Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shame,,,Shame.. Tak Malu..

Assalamualaikum y'ols... I nak buat post tak malu sket... Ooopppsss..

Check this video out...

Jeng...jeng...jeng... Title macam hot and spicy je.. 

Ha...have y'ols watched it? Hehehehe... 

Interesting kan y'ols???

And y'ols noticed tak... The video makers and the casts are all 'budak mentah'.. Teenagers y'ols!!!
*Tho in this video they might be overly condemned those who are not covering the aurah, but excuse them for that (but what they said is true indeed..kan,kan? hehehe..).. They are TEENAGERS..memang nature teenagers ada extra emosi.. hehehe...*

Watching this, make me wanna say this to myself...
"Shame...shame....tak malu....",

Even the teens have awareness, guts and effort to say this... And look at me.. keep saying, 
"Semoga Allah buka kan hati mereka..."

And in fact, there are quite numbers of YouTube videos yang actually made by teenagers but preaching about good things and dakwah y'ols.. 

And for that, I think they are "AWESOME!!!"...

Alhamdulillah... Muda-muda dah ada kesedaran..

So maybe y'ols wanna surf around and check for ur self for this adik-adik awesome.. Do subscribe them... 
 If u ask me, it's the best way to listen to tazkirah (reminder) in ur busy day.. Coz guess what, we might feel we are TOO busy to attend majlis agama/usrah/halaqah and etc, but suprisingly, we do have time to surf FB, YouTube and etc.. 
*Maybe this presumption is not true for y'ols..., kat I je.. I tau y'ols baik-baik orangnya.. hehehe...*

So, by watching this, we can muhasabah ourselves and think about the things that the adik-adik awesome sembangkan, sambil dok congak, jauh sangat dak beza umur kalau den nak buat jadi menantu... Ooooppppssss, gitu.... HAHAHAHAHAHA....

K lah y'ols...


 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

1 comment:

  1. confirm aku nak chop sorang buat menantu... what a briliant info, which a very creative way of presentations... kalau digilap lagi bakat adik-adik ni...... lagi "AWESOME>>!!!!!"


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