Friday, December 3, 2010

Kill The Virus..

Salam all...

Hi all.. Today, Fatin is not going to school.. MC.. Haha.. She is down wif mild fever + cough + early sign of cold...


It's only 2 days out from home, she already been attacked by the nasty virus.. And yes, I know, I should expect that when sending our child to nursery.. Huhuhu..

But kesian my lil angel, her cough is quite bad.. Mesti sakit tekak dia bile batuk..

She started to show the symptoms last evening.. And getting worse late at night. Didn't sleep very well.. Maybe tak selesa.. Allah, sedangkan kita org besar bila batuk n cold dah ase tak sedap badan, ini plak baby, ye dak.. Dok merengek.. Sian anak mama...!!

So, I brought her to see her paediatrician this morning. Got some ubat, and also asked about suitable vaccines for babies especially those who are sent to nursery.. Almaklumla.., meet up and mix up wif few other kids.. Probability to be infected is quite high..

The doc suggested Pneumococcal vaccine and Influenza v
accine.. According to her, these 2 vaccines should do to protect the child from some common viruses usually infected at the childcare..

So now, I'm considering either to take the vaccines for Fatin or not to.. Maybe nak amik satu je, or amik dua-dua.. Hmm.....

Doc also said actually for the children to be infected with cold and cough, also fever at child care ni ada pro & con.

The pro point is, as the body trying to fight the virus, the babies' antibody will develop naturally makes their body resistance is higher next time around.. Yes, correct, I aware of that..


the CON point plak is, the viruses nowadays are very NAS
TY (babab die tuh!!!) and dangerous. They are somehow have evolved jadi powerful plaknye. So our baby's small body, sometimes, can't afford t
o fight the powerful viruses, eg : the H1N1.. So the consequences, once affected is terrible.. And that is what I'm afraid of.. Naudzubillah hi min zalik... So the vaccines do help in protecting their body from getting infected...

So, I rasa macam nak amik the shot for my baby... The cost, hmmmm, mmg agak menduga budget la..(dah la bulan ni budget dah RED ALERT.. Huhu)
But due to a friend, kalau dah asik keluar masuk clinic and hospital sebab asik demam and selsema, tak sama je ke cost nya??

Ye jugak...

Hmm.., korang ase?? Appreciate if you guys can share some opinion or experience pasal vaccines nih...

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