Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nur Kasih...

Assalamualaikum u'olls...

I was facebooking just now, and found the soundtrack for Nur Kasih The Movie that will be out in cinema on 19th of May... Tak sabarnya!!! Seriously, I'm a very-very big fan of this drama... And it's been loooooonnng time ago since I watched movie at cinema.. Nur Kasih The Movie will surely be the 1st after the long break...

Tak sabarnya! Tak sabarnya!

Since Enche Suami macam nak-tak-nak je to be my company to watch the movie, so I already made a backup plan! Gonna watch the movie with my MAMA, who is also a big fan of Nur Kasih!!! Yeay!!!

Hopefully the movie will not disappoint me yg telah lama menanti nih! Hehehe...

Check out the soundtrack.. Lagu nih pon sedap juge... ;p

Credit to Tenangpb who share this in YouTube

Message to Enche Suami :
Tak nak teman I sudah.. I ajak mama je pi teman I.. But if you suddenly change your mind, I don't mind watching for the 2nd time dengan U plak!! Hehehe...


  1. hehehe..mahu join gak...nurul mmg follow giler nur kasih drama ni..ingat lagi berlari2an balik terawih dulu..maklum la la tayangan bln pose dulu..kenangan..

  2. Hihihi. So cute you and your mom watching movies together-gether. Nak try ajak my mom jugakla tengok any movie one day. Ala, tapi dia suka Hisdustan. Camno? ahaks :)

  3. Nurul : Mari..mari... Tak sabo sangat nak tgok citer tuh... Hihihi...

    Nuuril : Hehe.. To be honest, nih 1st time nak pi tgok movie ngan mama.. Tak tau la bape lama dia leh tahan before tertido.. Wakakaka... Citer hindustan?? Ok gak tuh.. Amik la kesempatan pi tgok citer hindustan kat cinema ngan ibunda terchenta.. Kalo ajak armi confirm big NO pny kan?? Hihihi


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