Thursday, September 29, 2011

Magnolia, Canangium, Hibiscus..

Assalamualaikum u'olls..
Morning! How are u'olls today? Hoping that u'olls are in great shape, InsyaAllah..



Guess why I put up the photos of different flowers up here? Cer teka..cer teka.. Hehe..

Tak tau? Givup? Givup? *remind me of my childhood days.. Hate it when my sister forced me to say 'givup' if I didn't know the answer for the riddles that she gave before she told me the correct answer!*

Actually, the pictures are the name of the flowers that my daughter's classes are named of.. *macam tunggang terbalik ayat ni.. Tapi den maleh nak betolkan.. So, bear wif me la ek! Ahaks..*

On her first day in Educare back in Dec 2011, she was placed in Magnolia class. Then in June 2011, she was transferred to Canangium class. Today, she is again transferred to Hibiscus class.. Alhamdulillah..

This morning, I sent her to her new class. Anak mama dah besar.. She didn't cry pon when her new teacher took her.. Class arrangement pon is a bit different as compared to last 2 classes. More toys and there is small desk in the corner. 
And I was briefed that there will be more activities for the children. Sleeping time is only once in a day. Before this, twice a day.. Hmm.., hopefully, it'll be easier to get her fall asleep at night since she only sleeps once at school.. Hahaha...
Then, they will be trained to eat by themselves. Siap la mama menyental baju berlemuih dengan makanan lepas nih.. Hahaha.. Actually kat rumah dah train jugak makan and minum sendiri.. Memang sepah la.. What do you expect kan, 18months toddler makan, confirm la 'pupah' (translate = tumpah) .Pandai lak tuh ngadu kalau dia tumpah kan food or drinks, 
"Mama..pupah, pupah!".. 
Kalau kita tanya balik, "Tumpah.. Sapa buat?". 
Dengan confidentnya dia jawab, "Ayah.. Babab Ayah!". 
Kasihan Ayah.. Tiba-tiba jadi scape-goat pule.. Wakakaka...
Lepas tuh satu kerja lak la nak mengemas, but, it's ok la, for her growth, Mama & Ayah rela! *Ecececeh... Sebbaik Enche Suami I dengan cik penyapu kawan baik... Ngeee...*

But actually, i risau jugak with her 'manja terlebih' and 'ngada-ngada' attitude ni! Almaklumlah, now all the attentions directs to her.. Mengada-ngada la.. 
Yesterday, I was cooking when she came and asked me to 'addu' her (translate = dukung) *don't ask me why it becomes 'addu', ask her! She's the one who created the term..Hehe*, I refused. Ye lah.. I'm worried kang terkena minyak ke hape kan.. Then, she started to cry and suddenly went to the wall and hugged the wall, while crying.. I was like.., "Heh, mana pulak dia belajar peluk-peluk tiang macam hindustan neh??"
Tepuk dahi.. Anakanda...Oh anakanda..

So k lah.. Guess it wud be all for today.. Back to work! Hehehe.. Kena merajinkan diri! Kalau diikutkan perangai malas I neh, sampai ke sudah kerja tak settle.. Haha!

My flower and her favorite bear-bear...

Till next time u'olls.. Have a good day, Amin!


 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*


  1. Hik Hik... Nuurill rasa kan anak sulung mmg macam ni la farah. Macam kita ni. muahhahahahahaa...

  2. Hahaha..Maybe la nuurill.. Drama queen,mak nenek and mak becok juge.. Akibat terlalu dimanjakan kah? Ahaks..

  3. comelnya fatin...'addu'..jauh bebenor dgn dukung..hihi..

  4. Nurul, asenye inspirasi nya daripada perkataan 'satu,dua,tiga'. Sebab bila nak dukung dia, selalu kira, 1,2,3.. Agaknya dia ingat 'Addu' tuh adalah bermaksud dukung. Wakakaka..


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