Saturday, October 29, 2011

Laptop Master-Ji

Assalamualaikum U'olls..

Happy Saturday! How's ur weekend so far? Guess some of us might having a long holiday, since the Deepavali. Including la yours truly.. Mine was considered emergency leave rather than 'holiday' actually. Haha..

Deepavali was on Wednesday, so by right, I should be coming to the lab on Thursday, unfortunately, some COBAAN came up, so I decided to be absent and solve whatever problems first. Then on Friday lak, I did planned to go to the lab, tiba-tiba, on the Thursday's midnight, Fatin's temp spike up to 38degree. So I have to cancel my plan.. *like I really sad my plan was cancelled.. Haha*

Hopefully by Monday, nothing comes up, and my mood is at best to do my work, InsyaAllah.. Hehe

Alright, now, here, I'm proudly categorized myself as Laptop Master-Ji *wahh, statement berani..*. Hahaha... Agak *bukan agak,memang pon..* perasan di situ.. But anyway, last week, I managed to solve my laptop problem that I faced since last year.. Yeay!!

FYI, I owned a very cikai laptop, a DELL STUDIO 1537 which I bought *secara berjemaah with my babe, Dyana* back then on 2009. This laptop came with a pre-loaded Windows Vista *which is very the tak best*. Guess those who has experience using Vista should know how satisfying *inverted comma* it is.

(Source : Google)

So, one sweet day, I decided to upgrade the OS to Windows 7. Since none of us at home possessed the installation CD, I sent my beloved lappy to nearest computer store.

After that, yeay, my lappy was running a Windows 7 Ultimate OS. Memang bergaya, kelas dan menarik! *at that time, we were soo jakun with Win 7*..

After some time, I noticed there were slight problem. The graphics became shredded if I let the lappy runs for a while, or when I ran any heavy program like MatLab, or anytime I opened movie! Yes, it was slight problem at first. Not after it made me having a very tough time typing my assignments, or doing Matlab codes, or even check my FB's wall, since everything became shredded!! Then it became a very serious problem. Hukhukhuk...

I did brought the laptop to repair service. They said it was virtual memory problem. And that guy did something. It was OK for only a while, then it happened again..

Actually the solution was quite simple, just change back to Vista la kan? But being soo degil and ta'ban, I refused! Vista tak best! Hahaha.. *Yg sebenarnya den nak gak pakai Win 7 tuh.. Org len pakai, den pon nak gak.. Haha..*

Finally, I did something that solved the problem. But it cost me a lembab laptop since I had to remove my 1G RAM left me with only 2G RAM in my laptop..FYI, the laptop came with originally 3G RAM when I first bought it. Weird, I mean on how it solved the problem, but obviously, it works. But, dapat agakla kan when I run Matlab or C++ Programming ke, how lembab my laptop will be..

But since I still want to use Windows 7 and no shredded graphics, I gagah juga la gune.. Bak kata orang tua, 'biar lambat, asal selamat'.. Hahaha.. But not segagah my friend Dyana who keep using her laptop even with the shredded graphics here and there... Kasihan kami kan?

One day, something triggered me to dig for the solution in the net. Since Dyana & I were having the same issue, so I guess it must be that model that having problem with Windows 7. 

So, I post my problem in Lowyat Forum. Quite a lot of suggestions. There were few guys suggested for me to update the BIOS version. 

I checked my BIOS version. It was a A08 version. My guess it was 2008's version. Guess by then, Windows 7 wasn't released yet. So, that's why my BIOS doesn't support the specs for Windows 7.. *wild guess.. Bajet terer.. ;p * 

I downloaded the latest BIOS version from DELL.

So, after re-formatting my Laptop *thanks to hubby who generously bought for me the original Win 7 Installer! :) *, I flashed in the new version of BIOS and put back my 1G RAM in and tadaaa...., no more shredded graphics!!! YEAY!!! The problem is solved!!!

Wanted to make sure, was it the Win 7 original installer the hero, or the updated BIOS version, so I dengan confident nya *again, bajet terer..* offered Dyana to fix her laptop. So I only flashed in the BIOS to her laptop, same like I did to mine. Again, tadaaa.... it fixed the problem!! Hippa, hippa, hey!! *excited in BabyTV's version! ;p *

So now, both of us feel like using an expensive laptop again *yup, kami memang perasan! Ahaks..*

And I also fixed *dengan bangganya..* the Bluetooth problem as well. FYI, after upgrading the OS to Win 7, suddenly the bluetooth function was disabled. Guess most of u'olls know that one great thing about Win 7 is, when we install it, it will automatically install the drivers needed for our PC. Of course u need to connect to Internet la.. 

But in our case, seems that the Bluetooth driver was left out during installation. So download and install je la.. Wakakaka...

Enche Suami, I'm now Computer Master-Ji.. With a sarcastic-look, he said, 
"Oh yeah, then how come you took half a day to work on this PC *referring to our room desktop PC* and still not working while I only took half an hour to get it work?" 
Note : The sentence might not be exactly like this, but sometin like this la.. Yg penting, nada sarcastic and tak mau menerima hakikat itu ada! Huh!

Cess... Sarcastic! Tak encouraging langsung! By then I decided to change it to Laptop master-Ji.. *with TnC which only covers Dell Studio 1537 problem.. Itu pon certain problems only!* Hahahahaha....

But anyway, glad now my gadgets working fine, Alhamdulillah..

So those who might face same problem, when upgrading to Win 7 for your Dell Studio 1537 Laptop, here's the links for you to get the files:

 -> Bluetooth Driver

K, that's all for now.. Till next time.. 

Bye.. Wassalam.

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*


  1. ahahahaha... whos's exactly the hero?? ahahahah along lelaki mmg xleh terima kalo kite ade kelebihan sikit dr diorg.. but still, they have more technical magic than us... hehehhehe gud effort! pasni leh tlg godek lappy kite :P

  2. Mestilah I the hero.. *baca:for my laptop and my friend's laptop only la..*

    Gagal menyelesaikan masalah Desktop kat bilik nih. Tuh yg enche abe tak nak ngaku bini dia nih hebat gak.. Wakakaka


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