Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aku Maafkan Kamu

Assalamualaikum y'ols...

Wassup? Awal-awal hari..., dah update blog ek.. Thing is.., I can't wait y'ols... Cerita panas kot!!, bukan pasal Justin Bieber, neither pasal Rosmah Mansur..! Hahahaha..

It was bout my entry posted yesterday (link to the post)! Kan I meluahkan perasaan kat y'ols kan pasal my apartment yang dah jadi hostel for PICOMS tuh kan? U know what?? There's one of the student *maybe he's reading this too.. So...Hey there, adik!*, shared the link of that post at their PICOMS's fb account wall.. 

Reason being? I dunno?? Tanya lah dia! 

But my guess, he was trying to provoke the friends to condemn me and indirectly the other BC's residents la kot for being annoyed and stressed out of what had happened to our HOUSE/HOME! 

I pon terkejut when suddenly the news about my blog was spread all around dekat our fb's group.. Enche suami pun tanya-tanya perihal blog I.. He asked me whether I posted my blog dekat wall PICOMS.. I was like, "Heh?? Apa kejadah lak I nak post my blog dekat situ!".. Kan?

So after few minutes absorbing the information, baru lah both of us understand the situation. Kisahnya..., ada adik yang 'baik hati' tolong post kan blog I kat their FB group! Hahahahahaha... 

When the post went publicly at their wall, of course lah some of them leave 'nice' comments *I would say... ;p*... And the 'nice-comments' really pissed the other residents and owners off!! 

Here are the comments by the students and below part in purple is my answer (representing my fellow neighbors in Banjaria Court):

<-we (referring to BC's residents) are not being rational for accusing them without proof..

->WE DO HAVE PROOF!! And in fact, WE ARE COLLECTING IT NOW... But the proof is not to be shown to y'ols, but to some people in higher positions.. Ur college management, maybe? Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi or Kementerian Pelajaran, maybe? Or mungkin Kementerian Kesihatan juga, since y'ols will be working in that area related to that ministry.. 
So, WE DO HAVE PROOF ye adik-adik sekalian...

<-we claimed that BC is ours but actually the students also do have right on BC..

->Before that, izinkan daku bertanya..., berapa ratus ribu y'ols bayar to claim that u hv the rights similar to the owners' should have on BC?? FYI, the price of one unit in BC is not less than RM 150,000.. Not less ok... Bear in mind! We all kerja siang and malam, and tunggu masa bertahun to purchase this is soooo called HOME... Jadi patut-patut lah kalau kami kata, BC ni kami punya!! Memang we all pon yang sign surat jual beli, surat loan, surat hakmilik...   
And there u are, paying the fee by semester, and maybe some amount of rent every month, itu pun probably the source of finance coming from ur beloved parents, then claim u have the same right as we do?? You got to be kidding!!
Oh ya la... y'ols budak lagi.. Mana nak paham menda-menda ni... So next time, before doing or saying anything, THINK first! If y'ols dah besar, dah matured, dah paham situasi kakak-kakak and abang-abang ni.., u'll probably regret what u've just said..

That's part of it lah.. But thanks to some of my neighbors yang dah tolong 'tegur' budak-budak-kurang-matang ni.. 
I mean, in my opinion, they are just children who's not yet exposed to the real world... So for them, things are as simple as FB... They might say, 'pasal guna swimming pool pun nak kecoh?', or maybe 'Sukahati kiterang la buat apa pun, bukan pi ketuk pintu hampa pun'..
Yup.., because they never feel how hard it is actually to earn ur own money and purchase ur own home and protect the HOME that u own... Diorang tak paham...

To explain analogically, camnihla, imagine, sambil belajar, y'ols kerja part time kat McD or maybe KFC.. penat nih.. Susah payah carik duit. Then with the pay from ur part time work, u buy an iPhone.. And that's gadget became ur fav thing and most beloved belongings that u ever had. Coz u worked hard for it. Then suddenly a friend of yours, who is happened to buy a topup for u, RM10, claim that he has right as well on ur iPhone.. Sebab dia bayar topup 10hinggit...! Dah la pakai ganas, sampai calar-calar iPhone u..  Dah la asik dia je yang pakai.. U nak pakai pun tak dapat..
So..., if y'ols dekat situasi itu, bengkek tak? Marah tak? Ase membara-bara tak nak protect iPhone u tuh?

Jadi..., kami nih rasa itu lah skang ni... Sebab tuh la kakak-kakak n abang-abang buat kecoh... Kami nak protect hak kami!
Ada paham ka...?

Hahaha.. Panjang berjela sudah... Penat berceramah...

K lah y'ols.. Have a nice day..

Oh ya.., to the 'adik' *I'm 100% confident he's reading this...*, bukan adik sorang je leh bajet stalker intai-intai group kami and even the members of the group, kami pun ada juga stalkers berhemah tau! Ahakss.. So, doing that (posting my post to ur college's FB's wall) was not rili a good move la der...



 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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