Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fulfilling dear Ana request.. :)

Assalamualaikum u'olls...
Hoping that u'olls are in great health.. I'm not.. Huhuhuhu... *hukhukhuk..ceh..,tiba-tiba batuk..*

I'm down with flu *mode : no smelling sense at all.. Haih..*, and cough looks like gonna visit me soon.. Halamak hai.. I dunno, guess the weather is bad now.. Coz, it's not only me, but my sissy and Mama also caught flu.. Kasihan sissy.. She's currently in her exam period now.. Hope Allah will make it easy for you Angah! Amin.. :)

So today I lepak-lepak kat rumah je.. Went back home after sending Fatin to Educare this morning.. Oh, dropped by at pharmacy dekat Greenwood ni, to buy Fatin's flu&cough syrup.. Dah habis dah.. Beli farmasi je la.. Tak larat nak pi Sg Buloh nu pi clinic paed yg we usually bring her to.. 

Oh.., btw, before I lupa.. This is specially for my babe, Ana Zainuddin.. U asked me to write bout the medicine that Fatin's been using for her flu & cough problem kan? Ok, there are 2, shud I say it, mm, inhaler la yg Fatin is on now... The name is Flixotide and Ventolin.. 

source : google

source : google

And the device to assist the spray and inhaling process is called Aerochamber. 
source : google jugak

source : juga google..hahaha

Fatin was first prescribed Ventolin when she was 10months old.. *yeah.. I know.., she was sooo young at that time.. Huhuhu..*. But during that time, she was attacked by a very bad cough and flu.. After her 2nd day at nursery.. Can you believe that, only two days..!! And before that, she was a perfectly a healthy baby with no flu, cough, fever and whatsoeva.. But yeah.., what do you expect.. That is the risk that you have to bear once sending your child to a crowd of strangers.. Kita jaga anak kita baik-baik, tapi kalau ada anak orang flu/batuk ke, nak berjangkit, jangkit jugak.. Out of our control.. So, terima je lah..

Ok, back to the story, since the attack was quite long, and I started to worry *oh yeah..typical me.. Worry and I are very good friends.. ;p* we brought her to one of the pediatrician near by here at Wangsa Maju. Doc checked her chest and said ada wheezing. And due to her, the wheezing is caused by the phlegm is already in her chest.. So, doc tried to clear it by putting the gas mask and of course the gas at the clinic. Unfortunately, that was not enough. So she prescribed the Ventolin and of course we need to buy the Aerochamber device sekali lah.. *memang Enche Ayah kena ketuk kaw-kaw punya bayar medical bill ini budak kicik.. hihi..*

Since then, flu and cough come and go.. Bila ada attack, we used the ventolin, kalo tak de, we stopped.. But, we are not really happy that the attack is keep coming and go.. Kejap-kejap kang flu.. Batuk.. Susah hati la gak.. So we decided to try to see other PAED.. So we went to a Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Serena at Sg Buloh. Then she said, the wheezing was still there.. Then she said, we still need to continue Ventolin, and she prescribed the Flixotide plak.. This Flixotide is actually to protect Fatin's lungs from the attack.. 
Due to this PAED lak, actually, bukannya phlegm tuh really in her lungs, that caused the wheezing, but actually, bila ada virus (from the phlegm), so her airways tube tuh will create some layer to protect the virus from attacking.. So, sebab itu ada wheezing, sebab airways dah narrow.. So, Ventolin's job is to kill the virus, and Flixotide is to protect her from the virus.. Because her body needs time to remove the layer that was created earlier.. Kalau asik kena attack je, the layer will thicken and thicken.., so bertambah teruk.. Itu her professional explanation la.. 
So, start from that day, Fatin kena spray Flixotide twice a day everyday, sampai 6months.. Then bila ada attack (flu/cough) cepat-cepat start Ventolin.. 

Jadi, begitulah ceritanya.. I know, some of you must feel sorry for Fatin sebab kecik-kecik dah ada ubat spray-spray macam orang asthma.. I pon at first rasa macam tuh.. Ada at one time, I rasa nak stop the spray, but suddenly, Fatin's teacher told me a story that one of the teacher's child passed away because of cough.. I was like..APA??? The symptom was just a normal cough.. Maybe the parents thought it just a normal cough, so they just pandang sebelah mata.. But, after some time, it was getting serious, only then they brought arwah to hospital.. But then it was too late already, because arwah's lungs were already attacked by the virus and killed her in just a few days.. She was only 1 year plus..

Since then I memang amik serious pasal hal-hal batuk Fatin ni.. Seriau wooo.. Ye lah, we never know what will happen.. Kalau doc dah prescribed camtuh, I follow je la.. Tak kisah la orang nak kata apa..

By the way, kalau the mothers noticed, kadang-kadang bila anak u'olls batuk, dapat gak ubat Ventolin, but maybe in liquid form.. So Fatin punya ni is just the same like u'olls got, tapi in gas form.. Easier to handle, sbb masa dia tidur pon kita leh bagi ubat.. :) And Fatin did show quite an improvement, Alhamdulillah.. Cuma baru-baru nih je kena serang balik after quite long she's free from flu & cough.. Huhuhu.. I tatau la.. I rasa udara kurang bersih skang ni.. jerebu.. Sedangkan kita orang tua kena, apatah lagi si cenonet tuh..

So k lah.. 

hope it answers your question.. Try la tanya kat PAED Sarah.. Aku rasa yg dia dok bagi kat sepital tuh Ventolin or Flixotide juge.. But anyway, no harm asking.. Mintak opinion professional.. hehe..

Till next time u'olls... Bye..


*** To be honest, actually I was planning on writing something else... Hahaha.. tetibe teringat lak my dear friend request, so, yg nih dulu la.. Later la tulis pasal hal lagi satu tuh.. Kalo rajin.. hihihi...***

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*


  1. Salam farah, get ur link from Nuurill's.
    Tak sangka u from flex jgak, tak perasan,try buka ur prev entry,nak tgk clear of ur picture,mesti selalu jumpa time kat surau kut ;)

    btw,so true kan..kalau anak kita sakit,cepat2 kita quaratine tak bg pegi nursery,tp some parents main hntr je..
    tak tahu plak ada ventolin in gas form. My eldeest son dah 2 times admitted because of bad cough.risau sgt!

    k,tk care ;)

  2. Salam mommyNadia..

    Hiiii!!! Eh excited nya dapat jumpa kawan-kawan flex balik.. (eventhough we might just jumpa kat surau and senyum to each other je masa kat flex dulu.. Hihihi..), but still, best-best! Gonna add ur link in here.. :)

    Yeah, but nak buat macamana kan..It's all about attitude.. Some parents just amik remeh about this.. What to do.. Tawakal je lah..

    Anyway, yeah.., memang ada ventolin in gas form.. Kids bila dengan ubat, paham-paham je la.. Berperang! So kalo spray ni, senang sket.. Masa dia tido pon leh kasik ubat.. hehe..

  3. dear, do you know that flixotide ni is a steroid, and children yang long time amik flixotide gas ni ada study mengatakan pertumbuhan ketinggian dia akan sikit kurang. By the way pakai flixotide ni kena reducekan jab for eveymonth tau.. i bet doc Serena dah terangkan kot...

  4. babe i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank u!!!terharu okiessss...sorry aku dah lama giler x bukak blog! now sarah kena neb 3 hari pagi petang! ya Allah..semoga aku tabah menghadapi bulan ramadhan ini.


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