Monday, December 27, 2010



Eii….., I geramnya.. Where the h**l is my parcel??????

U'olls remember bout the Shaklee pack that I ordered yang I story last time? I'm so mad coz I still haven't received my d**n parcel!! Hadoi….. Ni betul-betul testing my patient nih!

Know what, it's like I'm soo unlucky this time. As I mentioned before, I made the order on 17th Dec (Friday). It's been, like, 1week plus kot!! Since till last Wednesday, I still didn't receive my Shaklee, I texted the dealer telling her that I still haven't received my order. And she was surprised coz usually it will only take one day for the customer to receive the goods. So, she checked it up with Shaklee HQ and it turned out that Shaklee HQ accidentally missed out my order… I was like.., "Ok.., everybody makes mistake..". So I decided to just wait.. They had shipped the parcel on Thursday.

So by right, I should have received the parcel by Friday.. But I didn't! Now, problem with Citylink, the courier plak! I checked in the system (the dealer gave me the consignment no), and it stated there.."received by".. Again, I was like "WHAT THE H**L!!! Bila plak aku received my parcel woi!!!"

And it so happened, when I checked, it was over 5pm, and the office already closed. And lebih interesting, the next day is Christmas day.. So they closed for the whole weekend. And I can't check with them what was actually happening. How on earth they claimed my parcel was received, yet, I didn't not receive anything!! Kan??

I dah bertambah bengang la kan..

This morning, pagi-pagi buta, I called citylink to check. The operator said, "You will receive your parcel anytime today..". Then I asked, "if I'm only receiving it by today, how come in the system u mentioned it is received??". Then she said, "'s because, the parcel is already received by the driver to be sent to you". And I was like, WHAT???? Apa pny putar belit alam la korang nih!! Isn't it confusing???? Kalo customer tengok, tak ke cuak? Kan? Tol tak? Tol tak? Korang nak inform driver ke, nak inform customer?? Aduhai….

Then my dealer said, due to Shaklee HQ, I should received my goods before 2pm by today… Dahhhh, it's 416pm kot!!! Ayah said, still tak ada lagi…

Hmmmm…. Pukul baper la baru nak dapat my Shaklee nih agaknya… Grrrrr….

Susah btol nak menjadi sihat nih…

Cobaan!!! Cobaan!!!!

Jangan sampai I bertukar jadi makhluk hijau yg besar itu…. Kang I penyek kan sorang2 kang…

Oh btw, I tak marah my dealer tuh, coz she is so sweet and caring along the way.. Very responsible! Thanks Lyna!!! Lagipon bukan salah dia.. She did what she is suppose to do… So, no reason to blame her pon…

Tapi I bengang dengan Shaklee sbb missed my order at the 1st place, and Citylink yg buat system macam haram and lambat hantar my parcel!!!

Really guys… I need B-complex utk kurangkan stress ni!!!


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  1. sabar ja la kan the time aku komen ni sure hg dah dapat kann???bagus eh shaklee farah?nnt bgtau kat blog okies..aku nak tau..hehehe


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