Sunday, June 27, 2010


Salam readers...,

Fuhh, been really busy lately.. Moving out & moving in (cewahh,cam la gi pindah rumah baru.. ;p) & registering to UIA (so happy to be back in UIA,yebbedabedu..)

We have successfully moved out from our rented apartment at Shah Alam. Hmm, bile terkenang-kenang, ase sedih la pulak.. Ye lah, my 1st house as a wife. Banyak jugak sweet memories there.. Takpelah, we move out for a better life, InsyaAllah... So, for now, we are going to stay wif my parents at Gombak.. InsyaAllah, ada rezeki, we are going to find our own house later. The target is by next year.. Moga-moga Allah ease it out, Amin.. :) But I regret that we never took any photo dengan/dalam rumah tu.. Kalau amik sekarang, dah kosong lengang, nak kenangan apa.. Hmm.. Takpelah, ada memory in my hard disc dalam kepala je la..Hahaha. Tapi, I paste jugak la pic of signage of our apartment. Ala-ala entrance la gitu.. Hihihi...
Last 23rd of june, I went to UIA for registration day... Suka...suka.., dah jadi UIA balik...Check out my student card pic..Please excuse the quality of the gambar ek.. Almaklumla, snap pakai camera cokia phone jerk.. Matric No G1011788..Hehehe...

Alhamdulillah.. Really thank God to make it happen finally..
Becoming part of UIA's family again as a post-grad student and InsyaAllah as an academician later.. Lucky I didn't give up on the academic trainee application so early, and Alhamdulillah the process from submitting the application to interview session and finally to receive the letter of offer was so quick. Guess maybe berkat doa my parents in front of the Ka'abah when they were at Makkah for Umrah...Ngeee....
So, officially, I'm a Master student again. Tho I kinda wasting my time for about a year, half a year at UiTM and do almost notin' and another half a year sitting at home deciding the destiny of future life.. Haha..But it's OK. For me, it's a fresh start.
Macam PC jugak,bila hang,kita restart..Ngeh ngeh ngeh

I'm so excited and full-of-drive to study at UIA.. Hopefully it's a good sign.. hehehe... Jangan hot-hot-chicken-poo udah ler.. Hahaha... Encek suami, it's your job to make sure I'm enthusiastic through out my study period ek..Hehehe...

But, I do aware that becoming a studying Mama won't be EASY. There are challenges and obstacles that I have to bear.. Not to forget the responsibilities that I have to fulfill. A servant to Allah, a Mama to Fatin, a B
to hubby(Encek Suami call me B, so B to maknanya wifey la to him..Hehehe), an Along to parents and siblings and of cos a Masters Student. And I hope to give my best for each one of it... Multitasking, efficient and excellent..Being a SUPERWOMAN??Question is, Can I do it???INSYA-ALLAH, God Will, I can do it...So Farahiyah Jasni, from now on, you definitely have to get urself prepared hokey. Physically and mentally ready.. Kamon Farah, you can do it!!

1st obstacle that I can see now is babysitting Fatin's thingy. As for now, we still couldn't find any suitable maid to assist Mama to take care of house chore while she's babysitting Fatin when I was out and babysitting Fatin when Mama needs to go to work and I go to UIA. The plan is to spend at least half a day at UIA, tak kiralah either library or somewhere in bumi UIA to do some studies-related stuffs, assignment ke, study ke.. Yelah, kalau dok umah, memang tak jadi keje melayan cik adik manis tu je.. Huhuhu..

From there the idea to find an 'assistant' at home was initiated. We have found one earlier and we thought she was the perfect candidate. We were already delighted thinking that our problem dah solved la konon. But it's so happen that,tak jadi atas sebab-sebab yang tertentu.. Why? It's a long story and I maleh nak story here coz sangat menyakitkan hati..Just one statement, I HATE LIARS!!

So now we are back to square 1 which is no maid/babysitter.. *sigh..*.. Takpe, takpe, since the luck is not on our side (for now, I hope..), so I have to improvise.. Ceh, baje efisen la tuh! Hahaha... I kensel my plan to go to the library to do my stuff, so I can be at home babysitting my princess and do some house-chore.. Mana yang termampu la.. Nama nak sapu & mop satu rumah tuh, tak dapek la bai.. Huhu..

After Asr', baru gerak to UIA to attend class.. Then, I will do my work at night. Masa tuh encek suami is at home, so he can take over to layan anakanda while mama busy doing her assignment or prepare herself for quiz or etc.. In the meantime, I will try to register Fatin for Edu-care (child nursery in UIA. I heard it's among the best.. ;p) admission.. Ha..,ok tak my plan? ok tak? ok tak?

Tired? Exhausted? Yup, of course, I can predict that. I can imagine myself lying kepenatan.. Sedangkan skang belom start kelas and belom ada assignment pon dah lembik.. Hmm.., tuh la yang merisaukan tuh, tapi, what to do, that's the only way for now... So, one more thing that I need to include to my checklist, to find SUPPLEMENT (B Complex mayB) that can give me more energy and maintain energetic throughout the day,err and night..

Other than that, I am extremely need SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT from my love ones. Encek Suami, parents, siblings, relatives and friends.. Guys and Ladies, doakan saya ye...
Err, without her knowing, Fatin will probably be the best source of motivation for me I think.. Fatin senyum je dah buat hati Mama ada taman.. :D
And most important thing on top of the others that I need is ALLAH'S BLESS..

O Allah, I can't do this without Your bless, help and guidance.. To You I bow, and to You I seek the strength, power, intelligence to be excellent in fulfilling my responsibilities
and everything I do.. O Allah the Most Merciful, please let me be a SUPERWOMAN.......

Amin..Ya Rabbal Alamin....


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