Monday, November 29, 2010

1st December, tarikh keramat

Di suatu pagi yang hening, I sedang mengemas almari baju anakanda I yang bleh tahan berseleraknya (oooppss…hehe..).Tiba-tiba, handset I mendendangkan lagu ‘Hatin’ On The Club’ menandakan ada panggilan yg masuk. I jenguk kat screen tuh, naik no UIA..

Tanpa berlengah lagi, I pon terus menjawab panggilan tersebut (wahh,ayat skema! Tak leh blah.. Hihihi).

Me : Hello..

No UIA : Assalamualaikum. Pn Farahiyah


Me : Ye saya..

No UIA : Ok puan. Saya call dari Educare UIA..

Me : Ok… (sambil hati berdebar-debar.. Ada good news kah?)

Educare UIA : Saya nak tnya puan, skang ni

ada satu kekosongan utk anak puan, adik Fatin Amani.. Saya nak Tanya, Puan masih berminat ke nak hantar anak puan ke Educare..

I was like, stunned for a moment… Can’t believe this.. It is a GOOD news… Yeay!!!

Me : Ye ke?? Alhamdulillah….. Ye, ye..saya memang nak!

Educare UIA : Ok, kalau macam tuh, saya akan masukkan nama Fatin utk kemasukan 1st December ye puan..

Me : Baiklah… (dengan hati yang berbunga2


Dan perbualan seterusnya was related to registration, briefing and visit session and fees stuff… Tak yah la I tulis sini.. Boring je.. hehe..

So, Alhamdulillah, Fatin is finally accepted in IIUM educare. I’m so grateful to Allah for giving us this rizq..

At least, one of my problem in mama-study thingy can be solved.. Haha.. InsyaAllah, hopefully, by sending her there, I can be more focus on my stu

dies without feeling guilty and selfish by letting my parents (my mama especially) to terkejar-kejar jaga cucu and handling house chores.

And a really good thing ‘bout it, she will be near by only.. So I can go and visit her in the afternoon to breastfeed her…

Ha, one more plus point for Educare, they can handle breastfed babies. Meaning to say, if let say I tak dapat datang utk feed Fatin pon, I can just leave the EBM stock to the teachers. Diorang are trained to handle EBM.. So, Alhamdulillah, breastfeeding journey won’t be disturbed.. J

And lagi, IIUM Educare nih is under PERMATA (alah, yg Datin Rosmah Mansor, the PM’s wife, dok sibuk-sibuk kat TV tuh..). So I sangat berharap

the childcare service there is tip-top la.. Seiring la dengan pe yg diwar-warkan dekat tv tuh kan… Hehe..

Cam poyo kan Mama Fatin nih?? Bukan apa, first time I’ll be letting strangers to take care of my baby.. Before this, princess nih kan duduk dengan nenek & atok dia bila ayah keje & mama pi class @ study..

So, ada perasaan sedikit riso (to be honest, bukan sedikit, banyak….coz dah 2,3 malam I mimpi related to sending-Fatin-to-school thingy…Haishhh…). It’s natural kan for a mother to feel that? Ye lah, anak sulung plak tuh!

I’m worried about how gentle the teachers will be tr

eating her, can she adapt with the new environment, sabar ke dak the teachers layan karenah dia.. Haishhh…. (mengeluh lagi…)

Dibuatnya dia keep crying for hours, mogok minum susu, mogok makan, mogok tidur, cane?? Ye lah, anak dara I nih takut org sket.. Dia ‘kurang’ mau dengan strangers..

These are the things that I dok menungkan these 2,3 days… Hmm… Ingatkan I sorang je, rupa-rupanya enche suami pon sama..!

But I keep telling myself, she’ll be better off there.. She’ll meets new friends, so will improve her communication skill (aik,baby pon ada communication skill???). Silap…silap.., improve her social skill.. (better kot?! Apa-apa je lah! Hehe).

Then, hopefully, after she’s done with her tak-mau-dengan-teacher period, she can be more friendly with strangers (ooppss, not too friendly baby! Zaman skang nih bahaya! Org jahat-jahat!).

