Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Katakan TIDAK...


Hello u'olls... Just got back from Educare.. Visiting my baby yg getting manja day by day.. Hadoi.. Tapi she learns a lot lately.. Always make us laughing eventhough tngah geram coz dia tak mau tido malam2.. Hehe..

Before I proceed with the topic, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my dear friends.., IZZAH@ Cik Jah and Farid for their second baby... Cute baby boy, was born yesterday, at 530pm at Kampung Baru Medical Center (KBMC)... Congrates Cik Jah and Farid, tak lupa juge utk Kakak Farihah! Mesti si bijak tuh excited ada adik.. Hehehe... To baby boy (err..,tak tau nama the baby yet..), welcome to this world dear.. Semoga jadi anak soleh.. Amin...

Ok, back to the main topic.. Katakan TIDAK... To whom? To what? Jeng jeng jeng.. Bajet suspen la tuh.. Hehehe.. Katakan TIDAK kepada HANDPHONE BARU... Hahaha..

Actually, I planned on writing bout our family trip to Penang... But since something happen to one of my important stuff, I change the plan to tell bout that 1st.. Hihihi..

Apa yg penting sangat tuh? Oh, semestinya handset ku yg terchenta.. Believe it or not, I'm one of those yg very-very dependent on this gadget bernama handset. Woke up at 3am, sanggup tuh meraba2 dalam gelap carik handset.. Just wanna check what time it is.. Then, if I forgot to set the handset's alarm, alamatnya, both of us overslept la sampai terang.. Lagi satu, if I were to go out, one thing that definitely will be brought along, mesti handset.. Kalo tak ada, tak dak mood nak jalan.. Melampau kan?? ;p

Ye lah.. ye lah... I admit, I trok... Huhuhu...

Nak dijadikan story, it's so happen that my dearest handset started to act cranky (what a word... phone leh ka nak act cranky?? Hantam sajalah labu...) since last Saturday. Suddenly it became mute/deaf.. I couldn't hear a thing whenever I received call or even made a call.. Kena bukak loudspeaker baru lah dengar org di sana pny suara.. Apa ke hei nye.. Takkan everytime I need to on my loudspeaker to talk.. Troublesome la gak kan..

I suspected that it was the speaker that already spoiled. Sebab tuh dia jadik pekak... So, this morning, I decided to take my precious tuh to 'clinic'... After sending Fatin to Educare, I headed to Plaza Idaman, near by Ong Tai Kim tuh..

First store I stopped by said the problem is the 'ribbon' of the phone was already spoiled.. And to replace the ribbon cost me RM 160 for original and RM 100 for non-ori.. I was like, WHAT??? Bapak mahal.... Remembering husband advice that if the cost more than RM 100, don't take it..

Being a mithali wife (hehehehe ;p), I moved to other store.. Not long after I stopped at one store, there was also another chinese guy stopped by at the same store. It seems he wanted to change the RM 50 note. Ignoring him, I asked bout the price for the ribbon, and surprisingly the price a lot more cheaper than the 1st store.. Original RM 90 only, non-ori, 20bugs cheaper, RM 70... Satisfied with the price, I asked how long he needs to get it replaced.. He said, "petang sikit lorr..."... Alamak... I tepuk dahi.. Lamanya..

While I stood there thinking, should I leave my phone here, I looked at the other guy next to me. He was like signaling something to me.. Shaking his head, and signaled to the right.. Mula-mula I confuse, pemenda mamat ni cube buat.., but after some time, I got it.. He was trying to ask me to go to his store instead..

No harm trying kan? Kot-kot cheaper and faster ke.. So I left the store.. Buat2 jalan to the direction that he signaled.. Not long after that, he came after me and showed me the store. He said, "saya boleh offer kakak RM 75 saje for original ribbon maa... 90 mahal tau.. And setengah jam saja boleh siap.. Tak payah tunggu sampai pitang..."

