Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Masuk JAWI..

Assalamualaikum u'ols..

Apa khabar hari nih? Harap-harap semuanya dalam keadaan sihat walafiat, InsyaAllah..

Yesterday, on 23rd of April 2013, secara rasminya, my brave son dah masuk JAWI... 

Ha...apa itu masuk JAWI? Jeng,jeng,jeng..

Menurut ayahanda, term ' dah masuk Jawi' itu adalah indication to say dah berkhatan/bersunat... Dah bujang la konon.. Back then, kids are usually circumcised at their age of 10-12 years old. Dah dekat-dekat nak remaja, so bujang la konon..

As for us, we had planned it for a long time, if we have a son, we want him to be circumcised masa baby. Reason being, baby punya recovery process cepat. So,InsyaAllah, luka cepat baik. Then, baby tak makan lagi.. So tak payah nak pantang-pantang. And baby tak berapa lasak lagi.. So, senang nak jaga.. hehe... Win-win situation. Convenient for the baby, as well as the parents.   

So Alhamdulillah, Faris has been safely circumcised yesterday at Al-Islam Specialist Hospital (previously known as Kampung Baru Medical Center). Done by Dr Shahrul, pediatric surgeon kat KBMC tu by plastibell ring method (click at the link to know more about the method).

For those yg interested, or might be looking for option nak khatan kan ur boy, I would say, KBMC is one of the convenient option jugak la.. What you have to do is to call KBMC to set an appoinment for the procedure. Oh ya, the circumcision procedure is only conducted on every Tuesday starting from 2pm. So, u just call a week before, set an appointment. Then on the respective day, datang, bawak baby, register at the counter, fill up one sheet of form, then pay the charge, RM 150, then tunggu kena panggil. The procedure took only around 10 minutes. In KBMC, parents are not allowed to enter the operation room. So we had to wait outside. Cuma satu yg tak berapa best KBMC ni, parking! Tau-tau je lah kepadatan area Kg Baru tu.

Alhamdulillah, everything is done now..Bujang dah anak mama, walopon baru 42 hari today..Hihihi.. Oh ya, for those yg ada terbaca my FB status regarding nak makan luar on 40th day of confinement, sebenarnya, masa tu I baru 39 hari berpantang u'ols! I salah kira! MasyaAllah.. Tak berniat nak kelentong tau! memang my bad lah, salah kira! Bila kira-kira balik, rupanya masa tu baru 39 hari! Hahaha...

One more thing that I wanna share, setakat semalam, Faris' weight is 4.98kg! Alhamdulillah, anak mama memdebab bagaikan juara.. Hahaha.. When he was born, his weight was 2.85kg. After a month (33 days) we went for his immunization shot, the weight was 4.2kg. A week after that, dah 4.98kg.. Alhamdulillah..,as for today, he is still fully breastfeeding.. :)

Konon tenang lah menunggu turn nak masuk jawi..

Di sinilah ia berlaku, Al-Islam Specialist Center

Mama & Faris

4.98kg boy...

Ok, before I stop, just to share some points about khatan.
  1. Do you know that 'khatan' was never mentioned in Al-Quran? However, Rasulullah s.a.w was circumcised, and he also circumcised his son. So there was debate about khatan being wajib to be done upon the muslim boys by the group who only accepts Al-Quran as the source. But due to mazhab Shafie & Hanbali, circumcision is wajib upon muslim.
  2. Khatan is not wajib for muslimat. It is encouraged to do so tho. But in some Muslim country like Arab, the women do not perform khatan since it is said that khatan will make their sexual organ less sensitive and reducing the sexual drive. Well, it is scientifically proven that people in different part of the world has different sexual drive and requirement. Guess the standard is a bit lower here in Malaysia since khatan has been practiced upon women since turun temurun and tak ada dengar pulak wanita Malaysia menghadapi masalah kurang sexual drive *kot?Hahaha..* 

K lah.. Bye.. Wassalam..      

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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