Wednesday, June 30, 2010

C++ For Leisure...??

Salam peeps..

I just fixed the post-comment-problem in my blog... Rasa-rasanya ok dah kot.. Ceh, cam ramai no la yg nak comment kat blog ai ni..Hihihi..

Ok,back to the title, C++ FOR LEISURE?? Apakah??

It's actually referring to a folder that I just created in my PC and Laptop and Hard Disc to store the C++ projects that I did during my leisure time. Yeah, you might say, macam poyo je buat C++ during leisure time.. Hihi.. Poyo pon poyo la, but I loike..
Oh ya, for those who might not know what is C++ that I'm talking about, it is actually a programming language. C++ is considered as middle-level programming language. Nak menerangkan dengan detail, I'm no expert, so, for more info on C++, click C++..

The purpose of doing it is to make sure that I won't lose the 'mojo' that I used to have in C++.. Wahh, mojo gitu.. Err, over kot to use 'mojo'. Actually a-little-knowledge in C++ that I gained during my tenure in Flextronics.. I learned a lot throughout my stay there, and I appreciate it, so, I don't wanna lose it. That's why, I will try as much as possible to do C++ projects to practice and refresh the knowledge..

And to be honest, Programming used to be my favorite subject during my undergrad study. Challenging, interesting and when finally I managed to execute without error and get the output, makes me feel so GOOD.. My final year project during undergrad pon got to do with programming, and InsyaAllah, my Master's project pon, I would love to do programming-related project jugak..Hehehe..

I used to know this one girl (err..macam kanak-kanak pula address her as 'girl' padahal dah jadi bini org dah.. ;p) who is sooooo good in programming. She is my ex-flex' colleague. I considered her as my mentor la in programming masa kerja dulu. Memang I tabik spring for her programming skills and knowledge. She's not only master in C++ but few other languages as well. And guess what, she had this folder "C++ For Leisure" in her office desktop.. Hah!! Apa lagi, to be good, you have to follow the best. Since she is my idol in this programming thing, so, I will follow her la..

My dear friend, Nurul Farihan, Farah mintak izin tiru ye..Farah nak jadi hebat macam Farihan juga in Programming... Heee... :)

As for now, there are 3 projects in my C++ For Leisure folder. 2 of it are my youngest bro's project. He's doing his degree now in Mechatronics Engineering at UIA...Hehe.. So I helped him out for his C++ subject. The other one is a MFC project to create a User Interface for our monthly budget.. Hahaha.. Tak ada keje kan? Since it was so tedious to keep track our monthly expenditures, so I dengan rajinnya has created a GUI so that we can key in our expenditures and calculate the savings. Actually leh je key in to excel, but saje la, nak utilize yang C++ knowledge.. Hahahaha...

InsyaAllah, more to come...



  1. Aaaaaa... Baguih! Baguih! Jangan jadi macam Nuurill. FB for leisure..:P siap ade folde fb dekat desktop dulu untuk upload gambar kat fb.. kekekekekekeke :)

    Miss our old flex time. uhuk! uhuk!

  2. Encek suami : Baiklah,InsyaAllah..Hihihi..

    Nuurill : Yup, rindu sesangat zaman flex.. Dulu kalo stuck wat programming, pusing je kanan dah ada jawapan segala kebuntuan.. Pn Farihan.. Skang puas la dok godek MSDN.. Hahaha... Eh, FB for leisure pon ada,cume lom lagi create folder secara terang-terangan.. Dalam hati jek..hihihi


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