Friday, September 30, 2011

Berhenti Berharap..*Sangat*

As Salam u'olls..
Happy Friday! In Islam, Friday is the leader of the days.. Alhamdulillah, Allah has gave us one more Jumaat to breath..

Actually, today, I'm a bit sad and frustrated.. The reason? Related to the house thingy again.. *sorry if I make u'olls annoyyed ya.. Hahaha..*

The more info I know, the more rumors I heard, the more heart-broken and frustrated I am.. From time to time, they *the developer and u know who!!!* delayed to handover the keys. 

Few days back, I read in one info in a forum *hebat ngko, siap ada forum kutuk developer sebab dah delay lama...*, the developer sent an email informing that they will try their best to handover the keys by Sept 2012! I was like.. "H***K KO!".. Meaning it's going to one more year of waiting dude!! Agak-agak ar buat lawak tuh.. 

Everything looks complete already.. As if it is ready to be stayed.. And I just don't understand why we still need to wait for 1 year!!*panas hati...*

Then this morning, enche suami showed another info *I wud prefer to name it 'rumor' instead..*, saying that someone just called pkns and got to speak to the PIC of key handover process. The PIC said, probably, we'll get the notice for key handover session by end of October and we'll get the key by Dec. InsyaAllah, the house building will get the CF in a month time.

Knowing the fact *err..or rumor* might make my day brighter. However, I just don't want to put too much hope, since, it is sooo tiring to be in that cycle.. 

Excited hearing the news that we'll get the key soon -> dissappointed when nothing happen -> more frustrated knowing that it might be much later -> excited again -> and seterusnya..

i'm just tired and bored. Therefore, I decided not to put much hope anymore.. Let's put it this way, 'kalau dapat cepat, alhamdulillah, kalau lambat, lantok le....' 
Bak kata Sheila On 7, "Berhenti Berharap"..*in my case, I tambah, "sangat" kat belakang.. Tipu sangat kalau tak berharap langsung! Haha..*

Err..sebenarnya tak tau nape nak letak gamba pakcik yang tengah layan blues ni.. Tak releven. Tapi letak gak! (Source : Prof google)

K la u'olls.. Enjoy ur weekend! Till next time.. Wassalam...

Note out of topic : Bila kita dikurniakan rezeki, walaupun sedikit, kita ucapkan Alhamdulillah. Walaupun kadang-kadang the rezeki yang Allah bagi, requires some sacrifice, requires us to be out of our comfort zone. But InsyaAllah, everything will be alrite. Allah knows the best.. And for the most beloved one, I'm willing to...

 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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