office saying that I was offered for the post and can start in few days time... The date to report duty was 16th  of July , 2007. Seriously u'olls, memang I lompat katil excited.. I terus inform Mama and the next day gak mama bawak shopping office's attire... Hahaha...
But actually, one thing that I loved about working there was there is no such thing as working attire.. We can where anything we like, tapi agak-agak la.. Jangan lah menjolok mata pule.. So, we can where shirts and jeans.. Mula-mula start keje, I wore some formal attire gak la.. But seeing everbody else pakai sempoi je, the 2nd week I started to put my jeans on already! 

First day masuk Test Lab, in where my workstation was, I rasa inferior sangat.. Everybody else looks so smart & intelligent & hebat! I memang rasa macam totally alien in there.. There were soo good at their job! Macam engineer lah! *masa tuh I jakun sangat jadi engineer.. So I rasa engineer hebat sangat lah...* Some even spoke to their PC & instruments.. Hahaha... But there were friendly and very helpful to this alien on the planet..So tak susah for me to get along with them! Hehehe... After a while working, I pon dah started speaking by myself and even spoke to my program kenapa dia tak mau run seperti yg sepatutnya... Hahaha....

Basically, my job scope really required a lot of programming.. But of course, they provided new staffs with programming training, which I appreciate a lot! Banyak sangat I belajar.. During the training tuh, memang I banyak belajar... And my tutor that time was my team leader, Miss King Shyang Sien... She is a very sweet lady.. Sporting sangat! Mesti dia pening dapat anak buah yg boleh dikatakan zero programming basic at that time.. Frankly speaking, for mechatronics student like me, the programming knowledge that we gained during degree, memang sedikit sangatlah dibandingkan dengan C++ Programming's world yg sebenar! I dunno if Computer Engineering ada belajar lebih.. Tapi, praise to Allah, I at least got a chance to learn more during my tenure at Flextronics... 

Hai....what a nice memory...

Oh ya, after a year of service *if I'm not mistaken la...*, masa tuh ada KPI evaluation, so we need to see the boss individually to discuss bout our performance n salary increment.. So during that meeting, Alan revealed why he chose me at the 1st place.. He said, he could see my passion towards programming thru my eyes during the interview... Wuuuuuuu.... Hehe... Macam tak sangka pon ada! 
But anyway, I think I never can thank more to my boss, Mr Alan Choong for giving me opportunity to prove myself.. And yes sir, 'I will always love programming!!' Hehe....

So I think that's all la I sempat tulis for now.. Kalo ikut, banyak lagi nak citer pasal Flex...

Next time maybe.. 

K folks! Bye.. Wassalam....


  1. hahaha alan juge sempat mengajar daku pasal pointer ms interview,mane ade interviewer nk ngaja interviewee!tp smpi skrg bengap kot psl programming haha

  2. Farah, Nuurill really miss flex too so so much!! honestly, if it's not because flex closed down, rasanya Nuurill masih setia with flex. Too much sweet memories. kdg2 bergenang air mata. rindu giler ah! :)

  3. Dyana : Hahaha... Masa dia ajar tuh,dia memang dah tick nama dyana as employee-to-be.. ok la tuh... Hahaha..

    Nuurill : Sangat rindu kan? Ari tuh lalu kawasan tuh,dah jadi rumah ke kedai tah.. I was like.."TIDAK!!!"..

    Anyway, it's been a pleasure working u all!!


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