Thank God!! I apa lagi, terus duduk depan kedai dia tu.. Hehe.. So he fixed my phone in half an hour, as he promised.. And he also get my phone cleaned, since the phone "sudah masuk ayer..". So it needs to be dried up and cleaned up.. Haish..., nih tak lain tak bukan keje Fatin Amani la nih, menggigit tepon Mama... Abis ayaq liyoq sume masuk.. Sebbaik dude tuh tak tau tuh saliva sebenarnya.. Wakakaka..

So, Alhamdulillah, now my precious is back in action.. Good like new... Hehehe... So I can proudly say, "Katakan TIDAK kepada handphone baru...". hehehe.. Bukan kedekut, jimat... Banyak menda nak kena pakai duit soon.. Jadi kena jimat cermat..

Lagipon, I sayang my phone nih.. This is a gift from my husband when I was pregnant.. And jangan terkejut if I said, this is the only thing that I mengidam gila-gila while pregnant.. Hahaha... Cam pelik kan, tapi masa tuh teringin sangat nak handset baru.. And particularly this model.. I think hubby kesian tgok I dok membelek gambar handset nih kat internet hari-hari siang & malam, dia belikan jugak.. Hahaha.....

Ok...citer dah abis... But...but..., just wanna share something with u'olls bout the 'ribbon' yg I dok mentioned tuh.. U'olls leh imagine tak ribbon tuh cane?? Ha.. meh nih nak share.. It looks like below pic..

The "ribbon" yang telah terkorban... Huhuhu

For u'olls info, this ribbon is actually plays a very important role in our phone.. It actually contains a lot of electric circuits that make our phone function. If in industry, this ribbon is called 'flex film'.. It is actually plays exactly the same role as PCB (printed circuit board). The only difference is it is thin in shape enabling a slim and thin phone (or other gadget) design...

Cane I leh tau? Oh..sebab nih la one of my main projects when I was an engineer at Flextronics dulu.. I was responsible to develop test methods to test these tiny things before it can be assembled to the phone.. I would say, I valued the experience and knowledge that I gained while doing this project.. Sangat sangat best...

Rupa-rupanya, this tiny little thing, yang I dok buat main dulu, costly jugak leh tahan! Huhuhu.. Tau dulu I rembat banyak2 masa company was closing down.. hehehe..

K lah, that's all for now.. Good day u'olls.. Till next time.. Bye.. Wassalam

Saje tempek gambar tepon cokia kesayangan I... hihihi

Note out of topic : Tengah pening on finding the most suitable contraceptive method.. It seems the one that I used to use is no longer full proof.. Huhuhu... Implant or injection looks ok.., tapi, are these methods makes you gain weight? (Ceh, ada hati nak kisah pasal berat lagi tuh... Wakakaka...)


  1. banyaknya entry dia...hehehe
    problem phone kite sama..
    bukan ke farah pakai hs lain..
    nurul tak baiki pun lagi...malas nak pkr
    mmg kena loudspeaker la...huhu

    selagi leh jimat kite jimat..mmg banyak nak pakai duit nnt..

    hbtnya masa preggy mengidam hp..nasib fatin tak kuar luir sampai leleh kan

  2. Farah pakai sony ericson gak.. Tapi model je la lain.. Hmm,kalo bawak pi kedai,confirm dia kata tuka ribbon.. Speaker susah rosak..

    Hahaha.. Tuh la pasal,mmg masa tuh ase nak sangat2 handset.. Macam ke hape je.. Agaknya jdai kesian, and takut anak dia kuar air liur meleleh2,dia beli kan gak la.. Hahaha...

  3. haha tq2 atas wish. yah, lepas setahun if still nak planning anak aku suggest pakai implanon or suntik jela. mmg noriday keberkesanannya menurun after anak dah mula solid food. nanti terbabas mcm aku walaupun sekali je kejadian tu berlaku, u can't tell. auww! hikhik. apapun rezeki, syukur..ada peneman farihah.. :)


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