Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back In Action!

Salam u'olls...

Today's entry is actually to share wif u’olls ‘bout my 2nd semester in UIA.. It’s coming to the end of 2nd week of this semester.. All classes dah start dengan hard core.. Last week were more relax since we just have an introductory class, so, it were short. Kul 6 lebih dah leh balik dah… Best..

But not this week… So, I’m back in action!! Ho..yeahh!!

This semester, I’m taking 4 subjects. And all of them are core courses. Meaning, engineering subject! Mechanical Vibration with Dr Asan Ghani, Intelligent Machines with Dr Nahrul Khair, Image processing & Computer Vision with Prof OOK (HOD ECE department and ya, it is an ECE course.. Gatal pi amik course ECE.. Hahaha) and Research Methodology with Dr Raisuddin Khan.

Initially, I have class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And of course the classes are conducted at the very interesting time, at 5pm – 8pm (sigh…..). But, last week, in my Image Processing class, we all agreed to change the time for the class to some other time..

And to make it more interesting, it is changed to Wednesday, from 2pm – 5pm….

So kesimpulannya, on Wednesday, I have class from 2pm – 8pm straight!!! Interesting kan???? Huuuuwaaaa…

And Wednesday was Yesterday. And MasyaAllah, it was hectic!! Haishh… Sangat huru hara..

I sent Fatin to her school at 1015am. Saje hantar lambat, so that I can spend more time with my budak tecit tuh… Since I thought, I wouldn’t be able to come in the afternoon to feed her, so I spent about half an hour there, in Educare to feed and play with her… Ye lah, nak tengok muka dia puas-puas, sebab malam lak baru jumpa… Rindu tau…. Huhuhu..

Lepas tuh I went straight to Lab. Lepak there, waiting for class. Sambil tuh pump susu for today’s stock.. Actually while writing nih pon I am pumping.. Haha..

Semenjak hantar Fatin to Educare nih, baru terasa jenuh nak mengepam siang malam.. Huhuhu.. Before this, direct feed je. Tinggal stock pon jz for the 3 hours I’m off to class.Now nak mencukupkan stock for a day pon bercinta..

Everyday, I prepare 7oz (3.5oz per bottle), sometimes 8oz to be left at Educare stock for a day, from 10am – 4pm (lebey kurang la).. Fatin is now taking solid, so she doesn’t need much of milk during daylight.. Tapi I perasan, sejak she stays at Educare nih, malam memang kow-kow pny gayut… Dalam bahasa Jawa nye.., ‘ngempeng’… Lepas gian agaknya.. huhuhu…

Ok…I deviate too much now.. Back to the student’s routine ok.. At 2pm, I went for the OOK’s class. And as expected, he spent the sweet 3 hours. Ada la break for 15min, in the middle of the class. Haishhh… Finished the class at 5pm, rushing to Lab for Asar prayer, then rushed to the 2nd class, Intelligent Machine..

Lucky me, the lecturer was quite late yesterday.. So, ada la masa amik napas jap.. We finished the class at 730pm. Solat Maghrib, then balik rumah… Balik-balik je, my baby n her Ayah dah ada depan pintu… Weeeee… Sangat rindu kamu berdua… Walobagaimanapon, instead of terus bermain dengan lil gurl, I went straight to meja makan and had dinner.. Sebab I WAS starving like h**l.. My last meal was at 1130am kot!!! Mana tak macam hantu raya aku kelaparan... Huhuhuhu

(Oh off the record, tapi dalam kereta I dah membaham satu peket kerepek ubi dengan lajunya sbb dah menggigil kelaparan.. And I didn’t consider that as MAKAN, sbb skang I dah jadi dinasour! Hahaha).

But I tell u’olls, I was rili exhausted! Hadeh… Sangat-sangat memerlukan supplement… Ha..talking ‘bout supplement plak.. Actually, I did ordered a set of Shaklee vitamins. The set is special for nursing moms. There are Vita-C, Vita-Lea, B-Complex (the one I need most!) and Alfafa in the set..

I tried a trial pack (supply for a month) before, and I think it did help in boosting my energy and making my milk become ‘better’, in a sense, it becomes thicker and Fatin doesn’t have to consume much to be full. So, last Friday, I ordered again. This time, a complete pack which can last for 4months +.

Nak dijadikan cerita, ada problem sket with my order. So up to today, I haven’t received my goods.. However, since the dealer is sooo nice and take full responsible on it, I tak kisah la.. Hopefully I’ll get it some time soon.. InsyaAllah…

Petang nih, another 2classes.. Research Methodology and Mechanical Vibration. So will be back late, again.. Fatin, wait for Mama, ok.. Jangan tidur awal sangat…!

Oh, nak selit gak.. Tadi teacher Fatin called. She said, if I can’t make it to come to see her this afternoon pon takpe. Since my baby is playing happily with new friends!!! Yeahhh!!!!!! Fatin is now happy staying there.. That’s the most important thing for me, for my girl to be happy and healthy.. Alhamdulillah..

Ok lah.. C ya again, InsyaAllah….

Ganbatte-neh Mama Farah!!


  1. wah2 mama fatin rajin benor dok lab..skrg lepak sana ke? ramai org lepak kat lab..nurul blom lagi jejak lab tu..takat lalu je..

    so camner dgn tajuk project..nurul nak bincang dgn lecturer lain..yg dgn dr.asan..tak finalize lagi..tgh cr yang skrg nak pi uia selalu agak sukar skit maklum la babysitter blom mahu dtg..macam2 hal katanya..:-(

    skrg kelas 2 hari je la yer..sure penat kan bawa 4 subjek..naper amik subjek ece?juz to know..o0k tak mv..farah kan bijak..mst ok kan..

    bagus2..teruskan berusaha mengepam susu..supaya fatin membesar dgn susu ibu sampai 2 tahun..semoga kita berjaya menyusu anak2 masing yer..

    kalau farah asyik lepak lab..nak join la..

  2. Nurul, FYI, skang nih I lepak lab ECE.. Huhuhu.. Lom lagi mintak tempat kat Lab MCT.. Plan nak g jumpa Dr Raisuddin this week, InsyaAllah.. Leh la dapat tempat sendiri.. For now, terpaksa jadi penumpang lab sejati.. hahaha..

    Kenapa amik subjek ECE? Oh, farah amik image processing.. Plan nak buat projek yg ada kaitan dengan image processing.. Since Machine vision tak offer sem ni, so amik subjek ece.. Lagipon, OOK ajar and ada member ckap, Image processing ece lebih compact contents nya as compared to machine vision MCT. So that is why I'm taking ece subject.. Hihihi...

    Mari lah kite bersama-sama dok lab.. Bersemangat sket nak study.. (walopon ada juga luangkan masa utk buat menda-menda 'bukan-study')..Wakakaka...


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