At least tak de la melalak kat kenduri bile kawan-kawan mama & ayah nak main dengan dia.. Bak kata ayah Fatin : “Bikin malu kompeni saje…”. Hehehe…

Lagi, InsyaAllah, her IQ can be increased from time to time since @ Educare they have some kind of module to train the children and make sure their development is as par as it should be. Each children ada report card tau! And there are 2 sessions in a year for teacher-parents meeting, to discuss the children’s development and performance.

So, I hope, anak mama nanti leh bijak macam Kakak Farihah.. Lom cukup 2 years old, dah pandai baca doa makan with English translation lagi and dan hafal alif bat a & ABC.. Pandainya!!! J

Apa-apa pon, I’m still excitedly + nervously waiting for 1st

Dec to come.. Hubby will take a full day leave.. Toge

ther-gether anta Fatin to school.. Hehe..

Rasa-rasanya, akan ada drama swasta berlokasi di IIUM Educare pada 1st Dec neh!! Hehe… Wahh, sadis… Takpe, InsyaAllah, nanti I update kisah 1st Dec ye…

Mama will always love you Fatin Amani….

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yeay, New pump!!

Salam peeps,

Hi! Wahh, lamanya I tak update story I... Huhuhu.. Padahal,exams are through for almost a week dah.. Huhuhuhu.. Kesian enche' blog... Tidak dipedulikan oleh saya yg pemalas ini... hehe..

As mentioned, I have finished my examination last week. The final paper was on 13th Nov and it was DCS (Digital Control System) paper... Haduih...... The questions are DAMN A LOT!! Kelam kabut mak nak menjawabnya... And I implemented a wrong strategy in answering! Yikess!!!! Sekarang I berdoa je, harap-harap I leh dapat B, cause the passing marks for Master's level is B, which is 70 marks.. Sila tau ye.. Hadoi.......

Before that, I had the RKGS 6000 paper (ala-ala subject ethics and Islam and engineering gitu...). The question, hmm.., not like what we expected. The topics for all 4 questions are so concentrated to 2 topics in the course outline.. Haish..,and unfortunately, not among the topics that I focussed on.. But anyway, Alhamdulillah, at least HE gave me the idea to goreng-goreng sampai masak.. Yikes!! Hehehe...

I have tried my best, so now, Tawakkaltu 'Alallah.. :)

Ok,act this post is not to story about exam..I nak cerita pasal menda yg dah agak lapuk sebab I tak sempat nak update blog... (Haishhhh.....)

Act, I wanna share my happiness that I've successfully purchased a new breastpump!!! A Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced!! Yeay!!!!! Tho it is not as canggih as Medela Freestyle (yg diidam-idamkan), tapi syukur Alhamdulillah, dapat Medela PISA pon dah syukur..

My new pump yg enche' suami belikan!! Yeay... :)

And yg lebih best, my dearest, darlingest (apa word kah ini? ;p) HUBBY yg belanja me for that!! Double yeay!! Hihihi...

I bought it from an online shop ( ). It's a pre-loved (2nd hand) unit but due to the seller, the pump was only been used for 4months and within the 4months pon, not frequent... So, memang the unit is still in good shape and looks new tuh! I loike.... Hehehe.. And I got a very-very good price from the seller... Thankssss a lot Farizan dear.... :)

What is special about Medela PISA nih, it is equipped with a 2-phase expression technique in pumping. In which, it simulate the real sucking method in direct feeding (how the baby sucks while feeding).

Act I pon baru tau pasal 2-phase expression in breastfeeding nih.. Meh, I explain sket how it works act.. When breastfeeding, the baby will first sucks fast and light to stimulate the milk production.. Once the breast has been sufficiently stimulated, then the baby will change to slower and deeper sucking to get as much milk as possible... For more info on this, check this out -> 2-Phase Expression

Subhanallah, hebat kan ciptaan Allah? The moment I tau pasal nih, I was like mesmerized for a moment with Allah's creation.. Macamana baby yg so vulnerable and tak tau pape tuh tau plak nak technique sucking yg cepat utk isi perut dia... Subhanallah.. Sesungguhnya Allah tuh Maha Bijaksana... :)

Ok, back to the pump.. So, other than it is equipped with 2-phase expression tuh, it is also comes with a very-the-convenient bag yg mudah dibawa ke mana-mana... inside the bag, siap ada mini freezer bag yg leh keep the EBM. the ice pack pon provided... So no need to purchase ice packs separately...

