Friday, April 29, 2011

Role Model

Assalamualaikum u'olls..

Wah...wah, bet most of u'olls tengah berhati gumbira ini malam.. Almaklumlah, today is Friday.. And tomorrow is weekend... Hehehe..

My latest hobby nowadays is watching the Criminal Mind series that my sister downloaded quite some time ago.. For those who don't know, this series is actually about a unit in FBI called the Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U). This team is responsible in profiling the criminal of particular crime.. So they sort of studying the behavior part of the criminal by reading the the criminal's mind thru the existing evidence to actually solve the crime, i.e to find the criminal...

The original team

The new team

My Favourite!! Dr Spencer Reid

I kinda addicted to this series... Found it interesting! Ala.., in fact I memang a big fan of series related to solving-crime punya citer nih.. One of my fav is tak lain tak bukan, CSI lah.. Hehehe..

Ok, so, one of the episodes of this series, there is a case in which the unsub (unknown subject = the criminal) is a family... A father, a mother and a 10 year old son.. The parents are actually train their son to be a murderer, just like them.. They even asked the son to slaughter one of the victim..

When I was watching this drama, I kept on thinking, how on earth the parents, specially a mother can do that??? Teaching ur small son to be a murderer?? Macam tak patut kan?? And it's not that these couple doesn't love their son.. They do love their son soo much till the mother sanggup turn herself in and confess for every murder just to protect her son from get caught.. Yang I tak paham tuh, if you love your son that much, why at the 1st place you train him to be something that you know will risk his entire life.. Ye la.., being caught, being shot by the police, things like that..

I know, it is just a TV show, however, I got a bit too emotional on this one.. Hahaha.. Macam tak logic dek akal.. Coz, pada I, parents by default should dream that their children to have a good life.. Better than theirs.. No matter how screwed up the parents are, but usually, parents always wanted the best for their child.. Kan?

Rasa-rasa nye.., ada ke real case like this one? Ada ke org yg soo sick sampai buat camni?

Hopefully we won't have to read any similar in the newspaper happening in Malaysia..

However, I want to share something that might be as bad as above case, but in nature, there is similarity..

The other day, I went to Giant Hypermarket wif my sis. I wanted to find a birthday present to my little nephew.. Since this lil man wanted a pistol (due to his Mama.. ;p), so we went straight to the pistol mainan section.. While we were choosing which one to take, my sis notice that in some package, the darts (kengkononnya bullets la utk pistol2 tersebut) went missing. And quite a few of them with the stolen darts.. Maknanya, ada la makhlukat yg sangat panjang tangannya telah mencuri darts daripada set pistol itu...So our focus deviated sekejap mengkaji the packages yg sebahagian items nya were stolen..

The packages were nicely and neatly torn.. If we weren't really looking, there is chances that we would never notice that something is missing inside.. And yg peliknya, the toys are meant for 3-5 years old.. I wonder, takkan children that small can tore the package as neat as this.. Kan?
There must be some adults yg tolong buatkan kerja mulia itu..

Imagine, if the parents of the children itself yg did the dirty works just to get things that their child nak? And worse, if they did it right in front of their child..?? Horror kan??

My sis and I believe, mmg parents yg buat keje tuh.. Sebab keje dia memang professional. Impossible a child with that age able to do that.. Agaknya anak dia bising nak mendalah tuh, diorang malas nak spend duit beli, curik sudahh....

Haish...... If the children saw what their parents did, they might have the idea that action is permissible.. Notin serious.. SO as they grow older, they might try something heavier.. Lama-lama, jadi perampuk yg dok kelar-kelar org tuh... Then when your child get caught, you said "Sampai hati kau menconteng arang ke muka ayah dan ibu..."

Who's the one yg ajar depa the foundation utk menconteng tuh?? That thing might not be expensive.. Ala, 2,3 ringgit je.. Tapi from 2, 3 ringgit, bleh jadi 2,3 riban tau..!

(Wahh, I membebel cam mak nenek.. Tapi, what the heck, malam ni I nak membebel... Huhuhu )

Parents should be the role model to their children.. We should portray good examples to our child.. Coz like it or not, our child 1st education is from home... They will follow what we do..

If we want our child to be good, then make sure we ourselves is good first.. Nak anak yg taat perintah Allah, kita kena taat dulu.. Solat, reciting Quran and etc.. We create basic foundation on who we want our children be when they grow up..

In conclusion, I rasa not appropriate la kalo parents showing bad behavior to ur children. We are supposed to be a good example to them.. So when we do bad things, they will eventually be bad.. Tak la kata u leh wat menda jahat kat belakang diorg lak.. Allah Maha Melihat.. Jadi, senang cite, be good... Hehehe...

K lah, that's all 'ceramah' I utk kali nih... Hehehe... Till next time.. Bye...

Note out of topic : I'm sooo worried bout how my results will be.. Haish.. Hopefully I can pass all subjects with good grades.. Amin... Huhuhu

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  1. hope dpt result bagus..ameen..dont worry la..mama fatin sure bleh kan!!

    mmg patut ibu bapa as a model to their child..lagi bangga bile anak ckp dia punye model adalah mak ayah..
    so nak jadi ibu bapa, must have a lot of knowledge..kena banyak membaca and kena banyak lihat persekitaran supaya mudah nak terangkan kat anak2 yang mahu mengenal dunia ni


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