Thursday, July 28, 2011

In a few days...

Assalamualaikum u'olls..

Short one *I hope so...*.. Hehe..

In a few days...
  • gonna be my dearest Enche Suami's birthday!! He will turn twenty tuut... Haha.. Nak rahsia-rahsia la konon.. He's going to be 28 this year.. Dah tua dah.. *tapi muka macam budak SPM..Tensi sungguh cik isteri nih!*  Tengah plan something la untuk makes him happy... Eceh..ceh..ceh.. Sweet la kunun.. Hihihi.. Hadiah apa nak bagi ek...? Enche suami nak apa ye? Karipap dua hinggit okeh?? ;p
  • This is Fatin's DADDY, not BROTHER.. Harap Maklum.. Hehe
  • Ramadhan will visit us again.. Alhamdulillah.. May Allah grant us all one more chance to do as much good deeds and ibadah to Allah.. Amin... We never know, ada lagi ke umur untuk Ramadhan akan datang.. In fact, ada lagi ke umur untuk habiskan Ramadhan kali ni.. So, andai kata sempat kita ber'Ramadhan' kali ni, JOM grab this chance to beramal macam this is the last one that we have.. Ajal dan maut, not in our hand to decide, it's Allah's.. So our job is to get prepared.. Huhuhu..   Yeah, it might sound cliche kan? Saying it sounds so easy, but doing it, is another story.. I know.. I face the same problem too.. But, takpe.. Mari kita berusaha dengan gigih! GANBATTE NEH!!
K lah.. That's all for now.. Till next time, InsyaAllah..

Bye.. Wassalam..

     Loads of love, 
    * Farah Jasni*

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