Monday, October 3, 2011

Bad Mama... :(

Assalamualaikum u'olls..

Monday blues tak? *Now it's appropriate to use the term 'blues' after a day..Haha*

My Monday *at least the starting of the day* was sooo tak best. Feel like I'm a bad Mama.. :(

This morning, I was so enthusiastic to send off my daughter to Educare a bit early than usual because I just got to know from my friend, Pn Nurul Izzah, that the breakfast time for Fatin's new class started at 830 am. Having a very good intention which is to train my baby to have breakfast together with her friends, so lebih meriah la, I nekad to send her early. 

So I skipped her breakfast session with me and her Ayah like we use to do every single morning. But, to make it 830am to be there, memang agak impossible la kan? *err...for me maybe.. Yours truly ni kan pot-pot (translate = clumsy) and lembab*. So, I left house around 855am and arrived Educare around 905am. Was hoping that there were still some food left for my baby.. 

Unfortunately, when I asked the teacher bout the breakfast, teacher said, there's no more food left for breakfast. Tepuk dahi! Alamak! 
Breakfast starts sharp at 830am. So, for those who is late, memang tak ada la. I thought kalau lewat dalam half an hour gitu, ada la lagi harapan kan.. Like in the previous class (Magnolia & Canangium), the rules are a lil bit linnean. Sometimes, I reached there at 10am, yet Fatin still have not had her breakfast *teruknya kan!! hehe*, I just need to inform her teachers that she still haven't had her breakfast and they will feed her. But this time around, that rule is no longer applicable. Guess they want to train the children to eat at proper time. Which is good!  *problem is Mama yg tak berdisiplin! Haih....*

But, pity my baby today, no breakfast for her.. Huhuhu.. Sorry sayang, it was Mama's fault that you missed your breakfast today! :(  Luckily it is kind of routine already that I prepare a box of Cornflakes in the car so that Fatin can kudap-kudap while she's in the car. And this morning, I brought a Kellogs Cornflake Bar. So I went back to the car and took the Cornflakes bar and passed it to the teacher. At least she can have that for alas perut while waiting for lunch at 11am.. Huhuhuhu... Still, rasa bersalah!! Sorry honey...

Fatin's breakfast for today
I'm sorry sayang!

Taking this incident as a lesson, I decided to send Fatin at 915am every morning. So that we can have a nice breakfast together beforehand. So Fatin is ready for the activities when she reaches school. Tak apalah tak dapat beramah-mesra with friends while having breakfast *which was my niat murni asalnya!Huhu*.. I need to be realistic! Coz to be there at 830am, hmm, I don't think I can do that for now.. Maybe later, InsyaAllah.. Furthermore, I tak sampai hati nak hantar Fatin too early in the morning! hehehe...

Whatever it is, the routine has to change! More discipline and need to improve my time management! Ganbatte neh, Farah!
That's all for now! *eventho, I actually wanna tell bout something else.. Nanti la ye! Wakaka..*

Till next time u'olls.. Wassalam!

  Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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