I have tried to use the pump ala-ala cara careered mummy gitu masa exam ari tuh.. Hehe.. I jinjing the bag masa I gi lepak study in UIA. Sangat-sangat convenient I tell you.. Hehe

And the pumping session, yes, sangat best!!! Ada la rasa different dia.. Not to say Ameda punya tak best, best juga (kak wi, jgn marah arr... Hihihi), tapi Medela won't sell their product for higher price for nothing kan?? So, I have to admit, it is more comforting and easier...

And the 2-phase expression technique, it really helps.. In less than 20min, I dah dapat collect 5-6 oz.. Great!!! Alhamdulillah.. So memang membuatkan I rasa the pumping process is not burdening at all..

Ok, I dah puji bnyk dah pasal Medela PISA.. Nak citer one drawback plak that I could find is, the set, overall is quite weighty. Not that very heavy la, but untuk org kecil molek macam my cuzzies (Kak Wiwi and Kak Yani), memang not very suitable.. Mau senget bahu diorg ngangkut mendalah nih.. Kalo org beso cam I tak pe.. Tak terasa pon menggendong bag tuh walopon dengan buku-buku yg melambak masa tuh.. hehehe..

I guess, for small size person, Medela Freestyle is much more convenient.. Actually Freestyle memang suitable for sapa-sapa lah! Dalam kete sambil drive pon leh pump!! Tapi harga dia pon "best" gak la kan... Hehehehe...

So, that's all for entry kali nih.. Next entry, I berangan (have to use the word 'berangan' sebab belom tau tercapai ke tak..hihihi), I wanna share about my feeling about Fatin's going to childcare plak..

Eh, I tak bagitau u olls lagi ek, My budak bucuk is going to school (childcare actually... ;p) starting from this coming 1st of Dec.. Tarikh keramat tuh.. Alhamdulillah, IIUM Educare called me last Tuesday and told me the good news that they finally have place for Fatin there.. My feeling?? Hmm, macam-macam.. Nanti next entry I share ek... Tungguuuuu.... Hihihi..

Babai for now... Wassalam.... Piece...

Monday, November 1, 2010




Puhhh!!! Puhh!!! Trying to blow the very the thick dust on this blog!! Hehe.. It's been quite some time since I last update this blog. Bukan tak ada story, in fact A LOT, been SUPER busy these days with study and Fatin (day by day makin comel.Mama yg perasan...Ooopss!! ;p)


To be frank, while I'm writing nih, sebemban RKGS notes waiting to be read! Hahaha.. Sila beratur di situ en RKGS, I'll get back to you later ya.. Let me finish with En Blog dulu.. Jap ek…Jap ek… Thank you! Hehehe


Ok, where do we start, It's end of October now, semester is coming to the end.. So.., biasalah, toward the end of sem, life becoming a bit hectic. Assignment submissions, projects, and the grandest over all, EXAMINATION... Yeeeehaaa.....


I have to work hard for final exam to survive, since my carry marks are like 'haram-jadah'. Haish...dunno what is happening to me this time. Felt like I just lost my 'mojo' (penah ada ke?? Ahaks..). Everything tak menjadi. Mid term kantoi (need to mention here, SANGAT kantoi hoccay), project dah submit baru perasan silap.. Tah pape... So, consequences nye, carry marks low, as a result, final has to be high.. SO, I have to give my all out for final, InsyaAllah..


One paper down (Robotics, on 26th), two more to go... RKGS tomorrow and DCS on 13th Nov. Ganbatte neh, Farah chan!!


Taking this moment, I would like to wish all my friends yg sama-sama blaja all the best and good luck. Ana Zainuddin, Nurul Muthmainah, Nadirah, Anija (err..sapa lagi ek.. ;p). For Cik Jah and Hajar, good luck utk VIVA… Utk Farid Alias, selamat berprojek dengan jayanya.. Hehehe..

Semoga all of us sukses-sukses belaka… Doakan I juge ye….


"Allahumma najihna fil Imtihan wal Ikhtibar fi Dunya wal Akhirah… Amin…"


Nanti I update story len..Banyak nak story neh..Hehe..







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